#How can #Charity & #Gov make #savings and #improve #service for #free? #creativity & #innovation @4ip @nesta_uk #bigsociety

#How can #Charity & #Gov make #savings and #improve #service for #free? #creativity & #innovation @4ip @nesta_uk #bigsociety

CREATIVITY can make any product or service better and cheaper for free.
So Creativity can help us improve and save lives NOW if you me and everyone are open to implementing it.

The question then is how to enable you me and everyone to be MORE creative (speed is the analogy)
[if we all allow each other to try being creative with a ‘yes that is ok’ mentality this will happen]
how to enable you me and everyone help the largest number of people in the most effective way (direction is the analogy)
[educating each other so we learn form each other and so we learn that we all know almost nothing and are ignorant in many areas]
how to get organisations to implement creative improvements?
[just like in a parent – child relationship the organisation/managers have to allow everyone to go out on their own and try being creative in every way]

How to empower you me and everyone to have the vision and creativity to innovate and empower others?

Government, charity and managers (we all) have to empower everyone to be more creative by encouraging and rewarding creativity by asking everyone how they can improve the products/services and rewarding creativity fairly. A ‘Yes’ mentality is pivotal, saying yes that is ok when no one knows what is best (or what the future holds).

We all know you can make accounting savings by making cuts or spending more in new ways.

However you can significantly improve services and make savings in a multitude of other ways by creatively modifying and improving every aspect of any product or service.

For example

The way people are paid can be looked at and improved so they can achieve more and more people can be hired. (Your creative mind can discover how best you think this chould happen).

How people work can be looked at and improved so everyone achieves more than expected.
No one needs to be fired they just need to be given jobs that they are able to excel at in new areas/ways.

The important Crux is that more lives can be saved/improved by talented selfless people if they are enabled and empowered to do so creatively. Working with a ‘Yes’ mentality where every problem can be solved if we meet open minded people who are interested in succeeding by using the ‘Yes’ mentality (kind of like the USA’s ‘Yes We Can’:)

http://www.WEBiversity.org is one way of doing this for everyones benefit. Please do help make this free service improve so it can serve you best. What can you offer to help give free education for all?

We are using the http://www.TRAIDmark.org business model which cultivates creativity and institutional innovation.

If you disagree to this post or want to help others by suggesting something comment here http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=352077702670

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