Collaboration! Who wants to work together from @rebootbritain or @tuttle?

Collaboration! Who wants to work together from @rebootbritain or @tuttle?

Just saw this great list of RebootBritain attendees and was wondering who is collaborating together and who wants to but did not get a chance? Please put any comments/suggestions on (and contact @whymandesign) so we can collaborate and you can find about the free locations…

Can someone make a collaboration network for the REbooters below? Does software exist to do this? contact @whymandesign

A Jackson
a o’dwyer, –
Aaron Kumar
Aaron Kumar, Kubera Money
Abi Stevens, UK online centres
Abigail Kegg, UnLtd
Adam Gee, Channel 4
adam salkeld, Tinopolis
Adam Smith
Ade Adewunmi, Nortel Networks
Ade Bamigboye, mobile flow
Ade Rawcliffe, Channel 4
adil abrar, Sidekick Studios
Alastair Falk, UJIA
alastair lee
Alberto Corsin Jimenez, Spain’s School for Industrial Organisation
Alberto Nardelli
Alex Fleetwood, Hide&Seek Production Ltd
Alex Graham, Wall to Wall
Alex Pickup,
Alexander Baxevanis, Webcredible
Alexander Shaida, Econsultancy
Alexandra Crook, PDD Group
Alexandre Maron, Editora Globo S/A
Alice Casey
Alice Goldie, Migrants Resource Centre
Alice Huang
Alicia Liu
Alison Benjamin, Society Guardian
alison norrington
Alistair Williams, Coffee marketing Consulting
Alpesh Doshi, Fintricity
Amanda Baillieu, BD
Amanda Jones, Red Button Design
Amanda White, Peter De Haan Trust
Amit Kothari
amy gooch, The Hoffman Agency
Amy Sample Ward, NetSquared
Amy Sample-Ward
Anab Jain, Superflux
Anass Almurrani, Migrants Resource Centre
Anders Pedersen, Media2200
Andrea Westall
Andrew Dick, TimeBank
Andrew Faughy, VEN Process
Andrew Law, Open University
Andrew Mackenzie, Coventry University
Andrew Missingham
Andrew Skinner, Imagination
Andrew Wilson, Blink
Andy Broomfield, New Media Thinking
Andy Gibson
Andy Hobsbawm
Andy Hobsbawm, Green Thing
Andy Williamson, Hansard Society
Ania Mendrek, A4e Ltd.
aniko zagon
Anke Holst, Conscious Communications
Ann Faulkner
Anna Lewis http://www.completelynovel/com
Anna Umbima
Annabel Frearson, CreativeCapital
Annabelle Simmons, BIS
Anne Bartlett-Bragg, Headshift Australasia
Anne McCrossan, Visceral Business
Anne-Mette Jensen, Headshift
Annette Albert
Annette Kramer, Affect Labs
Ant Clay, Trinity Expert Systems
Anthony Bennett, A Foundation
Anthony Langan, Samaritans
Antonio Gould
Antony Evans, In between roles
Antti Karjalainen, Finnish Institute in London
Anxo Cereijo Roibas, Vodafpne Group
Ayca Apak Tonge
Ayelet Noff
Ayelet Noff, Blonde 2.0
Babak Davarpanah Varnosefadarani, SMARTlab, UeL
Barret Stanboulian
Basheera Khan, TechCrunch Europe /
Beadle Finzi
Bec Vaughan
Becky Hogge
Beech Horn Horn, Banham Patent Locks Ltd
Ben Alexander, HomeMade Digital
Ben Brown, UK online centres
Ben Hoare
Ben Lucas, 2020 Public Services Trust
Ben Matthews, Bright One
Ben Metz
Ben Ross,
Ben Werdmuller, Freelance
Benjamin Ellis, Redcatco
Bill Thompson, Freelance
Bob Coates, Open University
bob townley, freelance
Bobra Idolo, Greenwich Online
Bogdan Cristea, Anchor Trust
Brenda Goldblatt, Producer
Brian Condon, Complexity Partners LLP
Bridget Harris, Leadership Centre
Bridget McKenzie, Flow Associates
Bruce Davis, Oikonomics / Zopa
Bryony Worthington
C Caruk
carol richardson, burnt oak junior school
Carol Richardson, Burnt Oak School
