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Everything can be used to do good, bad and lots more good if used by the right people in the right way (so the tool maximises its potential).

Here are some points on making sure that creative ideas/products are use to do the most good and to help protect them from being stolen to be used for selfish or negative reasons (almost always unknowingly by the person who is stealing the idea and/or using it in a negative way)

(this may sound obvious but it is so important I wanted to remind myself so maybe you want to do so too)

If you read this content join http://www.UGCunion.org and suggest ways you want to work on collaborative ideas/projects that do good.

Once an idea/product is created check that you cant think of any negative ways to use that idea or ways that others could use it to fulfil selfish motives at the expense of others.

Be careful who you tell about your ideas/product. It is best to let those doing positive selfless work gain access to good ideas/products before those doing selfish work. This will enable a double positive effect to take place as you help them gain an additional advantage which boosts their work.

Make sure the idea/product does good even if it is stolen so that the person who steals it will be unintentionally using it for good.

Always remain open to others helping to enhance your product/idea and give positive feedback to others work too.

Make sure your product/idea does not use others goodwill. Using volunteers is one good example of this. Volunteers should always get at least one positive thing out of their experience as well as the positive feeling of giving something back. This is imperative so that those volunteers are rewarded and gain something extra so that they can do an even greater job next time.

Reward others good work in any way you can from positive feedback to giving them things that you don’t need.

Please add things I have missed below…

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