Any #product or #service that is used by the #majority of #people should be made into a #global #public #service & run as a #world #coop #nfp like #gov?

Any #product or #service that is used by the #majority of #people should be made into a #global #public #service & run as a #world #coop #nfp like #gov?

These oranisations effectively have a growing #MONOPOLY so should be owned by the global community and run #DEMOCRATICALLY.

So #facebook, #wikipedia, #google, #twitter should be owned by the community that give them their value by using them.

How is it possible for the community of users to be given ownership of the sites?

Should the community take ownership of the service by either buying all the shares or by making a union?

Should the owners of the service donate the product/service to the world? They then can gain by being paid performance pay for running the service rather than owning it.

Coop’s and Not For Profits have proven this Beyond Profit model for years.

Cooperatives are responsible to creating the institutions that ended up becoming the NHS and public education system so why not do this for all modern day global public services? explains more about the benefits of doing this.

If you read this join the facebook group and comment any suggestion there.

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