Carol Samms, Through the Loop
Caroline Wiggins, Edexcel
Carrie Bishop
Carrie Hartnell, Intellect
Cassie Robinson
Catherine Demajo, Time Out
Catherine Marshall, The Lighthouse Project
Chantal Constable, D&AD
Charles Armstrong
Charles Ryder, Frari
charles wolcott, syzygy group
Charlie Cox, Worldeka
Charlotte Alldritt, Commission on 2020 Public Services
Charlotte Black, Channel 4
charlotte moore, Sidekick Studios
Chirdeep Singh Chhabra, CoreObjects
Chris Allwood, Community Links
Chris Anderson, Turnfront
Chris Condron, The Press Association
Chris Gage
Chris Jenkins
Chris Joseph,
Chris Lowthorpe, Norwich University College of the Arts
chris raettig, hoop associates
Chris Taylor, Sheridan Evans
Chris Tomlinson, Muuto Consulting
Christian Ahlert
Christian Heilmann, Yahoo
Christian Wong
Christina Palmer, WWF-UK
christine lewis, Becta
Christopher Blishen, AngelNews
christopher campbell, LRN
Christopher Marsh, 72 dots
Christopher Pugh
Cian O’Donovan, Keepfakingit
Claire Hancock, Screen West Midlands
Claire Hungat Hungate, Wall to Wall Television
Claire O’Halloran, Microsoft Corporation
Claire Stewart, Watershed Media Centre
Clare Hall
CLARE O’NEILL, Manchester: Knowledge Capital
Clare Townhill, As The Crow Flies
Clive Griffiths
Colin Armstrong, Highdown School
Colin Beveridge
Cormac Heron, Bright Beehive Ltd
Corrado Morgana
Cory Hughes, Chwarae Teg
Craig Elder, The Conservative Party
Craig Newark
Cristiana Bertazoni, Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia
Cristina Martinez
Damian Radcliffe, Ofcom
Damiano Vukotic, RSA Films Ltd
Damien Austin-Walker
Damon Oldcorn, Zebtab
dan burgess, naked
Dan Lehner, UnLtdWorld
dan mcquillan
Dan Mitchell, University of Warwick
Dan Scrimgeour, BrAVA
Daniel Batts, Microsoft
Daniel Doll-Steinberg, Tribeka Ltd
Daniel Gane, Projector Design Ltd
Daniel Heaf, Channel 4 / 4iP
Daniel Heery, Cybermoor Ltd
Daniel Payne, Digit Content Services
Daniel Siden, haberdasherylondon LLP
Daniel Toole, Agon Consulting
Danny Seignoret
Dave Baron, Lifescopes Community Learning
Dave Briggs, DavePress
Dave Stone
david barr, LRN
David Barrie
David Bowler, North Fulham NDC
David Crane, Debatewise CIC
David Crossman, Dareks Production House
David Dawes, Entreprenurses CIC
David de Paeztron, Xalvary Associates Ltd
David Gauntlett, University of Westminster
David Glen, ABC TV
David Hockin, Cimex
David Jennings, DJ Alchemi Ltd
David Matthews
David Paul, Cordovan Limited
david pinto
David Pullinger, Central Office of Information
David Smith, St Paul’s (London)
David Stoughton, Value Kinetics Ltd
David Surman, Newport School of Art, Media and Design
David Terrar, D2C Limited
David Walsh, The Product Launch Consultancy
David Wilcox
Deborah Dignam
Deborah Simmons, London Coaching Associates
Deborah Szebeko
deborah szebeko, thinkpublic
Denise Stephens, Enabled by Design
Derek Mantle
Diane Beddoes, Sciencewise-ERC, BIS
Dom Potter, Internocracy
Dominic Campbell
Dominic Tinley
Don McLaverty, Oxford Innovation
Donal Carroll, Critical Difference
Donna Lynas, Wysing Arts Centre
Doug Mather, The Creation Company
Dougald Hine, Spacemakers/Resilient Futures Group/Dark Mountain
Drew Buddie
E Whyman
Ed Mills
Ed Mitchell, Transition Towns
Ed Whyman
Eddie Berg, British Film Institute
Edward D C Mills
Eleanor Ford, LikeCube
Elias Moubayed, Independent
Elizabeth Camilleri, Tereca
Elizabeth Lank
