If #negative feeling can be channeled in a way that #motivates you to #help others then all #vice can be turned into #virtue

If any negative feeling can be channeled in a way that motivates you to constructively help others then all vice’s can be turned into virtues (prob easier said than done!).

The question then is how this can be done.

Vice http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vice
Virtue http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtue

Dantes Vices

Which of these Vices are you most guilty of?! (We all are of at least one:) And how can you turn it into a positive thing so you can use it to help others?

1. Pride or vanity — an excessive love of the self (Create Awards for all. We should all deserve and earn awards for our own individual skills)
2. Avarice (covetousness, greed) — a desire to possess more than one has need or use for (Philanthropy makes Avarice do good)
3. Lust — excessive sexual desire. (How? Society and family have made the sexes compete to impress each other. Make Virtues impressive.)
4. Wrath or anger — feelings of hatred, revenge or denial, as well as punitive desires outside of justice. (Channel negative energy into motivation to do something constructive.)
5. Gluttony — overindulgence in food, drink or intoxicants (Food/pudding as a reward for doing things. The less you have the more you enjoy so less is more.)
6. Envy or jealousy – resentment of others for their possessions (Envy motivates and reminds us that success is relative and not important)
7. Sloth or laziness; idleness and wastefulness of time and/or other allotted resources (Laziness is a mother of Invention)

Roman Virtues!

Which one of these Virtues are you most Guilty of?! And how can you enhance that and also improve the rest (we are all good at at least one of these).

* Auctoritas — “Spiritual Authority” — The sense of one’s social standing, built up through experience, Pietas, and Industria.
* Comitas — “Humour” — Ease of manner, courtesy, openness, and friendliness.
* Constantia — “Perseverance” — Military stamina, mental and physical endurance.
* Clementia — “Mercy” — Mildness and gentleness.
* Dignitas — “Dignity” — A sense of self-worth, personal pride.
* Disciplina — “Discipline” — Military oath under Roman protective law & citizenship.
* Firmitas — “Tenacity” — Strength of mind, the ability to stick to one’s purpose.
* Frugalitas — “Frugality” — Economy and simplicity of style, without being miserly.
* Gravitas — “Gravity” — A sense of the importance of the matter at hand, responsibility and earnestness.
* Honestas — “Respectability” — The image that one presents as a respectable member of society.
* Humanitas — “Humanity” — Refinement, civilization, learning, and being cultured.
* Industria — “Industriousness” — Hard work.
* Iustitia — “Justice” — Sense of moral worth to an action.
* Pietas — “Dutifulness” — More than religious piety; a respect for the natural order socially, politically, and religiously. Includes the ideas of patriotism and devotion to others.
* Prudentia — “Prudence” — Foresight, wisdom, and personal discretion.
* Salubritas — “Wholesomeness” — Health and cleanliness.
* Severitas — “Sternness” — Gravity, self-control.
* Veritas — “Truthfulness” — Honesty in dealing with others.
* Virtus – “Manliness” – Valor, excellence, courage, character, and worth. Vir meaning “man”. (Man being generic now:)

Add your improvements/advice in the comments below.

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