@30under30 Launch and FREE Institutional Innovation structure that benefits everyone such as http://www.Traidmark.org

30under30 sounds like it is the start of something great. Is it possible to create a club using theps.net facebook software and/or Ning sites to create something like http://wwwWEBiversity.org so everyone can be linked up easily. Ideally this could be run as a not for profit that donates surplus funds to innovative charitable work. Could http://www.learningwithoutfrontiers.com do this too?

Are there funds that can be given to the group on the list below for them to collaborate together on groundbreaking projects or enough for them to live on while working on projects? If not http|://www.BARcampBar.org is one example of how anyone can create a self sustaining community cafe.

FREE Institutional Innovation structure that benefits everyone. http://www.Traidmark.org

Business structures to benefits everyone by creating institutional innovation that will make any organisation innovative more and therefore create better services that then help improve everyone’s lives.

Explanation of the benefits from the simple act of donating net profit.

An organisation is trading normally today (or is in difficulty or not making a profit)

The organisation makes the simple change of structure by formally agreeing to donate 100% net profit (after wages/tax/R&D) into innovation and innovative brand new charitable work.

This enables the organisation to get a goodwill value boost overnight which increases the value of the company.

Customers an suppliers and competitors then look on the organisation as a partner rather than a competitor and so will do extra things to help the company grow (loyalty, voluntary, complimentary).

Employees work harder knowing that any extra funds will be used for charitable work (and everyone in the organisation including the founders AND investers can get rich by getting performance pay as they work hard to make the organisation as success).

So everyone wins. The Investers and founder and politicans all win as they get increased productivity and get rich through performance pay and they get to become philanthropists and benefit from getting goodwill (and feeling great about the philanthropic organisation they created) before they get rich (rather than after they are rich which is the way the old philanthropic model works).

So this Traidmark.org business structure builds on the proven soccess of the Cooperative model where by surplus funds are given out but IMPORTANTLY funnels those funds so they can be used to create innovation that cost effectively can help everyone (aiming to fund future innovations as revolutionary as the wheel / bicycle…)

If you have questions please follow http://www.twitter.com/FREEtraid http://www.Traidmark.org

Traidmark.org, enables, you, to, gain, from, hard, work, while, funding, innovation, within, a, Not, For, Profit, organisation

Is anyone who went to 30under30 interested in collaborating on a not for profit collaboration platform? If so comment at http://www.WEBiversity.org 🙂

Contact anyone who is involved with 30under30 here
The people involved can be found here http://www.facebook.com/pages/30under30/201740018842


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