Elizabeth Varley, The Bike Shed / Online Content UK
Ellie Stoneley
Elliott Cranmer, Shootmedia Ltd
Emily Dent, St Lukes
Emily Keaney, Communications Consumer Panel
Emma Agusita, KWMC
Emma Cheshire, Screen Yorskhire
Emma Ellwood-Russell, Live Futures
emma mulqueeny
Emma Posey, bloc
Eric Whelan, Sounddelivery
Errol Damelin
Euan Mackenzie Mackenzie, 3MRT
Ewa Maciejewski
Farhan Rehman Rehman, ConsciousComms
Fei Toole, Agon Consulting
Fiddian Warman, soda
Fiona Kilkelly, Skillset
fluff Thorne, what they didn’t teach you at school http://whattheydidn‘
Foluke Akinlose
Francis Bacon, Lemos&Crane
Fred Garnett, London Knowledge Lab
Gareth Langley, Stardotstar
Gary Wedekind, Mosaic Holidays
Gavin O’Carroll, Digital Health Service
Gavin Sheridan Sheridan
Gemma Osgood
Geoff Brinsden, Empower Factor
Geoff Wedgewood, NHS West MIdlands
Georgina Voss, Brighton University
Gerald Lidstone, Goldsmiths
Ghislaine Boddington, body>data>space
Giles Andrew
Gill Wildman, Plot
Glenda Stone, UK Women’s Enterprise Taskforce
Graeme Duncan, caspian learning
Graham Andrews, idf50
Graham Martin Brown
Graham Ross Russell, UK Business Incubation
Grazyna Mitchener, PolyChemTech Ltd.
guy yeomans
Gwen Joy, Pervasive Media Studio
Hafsa Muhammad
Haidee Bell, NESTA
Hannah King
Harry Harrold, Neontribe
Hatice Choli, London Borough of Greenwich
Heather Gorringe, Wiggly Wigglers
Hege Saebjornsen
Helen Andrews, lbdesign
Helen Jay
Helen Milner, UK online centres
Helen Trim, FreshNetworks
Henry Fryer, icould
henry Warren,
Hilary Perkins, Channel4
Holly Seddon, FreshNetworks
Howard Rheingold
Hugh Mason, Pembridge Partners LLP
Hugo Spowers
Ian Delaney, NMK
Ian Fordham, British Council for School Environments
Ian Freshwater, LBH Hackney 2012 Team
Ian Hallworth, 72 dots Ltd
Ian Haynes, Cimex Media Ltd.
Ian Usher, Buckinghamshire County Council
Ian W. Gouldstone, The Alaskan Military School
Ifraz Mughal, iCrossing UK
Imran Aziz
Ingrid Koehler, Improvement & Development Agency
Irene Rukerebuka, Creative Development Consultant
Iris Lapinski
Ivan Pope,
Ivan Salcedo, Freelance
Ivo Gormley
Jacqueline Steward, The Creative Garden
Jag Gill
James Boardwell
James Bridle
James Brown, Red Button Design
James Haycock
James Heatherington
James Plummer
James Stewart
Jamie Andreas
Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop, Digital Explorer
Jason Cooper
Jason Hall, Screen West Midlands
Javier Bajer
JD Lasica
Jean-Christophe Ratajczak, Unemployed
Jeff Saperstein
Jemima Gibbons, iknowhow
jenifer davis, thebluedoor http://
Jenny Simmons
jeremy boxer
Jeremy Gould
Jerome Monahan, The Guardian
Jesper Anderson
Jess Search, Britdoc
Jessica Linacre, Stevenage Borough Council
Jim Anning
Jim Mortleman, n/a
Jim Schuyler
Jo Gideon, The Knowledge Hive
Jo Rheam,
Jo Roach
Joanne Jacobs
Joao da Silva
Joe Hallgarten
Joe Oliver, BASH Creations
John Buchanan
John Dodds
John Faga
John Frieslaar Frieslaar, Huawei
John Grant
John Grant, The Green Marketing manifesto
John Henderson, C-Tech Innovation Limited
John Horsley, Econsultancy
John Lewis, Holosoft
john whatmore, Centre for Leadership in Creativity
Jon Ardern, BitFarm
Jon Bounds
Jon Nott
Jon Watts, MTM London
Jon Woolfson
Jonathan Akwue, Digital Public
Jonathan Kennedy, Kennedy Design
Jonathan Olsberg, Olsberg|SPI Limited
Jonathan Ratner
Jonathan Saunders, F1 Computer Services and Training Ltd.
