#How can @everyone become #Empowered to #help others just by using our #contacts, #imagination and #money? #iq2stiglitz #tuttle #DLD10

#How can @everyone become #Empowered to #help others just by using our #contacts, #imagination and #money?

The power of the web means we can do everything we were doing before but also on a linked global scale for the first time in history so we are obliged to use this new tool in the best way possible. What else can we do using the web to link up the global community?

Everyone who has been educated and/or everyone who has access to the internet (as we are all probably part of the worlds 10% most wealthy) have so many opportunities that the other 90% of the world dream of having that we must be abliged to use the access we have (and to make access for others) to solve global human problems.

Is empowerment the only thing that is holding us back? Is there a good way to empower the ‘top 10% of the world to help the ‘botton’ 90% and vica versa? Maybe p2p and Microfinance are the doorways through to a new global network.


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