Can we help @nhs @nhsdirect @directgov @oneworldhealth @nesta_uk create #nfp #os #gov #public #bigsociety #charity @freetraid

Can we help @nhs @nhsdirect @directgov @oneworldhealth @nesta_uk create #nfp #os #gov #public #bigsociety #charity @freetraid

Can we the public help you gov to empower us to selflessly help each other?…

Create your own FREE Government Public Service in minutes and share it with the rest of the world so anyone else can collaborate with you to help improve our global society. Any individual or organization can do this while also saving money and donating to charity using empty space. You could call this opengov or bigsociety but the aim is to help anyone easily solve local problems locally. has more details and more are at the base. helps using the business model and have other examples.

These 3 steps can be done in minutes and are all you need to get started…

1. Think of.. A. Clever new public service, B. Clever way to reinvent any existing public service C. Problem that you dont know the solution to.
2. Search online to see if it exists anywhere on the planet. (if so contact them and ask/suggest how you can help)
3. Create your own free community site using software with a facebook page and twitter account eg
4. Do anything else that you think is suitable and share your experiences at

We are looking to work with individuals, companies and charities to help enhance their work AND work on these charitable activities? Do tell us how you can/not help and why @whymandesign Do you know a programmer that we can work with to make a Drupal site that enables anyone to set up their own charitable activity instantly? We are also looking for a mobile programmer too…

We use the Charitable business structure called It enables you to gain from hard work (performance pay) while adding value to any enterprise by funding innovation and running your enterprise as a Not For Profit or For Profit organisation that invests any surplus funds (or 100% net profit in the case of the for profit organisatioin). social enterprise + philanthropy + coop = = institutional innovation for gov org nfp or capitalism.

Here is a list of FREE community projects (government public services?) we would like to work with you on. Choose one you can help with and get involved by joining the website and facebook group and commenting there. If you can not see a project you like propose a project to work on at and on the facebook group (of course we will give you free gifts when we meet you just because the more you give the more you get:)

A. Displaying art free in your space… Facebook Do you have am empty wall or space (entrance foyer…) that we can use to display art for free that will benefit the local community? If so contact @whymandesign.We have been hard at work with a national charity who have 50 empty uk shops we are using to create in and putting free artworks in the windows with artwork examples are

B. Raising funds for charity in empty space… Facebook group Would it be possible to save you money while your property is empty by using it for charity activities (that save you having to pay rates on the empty building?). If you know someone who does tweet @whymandesign. Can we help you save money by creating a charity art gallery in your empty shops. You will save your self from having to pay 100% of the business rates by doing this and all we ask in return is for you to donate 50% or more of the savings to us so we can continue to recycle and give away unwanted books and make recycled art for the public.

C. Collaborate on creating charity jobs… Facebook Group We are looking to work with other people who are interested in innovatively solving charitable problems in clever ways that also creates jobs for unemployed people in a self sustaining way. is one example. Contact @whymandesign if interested.

D. Making education free for all… Facebook
We are looking to work with programmers and hackers on making a free open source drupal education site. is the prototype. Contact @whymandesign if interested in working on this.

E. All of these charitable not for profit social enterprise or charities use the business model that creates institutional innovation and is FREE for anyone & everyone to use as it benefits any enterprise/charity/gov. Traidmark Facebook group

Help others and accidentally help yourself too with this Gift Economy. Give items away and record it on the map. List your need then swap knowledge on how to make the most of each other. Meet like minded people near you on the map or add your location and create your own community meetup then find others in your area to share your experience with. 1. Find a location 2. Print off poster and put up there 3. Register the location and what you want to do (list what items/skills you have) 4. Go round your neighborhood posting notes through doors about your project (ask for help and collaboration). 5. Raise funds by collecting donations 6. Set up a community cafe to raise funds by giving away free drinks in exchange for donations 7. Create a trust library ( have more details)

Save Money using your Empty Space while also collecting donations for charity. We can help you use your Empty Shops, Land and office space while saving you money and generating sustainable income for charitable organisations. Save yourself money by letting us use empty shop space or property for charitable activities while also enabling us to raise funds for charity while also enhancing local communities with safe community projects. Do you have an empty space that we can use? If so contact @whymandesign directly.

This has been successfully done in hundreds of empty spaces across the UK and we are looking for more landowners to work with where everyone benefits. We have won an award from and are looking for other partners to collaborate with on helping others using recycled items.

This is one example of a charitable activity we use the empty spaces for using recycled books…
Get and Give FREE BOOKS and Make Your Own Trust Library in Minutes plus share the locations of Trust Libraries on our map so anyone can find and use them.

1. Want a FREE book to read, review then give away? Donate to (so we can recycle books from Charity Shops to give away for free to others) and we will give you free books. Join us in the Gift economy where everyone wins.

2. Have you ever seen a few books left for anyone to take in a bar or waiting room? Share the location on our map so that everyone can use that Trust Library. Search for your local Trust Library here and make your own.

