#How can #knowledge and #wisdom that #benefits #everyone (#cumulativegain) be #shared #easier and more #effectively #gov #os

How can knowledge and wisdom that benefits everyone (cumulative gain) be shared easier and more effectively than information that is used to benefit a few eg #competition #zerosumgain

The knowledge and wisdom form the 000’s of years of history are in libraries across the world. Academia is digitizing it so the question is how to organize the information so the wisdom and knowledge can be shared and learned by everyone so we all can live happier lives that are more productive and that help others.

Organizing how information is #CREATED and #Contributed to the web is important too (Real time #Librarianship?!).
One way is for every point or concept to be started with a sentence and then paragraph that summaries the whole point (so we do not all have to read the WHOLE essay/book/thesis to get the point).

The second is to reduce the ammount of #DUPLICATED information on the web so we dont waste time reading it. This can be done by linking all duplicate information together on the web using semantic technology. This needs to be done in an open way to EVERYONE that uses the web an access it free.

The third is to reduce the amount of #USELESS information or #spam on the web. This can be done in many effective ways but needs to be done in an open way so EVERYONE that uses the web can access this.

The fourth is to #ENCOURAGE everyone to learn the knowledge and wisdom by making it #ENTERTAINING.
TED & Tedx have proven how this can be done.

The fifth help #EMPOWER everyone to use the knowledge that they have gained to benefit everyone.
KIVA has proven how this can be done.

We would love to work with other to create an open source free university for everyon. Prototype http://www.WEBiversity.org

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