#FREE #Educational #collaboration #locations 4 #innovation #openinnovation #tuttle @4ip #nesta @trustlibrary pls RT

#FREE #Educational #collaboration #locations 4 #innovation #openinnovation #tuttle @4ip #nesta @trustlibrary pls RT

Here are some tweets on the subject…

Public Services?

How is it best to collaborate on building Creative Public Service Broadcasting? http://www.WEBiversity.org and http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org are two examples.

Should Government & organisation & charity spending be used in the most efficient way? The most efficient way is the most creative way as new inventions always create efficiencies that everyone benefits from.

Should Government & organisation & charity work be produced in an open way using open source software so the failures can be learnt from by everyone and the successes can be shared? Surely Mozilla labs have proven the benefits of doing this?

Should Military spending be used to prevent disease famine and extinction in an open peacefull way so as to prevent conflicts caused by lack of resources? http://tinyurl.com/yjvpg5m

http://www.TRAIDmark.org is one way for any Government & organisation & charity & business to create Institutional innovation that benefits everyone in an open way.

Creativity is the solution the question is what do we want to achieve?

The direction is more important than the speed at which we are traveling!

What is the most important thing you & anyone has learned? How to help anyone share their #knowledge ?

Find the gift you have to use to give to the rest of the universe! (and make others smile or stop doing what your doing:)

How is it best to help others? how can companies be encouraged to do this more? #openinnovation

Creativity needs to be cultivate, nurtured and championed effectively

How to reward those who #collaboration on #openinnovation & protect others from @idea theft? @trustlibrary @webiversity @nesta_uk

Hire #creative people to #collaboration & reward everyone with free things #openinnovation

reward #collaboration & #openinnovation with time to solve humanitarian problems @trustlibrary @webiversity @nesta_uk #nesta @4ip rt

Create #collaboration #openinnovation with fan community:) how to reward them @trustlibrary @webiversity @nesta_uk #nesta @4ip rt

fund #collaboration #openinnovation with first right to refusal:) @trustlibrary @webiversity @nesta_uk #nesta @4ip pls rt

#Creditcrunch is social loss & private gains #opensource is private loss & social gain reward #collaboration #innovation #openinnovation so it is sustainable! Give free tools! @trustlibrary @webiversity @nesta_uk #nesta

#innovation how best to manage and share #fail ure? #openfail ? #openinnovation @trustlibrary @webiversity @nesta_uk #innovation is key to prosperity! how to empower everyone to collaborate on #openinnovation @trustlibrary @webiversity Is there an #innovation #lab that makes #creative #publicservice that everyone can #help? @trustlibrary @webiversity

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