Creatively enhancing web startups eg @everlastinguk


Can I help enhance your organisation please by adding value by adding
creative features such as the one below…?

I have been working on finding people to collaborate on a self
sustaining enterprise that empowers others to do good while investing
100% net profits into those enterprise (ala and was
hoping we would collaborate?

Can you use this selfless business structure?
I like the sound of what you are doing and would like to propose a way
to create an additional USP that will benefit* your company by creating
the cumulative mass needed to make your business a success by donating
100% of your companies Net profit to innovative charitable work.

*Increased goodwill with the financial benefits that lead to rapid
growth which causes a rapid increase in profit which leads to an
increase in performance related pay for all involved.

This would create a USP that your competitors will not be able to
compete against allowing you to grow rapidly taking market share as you
gain consumer goodwill. This will allow hard work to be rewarded with
performance related pay.

The open source community will still be able to develop your software
which will dramatically increase the speed of the softwares development.

This business structure will enable your organisation to evolve and work
within a more philanthropic structure while gaining goodwill from
customers/workers/suppliers by clearly explaining their NET donation


How will I make my millions if I implement this structure?
Hard work and innovation by founders and employees will be rewarded with
performance pay relating to the growth of the company so hard work is
still rewarded. This could be expanded to reward members of the open
source community too.

How will the company survive hard times?
The Net profit can be invested and then donated up to a couple of years
after it has been generated in order secure the companies financial

How will the company pay for R&D?
The net profit is profit after the company has spent on R&D so still
allows progressive business development.

What other effects will there be?
Workers will be more careful about how they spend the money knowing that
it is being taken away from the end good cause rather than from a
shareholders dividend, which will make the organisation more efficient.
Many benefits will be created from customers / suppliers / partners /
stakeholders / workers that will silently boost the business.

This would…

1 create funds for charity
2 make charity more ‘efficient’
3 boost your companies success rate with added goodwill
4 enable people who created your project to get rewarded financially
though performance pay while creating an organisation that is able to
provide a platform for goodwill collaboration where everyone is rewarded
for their hard/clever work knowing that all benefits go towards ‘good

I would be happy to explain any more details as and when needed.

Ed Whyman



About Whymandesign

Creative Social Media Manager. May I creatively help enhance your work with you? I create and enhance innovative products and services using new techniques and technology. I understand the potential of productions that: entertain, educate and empower and are always looking to work with forward thinking partners.

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