#FREE #Happiness in 8 #hours

No No No Yes. Saying Yes / No Happiness and 8 hours!
What is the unmeasurable negative effect of people saying no or being negative on you me and society? Is it worse to ignore someone than say no to them? Probably…

Here is a list of obvious ways to handle any situation from bad to good…

BAD – Insult, Ignore, Say No, Suggest something, Encourage, Congratulate, Say Yes, Recommend – GOOD

So it takes less effort to say to someone that they are doing well and makes you feel good too.
It appears to be all linked to the EGO that makes some people confused and think that they are better than others so don’t want to care or help them which leads to the BAD reactions to any/every enquiry. As these people are negative to other people they get negative responses too leading to a cycle of negativity which makes the egotistical person feel worse and worse. The person who has control of their EGO and acts selflessly helping others gets rewarded many times over as others are nice back to them creating a cycle of GOOD where everyone wins. Often stress creates the negative cycle but this can be combated by looking at others who have ‘less’ making you feel humble and by laughing at ourselves as in the grand scheme of things nothing we do (nor our lives) appear to matter.

This leads on to how you live your life. To enjoy it or to reach some goal that your parents/society has imposed on you? The TED talk below makes me step back and think about what is important and how money and status are worth less than self belief and pride…
Do not look for happiness but create it with what you have got.


When people have no choice they change their preferences to make them more happy about what they have. When they have choice they are always comparing what they have to others so are less happy as they compare with the average.

On average nothing is average!

Which leads to what you do with 8 hours of your life! well 3 sets of 8 hours.

8 hours working…

If one person can do a job better than someone else should they take ove the job?

How does that apply to what you do? Would you step aside if someone could do your job better than you?

If you step aside then you would be able to do a different job that you are even better at.

So everyone should keep looking out for someone who could do their job better than them. When they find that person they should give them their job so that they can go on to work in areas that they excel in.

8 hour sleeping…

Is there a way to do good while you sleep? Create a website that offers advice/ helps others that will be online while you sleep.

8 hours relaxing…

Is there a way to do good while you relax? Finding your passion in life and using that to build something that can be used to help others in your local/global community be it art/writing/acting/dancing/singing/playing…

FREEtraid.com aims to help anyone maximise the positive effect of using any time in their day by sharing free advice on using any skill to give away free products/services in exchange for donations so that you can then fund even more great work. Its a gift economy that funds innovative work.


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