#Can #anything be #free? #creations #cost the #producer something if just #r&d

How is it best to give creators rewards to make more work?
There is so much potential with new media but the one key problem holding the long tail of innovation back appears to be how innovators earn a living and how they get social feedback on their work without it being copied.
And rewarding people in a way that encourages them to collaborate and share is key as that creates so much more public and private value if done in the right way.

Financial and social rewards appear to be the two key areas.
These need to be measured in short and long term rewards relating to short and long term gains/progress.

Which reward processes work for different people in different places along the production process from researcher to inventor to producer, retailer and manager?

Is anything free? Surely everything costs the creator something. How is it best to give creators rewards to make more work?

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