#Give #profit away and get #rich with #goodwill Traidmark.org = Not/For #Profit + #Institutional #Innovation + #Philanthropy

#Give #profit away and get #rich with #goodwill Traidmark.org = Not/For #Profit + #Institutional #Innovation + #Philanthropy (generating goodwill which enhances success and make everyone richer with enhanced performance pay)

This is a FREE way for any organisation to get instant goodwill and create Institutional Innovation so you gain more success and can help more people.

Get RICHER and do good for FREE! Sounds too good to be true but it is true. The hard part is to give away 100% net profit (which sounds counter intuitive but is the genius part when you get over the egoic greed of wanting to own the profit). When you give away 100% net profit your organisation essentially becomes a charity fundraising organisation so the enhanced goodwill you get will create so much success that you will get more back in performance pay from working in your organisation. So you can get richer by giving away your wealth! The cooperative have been doing this for generations but they did not invest all the funds in innovative charitable activity and that is the second stroke of genius. By investing the funds in INNOVATIVE charitable activity your funds can solve problems in the most efficient way once and for all enabling you to go on and work on new exciting solutions to other problems. If you dont know how to find innovative solutions ask us @whymandesign @FREEtraid

All you have to do is pledge to donate 100% net profit into new Innovative ways to solve human problems and you will gain

Enhanced Goodwill – leading to customer/client/supplier/employee/customer loyalty and enhanced productivity which makes you more successfull and is an added USP you can use against your competition which allows everyone in your company to get richer through enhanced performance pay.

Save lives – You can save lives by using your net profit to innovatively create ways to solve human health/education… problems.

Funds are therefore continually iinvested in new charitable projects that benefit everyone creating an infinitely scaling cycle of success.

Your could say…

Traidmark.org = COOP where funds are donated to INNOVATIVE charitable use rather than given to members

Traidmark.org = SHAREHOLDER owned company where dividends are donated to INNOVATIVE charitable use rather than given to shareholders

Traidmark.org = CHARITY where funds are donated to INNOVATIVE charitable use rather than given to the same old charitable use

Traidmark.org = GOVERNMENT where funds are donated to INNOVATIVE charitable use rather than given to the same old government.

Traidmark.org enables everyone to gain from hard work (performance pay) while adding value to any enterprise by funding innovation and running your enterprise as a Not For Profit or For Profit organisation that invests any surplus funds (or 100% net profit in the case of the for profit organization).So you gain popularity, volunteers, donations, collaborations and importantly goodwill by pledging to donate up to 100% net profit (or all surplus funds after R&D) BEFORE you become successful which in turn increases your chances of becoming successful.

Imagine if Warren Buffett or Bill Gates Li Ka-shing George Soros Howard Hughes (or any of the other philanthropists that are listed below http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_philanthropists) had pledged to donate their riches before they earned them. How much more funds could they have created using the added goodwill they would have cumulatively created over the years (not to mention the good work that they could have done to solve problems earlier if the money had been used as soon as it had been created). 1. This is a great way to enhance philanthropy by funding creativity and rewarding philanthropists and 2. importantly it means that everyone can become a philanthropist no matter what they earn. We can all be Microphilanthropists and gain greater success so we benefit personally too. One clear example is that Microfinance organisations can use this model to enhance the way they innovate.

It is that simple. All that you or anyone has to do is agree to donate all surplus funds to innovative charitable work (which you can set up and create so you are not giving money away but rather spending it on amazing new charitable projects you create).

This importantly increases creativity and inventions by creating institutional innovation by forcing any organisation to invest suplus funds into new innovative ways to solve problems. This is especially useful for governments and charities or philanthropic or training funds that have to be spend by certain dates every year as the funds can be saved by wise investments then used to fund pioneering innovation that will be able to efficiently solve problems through creative blue sky activities that build on and improve existing activities in an even more effective way.

This is how it works.
The organisation invests surplus profit in NEW Innovative enterprise (which helps make that organisation continually evolve because of this structure) which creates better services through institutional innovation. Everyone who works hard can still get financially rewarded through performance pay but there is a goodwill boost as everyone knows the organisation is solving human problems in the most efficient way possible by using innovation.

This adds significant customer loyalty and enables hard work to be rewarded through pay while investing in innovative solutions to social problems.

Anyone can implement the Traidmark business model. This is because any surplus created can be invested in innovative social enterprise which makes it a lot easier to ‘do good’.

So Traidmark is promoting the benefits of creating and running Not for profits that importantly invest any surplus cash in NEW innovative social enterprise not for profits. This enables good work to continually evolve and fund even more innovative work that is more efficient.

Video explanation of the benefits http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp4xiNqWGe8

Here is an unedited conversation about the benefits of donating 100% net profit to NEW INNOVATIVE solutions to social problems (the conversation starts 8 minutes in after we iron our the setup problems and dificulties of outside broadcasts and multiconferencing! 🙂


Traidmark Logo
The Traidmark brand/logo aims to reward companies that donate profits to charity (measured in percentages of Net profit). We provide the logos on this website. All you have to do is copy the relevant logo and use it to help boost trade.

Help share this free way to anyone to help themselves by helping others by sharing with anyone who runs an organisation.

@openletter @business @structure http://www.Traidmark.org = philanthropy + Social Enterprise Innovation for @gov @charity @business

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