#How can #everyone be #empowered to #help everyone and #enabled to #creatively #innovate? #gov #ogov #os #ted #bigsociety

How can everyone be empowered to help everyone and enabled to creatively innovate?

Anyone can set up a Twitter account of Facebook group to support what they are doing which is great.

However we are all limited by the limitations of software and the web as that dictates who can collaborate with who. 1 eg…you have to put text into a text comment box until someone comes up with a better way.

Only those who know how to code are able to improve this which creates a minority / elite which causes many problems. 1. eg…The elite can only be aware of problems they experience so will only solve those problems.

This could be called the #democratization of #technology which is important as #knowledge / #technology is #power (#Facebook has become more powerful than some countries)

A solution is to find a way to enable #EVERYONE to create using a new form of coding that we all can do without having to learn a specific language (as it is easier to create an open source language than teaching the whole world to learn another NEW language).

Is there a programming language that rseponds to plane English or Spanish or Chinese that anyone/everyone can speak?

If not, one needs to be created ASAP so everyone can contribute to the global knowledge and creative economy and innovate above and beyond our expectations.

This is a public service so needs to be funded.

The analogy can be compared to writing.

First the monks/academics were the only people who could read and write so they could only make a set amount of innovative work due to their limited number of brains. When reading and importantly WRITING became common practice there was an explosion in experimentation and evolution of thought and language which benefitted everyone.

This same process needs to happen asap now with programming so that everyone can not only read and write but make software/systems (that are like writing but where the writing can go off and do a task).

The downside is that if we do not do this we will not see or know what wonderous innovation is created and the massive benefits this would have created for everyone.

Who should be contacted in order to make this happen?

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