FREE ways to help everyone…business structure…

Empowering everyone to help everyone can be more valuable than money and
can be done cheeply/free by sharing or giving free items (software)
away. and are examples
of this.

B. is one example of how any funds can be spent
more efficiently by creating institutional innovation. This can be used
by anyone no matter how much money they have (especially as they use the
funds to spend them in the most creative way they can come up with so
they may not actually need any funds to create something good). is one example.

One great way to solve problems is to ask the person asking the question
(problem finder) if they know of the answer or if they can look into
solving it so they become the problem solver too:)

How can enterprise and innovation be improved and created
institutionally? is one way to create
institutional innovation.

How can anyone set up their own self sustaining innovation space? and both have
examples of how this can be done.

How else can everyone be A. Empowered to create innovative solutions so
social problems and B. Self sustain themselves by earning enough to live
and learn? is explained more…
Is it possible to work with you to enhance your great applications by
adding goodwill to it by 1. running it as a not for profit
( and 2. making the software open source (only for not for
profit use) so we can work on other public service products?

Would it be possible to create a 999 application with you as a free
public service that can save lives too?

Can I propose the Business structure that creates an additional USP so
you can beat any competitors in the field.

I would like to propose a way to create an additional USP that will
benefit* any organisation by creating the cumulative mass needed to make
your business a success by donating 100% of your companies Net profit to
innovative charitable work.

*Increased goodwill with the financial benefits that lead to rapid
growth which causes a rapid increase in profit which leads to an
increase in performance related pay for all involved.

This would create a USP that your competitors will not be able to
compete against allowing you to grow rapidly taking market share as you
gain consumer goodwill. This will allow hard work to be rewarded with
performance related pay.

The wider community will then be interested in enhancing any
which will dramatically increase your orgs servicest.

This business structure will enable your organisation to evolve and work
within a more philanthropic structure while gaining goodwill from
customers/workers/suppliers by clearly explaining their NET donation


How will I make my millions if I implement this structure?
Hard work and innovation by founders and employees will be rewarded with
performance pay relating to the growth of the company so hard work is
still rewarded. This could be expanded to reward members of the open
source community too.

How will the company survive hard times?
The Net profit can be invested and then donated up to a couple of years
after it has been generated in order secure the companies financial

How will the company pay for R&D?
The net profit is profit after the company has spent on R&D so still
allows progressive business development.

What other effects will there be?
Workers will be more careful about how they spend the money knowing that
it is being taken away from the end good cause rather than from a
shareholders dividend, which will make the organisation more efficient.
Many benefits will be created from customers / suppliers / partners /
stakeholders / workers that will silently boost the business.

This would…

1 create funds for charity
2 make charity more ‘efficient’
3 boost your companies success rate with added goodwill
4 enable people who created your project to get rewarded financially
though performance pay while creating an organisation that is able to
provide a platform for goodwill collaboration where everyone is rewarded
for their hard/clever work knowing that all benefits go towards ‘good

FREE Institutional Innovation structure that benefits everyone.

Business structures to benefits everyone by creating institutional
innovation that will make any organisation innovative more and therefore
create better services that then help improve everyone’s lives.

Explanation of the benefits from the simple act of donating net profit.

An organisation is trading normally today (or is in difficulty or not
making a profit)

The organisation makes the simple change of structure by formally
agreeing to donate 100% net profit (after wages/tax/R&D) into innovation
and innovative brand new charitable work.

This enables the organisation to get a goodwill value boost overnight
which increases the value of the company.

Customers an suppliers and competitors then look on the organisation as
a partner rather than a competitor and so will do extra things to help
the company grow (loyalty, voluntary, complimentary).

Employees work harder knowing that any extra funds will be used for
charitable work (and everyone in the organisation including the founders
AND investors can get rich by getting performance pay as they work hard
to make the organisation as success).

So everyone wins. The Investors and founder and politicians all win as
they get increased productivity and get rich through performance pay and
they get to become philanthropists and benefit from getting goodwill
(and feeling great about the philanthropic organisation they created)
before they get rich (rather than after they are rich which is the way
the old philanthropic model works).

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