Jonathan Sheen, CFE
Jonty Olliff-Cooper
Josh Russell, Dash Labs
Josie Fraser
Joy Barber, NSPCC
JP Ragaswami
JT Toro
Juan Mateos-Garcia, NESTA
Judith Lewis
Julia Higginbottom, Aquila Tv Ltd
Julian Darley
Julian Kucklich, The Press Association
Julian Tait, FutureEverything
Julie Freeman
Julie Meyer
Julie Meyer, Ariadne Capital
Justice Williams MBE, Tru Life Magazine
Justin Cooke, BIMA
Justin Pickard, Playmakers
Justyna Sosnoska
Kalam Ali
Kam Star, PlayGen
Karl Harder
Karolina Kij
Kasia Molga
Kata Gyetvai, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design – MA Innovation Management
Kate Andrews
Kate Daniels, Favorit Ltd
Kate Ho
Kate Monaghan, markthree media
kate nielson, contaminant media
Katherine Hudson, RSA/NCVO
Katherine Hui
Kathleen Sullivan, London Coaching Associates Ltd
Kathryn Best
Kathryn Corrick
Kathryn Parsons, The Scarlett Mark
Katie Bradford, Britdoc
Katie Streten, Imagination
Katiushka Borges, Interactive love games
Katy Lindemann, Naked Communications
Kavita Kapoor,
Ken McEnery
Kerry McCarthy
Keturah Holmes, ArtsMatrix Ltd
Kevin Harris
Kim Allen, Institute for Policy Studies, London Met University… Kirstie Heneghan
Kirsty Stephenson, Endemol
Kristopher Boulton
Laia Gasch, South Bank Cultural Quarter
Lance McPherson, global tolerance
Laura Bunt
Laura Hyde, Chain Reaction
Laura James
Laura Miller, Hansard Society
Laura North
Lauren Collins
Lawrence O’Connor, Wisdom Architects
Lee Bryant, headshift
Leila Gilley
Leon Benjamin
Leon Cych, Learn4life
Libbie McQuillan, Olsberg|SPI Limited
Lisa Devaney, Hai Media Group
LIsa Lintott, Shimmer Productions Ltd
Liz Azyan, LGEO Researcher
Liz Cable, Reach Further
Liza Makarov
Lizbeth Goodman
lizbeth goodman, Futurelab
Lizzie Ostrom
Lloyd Davis, Tuttle Club
Louise Brown, Channel 4
Louise Wright, british council
Loïs Acton, Urban Unlimited
Lucy Johnson, Goldsmiths/Bishop Challoner
Luke Burgess
Luke Nichollson
Luke Nicholson
luke nicholson, More Associates
Malcolm Forbes,
Mamading Ceesay
Mandy Berry
marc boothe, b3 media
Maria Ana Neves, London YNOT www,
Maria Georka
Marice Cumber, Universit of the Arts
Marie Clarke, Work Club
Marie Foultson, Screen West Midlands
Marie-Claire Isaaman, NUCA
Mark Adams, Citizens Online
Mark Ba, LIFT
Mark Dimock
Mark Earls, HERD
Mark Flanagan, Prime Ministers Office
Mark Hancock, Holycow
Mark Murray, UK Film Council
Mark O’Neill, DCMS
Mark Simpkins
Mark Stephens, Gems Outreach
Mark Wadham, Hoop Associates
Martin Dowson, BlueGlobe
Martin Lye, The Alaskan Military School
Martin Percy, BT
Martina Chapman, Ofcom
Mary Chilver, The Sunshine Centre
Mary Christine Taylor
Matt Gould
Matt Hosanee
Matt Jukes
Matt Locke, Channel 4
Matt Marsh
Matt O’Neill, modcomms limited
Matt Walker
matthew Curtis
Matthew Solle
Meghan Asha
Meghan Ashe
Melissa McVeigh
Melvin DeVorchik, TheTruffleHound
merlin john, MJO Ltd
Michael Ambjorn
Michael Cha, Korea Uncovered
Michael Clarke, The Careers Group, University of London
Michael Cox, Haberdasherylondon LLP
Michael Dales
Michael Mathres, Climate Capital
Michael Mulquin, UK 3.0
Michael Solomon
Michelle Lyons
Mick Fealty
