#Cooperative (or #Social #Enterprise or #gov or #charity) + 100% #Net #Profit #Philanthropy = #Traidmark.org #FREE #os #Business #Structure

Cooperative (or Social Enterprise) + 100% Net Profit Philanthropy = Traidmark.org FREE Business Structure

The more you give the more you get. http://www.TRAIDmark.org

Traidmark.org is a free way to enhance any organisation by donating net profit to innovative charitable work while motivating employees with performance pay. Essentially it is like a coop but where 100% net profit is donated to new charitable work.

Traidmark rewards organisations that donate net profits to good causes while making the exact percentage donated clear to consumers so they can make informed purchasing choices.

Traidmark promotes a proven business structure that was created as a way for companies to benefit (by gaining fundamentally important goodwill that boosts business) from funding innovation with up to 100% net profits. It can be used by Government, charities, start-ups or blue chip companies.

1 Creates funds for innovative charitable work
2 Makes any organisation more ‘efficient’ by using net profit to fund NEW innovative charitable work.
3 Boosts any companies success rate with a large rise in valuable goodwill leading to customer loyalty.
4 Increases any companies productivity (due to workers increased motivation due to believe in the organisations outcomes)
5 Enables people who created your project to get rewarded financially though performance pay.

Any product or service can be enhances by using the Traidmark business structure for free…



Here is a list of Philanthropic Heroes…


Edward Whyman

http://www.WhymanDesign.com http://www.twitter.com/whymandesign

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