3. Help hundreds of people in minutes by getting the DIY Trust Library pack and volunteering or building your own.

4. Enhance any building by requesting we install a FREE Trust Library. Every School, Hospital, Hall and Shop could have one. If you want a Trust Library in your community ask us to send your community leader free books by donating. Lets work together to create, record and share where to find free books so that anyone can FIND the Trust Libraries and then give and get FREE books.

Also review any books you find at Trust Libraries so others know which books to read/ignore. Ask us to set up a FREE Book sharing Trust Library or donate and get a book sent to a friend of your choice. Take, read then review your book at and importantly give it away. (Do tell Us if you enjoyed the book & donate online:). It is also important to record where the Trust Libraries are so that it is harder of them to be unintentionally disposed of by unaware individuals so we have created signs to label them.

How best to #empower #everyone to #help #gov help us all help each other?! #creativity?

There is a discussion on the best organisational structure to enable this to happen most effectively (e.g.……

Most people are aware that…
1. Big Society has been going on all the time with volunteers, coop’s… but how gov empowers and open mindedly manages this will be the difference between mediocrity or outcomes that exceed expectations.
2. The internet has enabled everyone to be linked to everyone for the first time ever so is a once in a life/time opportunity to empower everyone to help everyone. Below are some suggestions on how to empower everyone in efficient ways that may help. It would be great to work with you on constructive ways to do this such as creating a Drupal working version of the prototype.

Creativity exceeding expectations
The creative mind can imagine almost infinite possibilities. The key then is how to support and encourage everyone so they can be more creative and get selflessly rewarded for being creative FOR THE GREATER GOOD by sharing everyones ideas in an open source way while also enabling those that create to support themselves and use profits to create more innovation for the common good.

There are two stages that are equally important…

Stage 1. What you do… Making sure we are working in the right DIRECTION, to help the MOST gain the most happiness.
Help everyone (not just a select few otherwise you are limiting your options) to concentrate on the most important issues (rather than solving issues that either do not need to be solved or have already been solved). is a prototype way of doing this. Do help us create an open source Drupal version so Everyone can solve Every problem together. is a self sustaining way to create real world locations where everyone can meet to solve any problem together using their imagination. Please help by making your own Trust Library free and sharing its location on the site.

Stage 2. How you do it…Making sure we are going at the right SPEED, to hellp everyone be happy WHILE we we achieve this.

Make the way creative are supported in a self sustaining way that continues to create more innovation so that people/organisations do NOT become victims of their own success by combating the Peter principle. is a way of doing this that rewards creativity by enabling creatives to go on to make more and more NEW innovative charitable projects as a reward for success (which is a good motivator for selfless people:).

The big question is how much creative ideas are out there to be thought of and then worked on
How is the best way to use the ideas to help the most people get the greatest benefit from it.

Open Source has proven that sharing ideas/software by giving it away can help everyone on this planet so the key is to work on a way to empower and encourage everyone to creatively innovate while giving away what they produce to the world so we all gain the most from everyone else’s work.

Collaboration enables everyone to share what they are doing which means we can duplicate/share infinately everyones work on the web while also stopping wasteful duplication/repetition from people who compete (which means R&D spend wont be wasted on doing the same work over and over again).

Please add comments to the relevant sites as there points/projects are far more important than any individual/group and need to be taken up by forward thinking positive people like you? To not contribute would be to let others miss out on your view which is a loss for everyone. explains the full benefits of using net profit to invest in new innovative charitable work. Please comment on that facebook page linking to it from here so anyone following that group will not miss out.

Here is your reward for reading so far down! FREE gifts!…

The Gift Ecomony has arrived. Here are other ways to donate to innovative charitable causes and get given FREE things!

FREE Books at (Was £9 now Free)

FREE Art from (Was £99 now Free)

FREE Gifts & Lucky Dip at

FREE Tea & Coffee at

Donate to fund more free products and we will give you (or someone you choose) a FREE GIFT that you can choose (an individual piece of Art or a book) every month with! It was £9.99 BUT is now FREE as we want to give you free art/books! 1.Choose the person (that you want to get the free Art or book 2. Donate at least £2 (which covers the postage and packaging costs) every month 3.Suggest ideas (if you want) 4.Receive a the FREE piece of Art or Book every month. It is that easy plus If you are not happy with your piece of Art or Book, upload a picture of yourself giving it away to a stranger at with contact details and we will send you AND the stranger Twice as much free Art or Books! We are a Volunteer organisation created by and are looking to collaborate with Charities to make more Art and Libraries. We are looking for more locations to work with and and so do get in touch @whymandesign.

About Whymandesign

Creative Social Media Manager. May I creatively help enhance your work with you? I create and enhance innovative products and services using new techniques and technology. I understand the potential of productions that: entertain, educate and empower and are always looking to work with forward thinking partners.

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