Mick Landmann, Vivid Interactive
mike bennett, Oil Studios
Mike Bennett, Resilient Futures Group
MIke Butcher, TechCrunch Europe
Mike Jackson
Mike Morrison
Mil Vukovic, Design Council
Miles Berry, Alton Convent Prep
Modwenna Rees-Mogg, AngelNews
Monica Wong
MT Rainey,
Nadia Abdou
Naoise Nunn, Naoise Nunn & Associates
Natalia Rose, Cyrenes
Natalie Trangmar, POLIS/ LSE
Nathalie McDermott, On Road Media
Neil Loveday, Open Youth Trust
Neil Reeder, The Young Foundation
Nic Price, People Thinking
Nicholas Kind, Spark Learning Limited
Nick Booth
Nick Durant, London Borough of Camden, Camden Libraries
Nick Hall, Endemol
nick Halstead, favorit Ltd
Nick James, FBT Media
Nick Jankel, wecreate / wonderinc
Nick Lockey, Maverick Television
Nick O’Doherty, Bright Beehive Ltd
Nick Street, Headshift
Nick Tsinonis, IntroAnalytics Ltd
Nick Underhill, Pact
Nicky Smyth
Nico Macdonald, Spy
Nicola Headlam, university of manchester
Nicola Jones, UnLtdWorld
Nigel Newton, New College & University of Bristol
Niko Heyng, Online Creative Communications
Nina Gritzke
Noah Curthoys
Nosey Parker, Sense Worldwide
Oli Mould, Loughborough University
Oli Watts, Cancer Research UK
Omkar Joshi, eFinserv Ltd
Pamela McLean, Dadamac
Parag Shah, Art-Switch
Patricia Lanckester
Patrick Bergel
Paul Allen, Freelance
Paul Argent, Milo Creative
Paul Caplan, the Internationale
Paul Clarke
Paul Cons, London Insight Meditation
Paul Cotgrove, The White Bus
Paul Crosland, Freelending CIC
Paul Durrant, Abertay Uni / Dare to be Digital
Paul Evans, Memeserver
Paul Henderson
Paul Hodgkin, Patient Opinion
Paul Johnston, Cisco
Paul Massey
Paul Miller, School of Everything http://schoolofeverything
Paul Owens, BOP Consulting
Paul Piccirillo
Paul Saxton, Creative Target
Paul Skinner
paul wilkins
paula le dieu
Paula Reid, The Hive Collective
Pei-Chin TAY
Penny Stothard, North Fulham NDC
Pete Cranston
Peter Abraham, Econsultancy
Peter Barrett, Burnt Oak School
Peter Bowyer, Salmark
Peter Cook, Human Dynamics
Peter Jenkinson
Peter Law, Independent
Peter Saunders, national Association for People Abused in Childhood (charity reg no. 1069802)
Petia Tzanova, Eastside Consulting
Phil Clark, UBM built environment
Phil Stenton
Philip Bolton, Colosseum Consulting
Philip Campbell,
Philip Trippenbach
Philippa Malas
Quincey Cassell Williams, freelance
rachel baker, ACE
rachel o’connell, AOL
Rahul Verma
Rahul Verma, Kubera Money
Rainbow Chang, Rainbow Chang Theatre
Raj Anand, Kwiqq
Rakesh Parmar
Ray Burger
Rebecca Caroe, Creative Agency
Rebecca king, Antigone
Rebecca King, Digital Inclusion
Rebecca Otto, London Business School Media Club http://
Renee Blodgett
Renee Blodgett
Rhett Griffiths
Richard Cross
Richard Derham, RDP Services Ltd
Richard Evans, Sheridan Evans LTD
Richard Fahey, Capgemini
Richard Foggie
Richard Land, Illumina Digital
Richard McMillan, TimeBank
Richard Tyrie
Richard Webb
Rick Waghorn, MyFootballWriter
Rita Shamia, Redhouse Lane
Ritz Steytler
Rob Hudson, Zaizi
Rob Killick, cScape Ltd
Rob Shepherd, (embryonic at present)
Robert Scoble
Robert Webb
Robin Brownsell, Youview Ltd.
Robin Cramp, Screen Yorkshire
Robin Grant, We Are Social
Robin Hamman, Headshift
Robin Hunt, University college, London
Robyn Scott, Access to Medicine Index, Mothers for All
Rod Fountain, Hoople McGlory
Rohan Gunatillake
Roland Harwood, Nesta
Russell Goldsmith, markettiers4dc
Russell Tanner, Commission for Rural Communities
Ruth Churchill-Dower
Sabina Shaida, Mosaic Holidays
Sahar Shaker
Salim Virani
sally angel, angeltv
Sam Ismail, Geronimo
Sam Michel, Chinwag
Sam Wander, Cogapp
Sandra Brown
Sandra Haines, Wiggly Wigglers
Sandra Reinhard
Santiago Portugues-Martin, Open Age
Santosh Kumar Murki, Exchange Group
Sara Haq
Sara Rizk,
Sarah Baynes, The Creative Garden
Sarah Blow, Tweetmeme
Sarah Bridges, UK online centres
Sarah Ellis, Apples & Snakes
Sarah Lacey
SARAH PLATT, Kinura Web Video
sarah sparks, Virgin Media
Sarah Tierney, Clarity Productions
Sasja McCann, Hoople McGlory
Seb Haigh
Serena McHugh
Sergio Lopez-Figueroa, Big Bang Lab
Servane Mouazan, globaltribal ltd
Shane Carmichael
Shane McCracken, Gallomanor
shani lee, de montfort university
Shannon Forbush
Shelagh Wright
Shiva K Naspuri
Sholeh Johnston, Visiting Arts
Shona Wooding, Oxford Innovation
Silvia Baumgart, Own-it
Silvino Ferreira Jr,
Simon Blyth
Simon Grice, BeLocal
Simon Rogers, Market Sentinel
Simon Worthington, Mute
Simone Jaeger
Sion Parkinson
Sir David Henshaw
Slabadanka Janosevic, Greenwich Online
Sobia Hamid, University of Cambridge
Sofia Nagovitsyna
Sophie Cox, Worldeka
Sophie Higman Higman, Green Ink Publishing Services Ltd
sophie thomas, greengaged
Stan Stalnaker
Stefan Czerniawski
Steph Gray, Dept for Business, Innovation and Skills
Stephanie Gaynor
Stephen Bartlett-Bragg, Headshift Australasia
Stephen Carrick-Davies, Consultant
Stephen Dale, Semantix (UK) Ltd
Stephen Lamb
Stephen Tindale
Stephen Whitehead, new
Steve Bridger,
Steve Lawson
Steve Moore
Steven Flower, substance.
Steven Warburton, King’s College London
Stewart McTavish,
Stuart Lamour, Sussex University
Sue Thomas, De Montfort University
sue wills, entheo innovates
Susan Bratton
Susan Bratton, Personal Life Media
Susan Ferreira, keep-up-to-date/canallondres
Susi Oneill, Digital Consultant
Suzy Dean, cScape
Swati Shah, Open Age
Sydney Levinson, CICA
Tassos Stevens, Coney
Taylor Nuttall, folly (Digital Arts Charity)
Terry Duffelen
Thayer Prime
Theo Wright, Becta
Thibaud Simphal, London Business School
Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, reboot – the original
Tim Davies, Practical Participation
Tim Duckett
Tim Riley
Tim Sparke, MercuryMedia and
Timothy Cowlisahw, Headshift
Timothy Morgan, Mint Digital
Tina Grace, Tina Grace Research + Design Ltd
Toby Moores, Sleepydog
Tom de Grunwald, Isis Productions
Tom Dolan, Cimex Media Ltd
Tom Foremski
Tom May, QCA
tony fish
Tony Nwachukwu
Tony Reid, Centrepoint
Torry Colichio, VisitBritain
Tory Dunn
Tristan Ostrowski, UWE
Ursula Morrish
Vanessa Guest, McKinsey & Co.
Vicki Costello
Vicki Savage, Young Foundation
Victoria Sinclair, ArcSpace Manchester / Ethical Media Solutions / Generate Project
Vijit Singh, I Wish // lbdesign
Vinay Gupta, Resilient Futures Group
vincent camara, intruders tv
vincent sider, Smartiesolutions
Viola Huenges Wajer, entheo
Warren Hatter
Warren Hatter, Ripple PRD
Will McInnes, NixonMcInnes Ltd
Will Pearson
Will Perrin
william cass, headshift
William Dale, About Time Group
William Heath, Mydex
William Higham Higham
William Kennedy, Kennedy Engineering
William Rowe, Protein®
William Wong, Clore Leadership Programme
Yvonne Roberts, The Young Foundation
Zahoor Hussain, Annotation
Zoe Smith, ITV News


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