Let #creatives #innovate ALL #public #service & #charity & #reward #os #ideas? eg @webiversity pls RT #opengov #bigsociety #tedglobal @GovNewMedia #socialmedia #gov #gov20

Let #creatives #innovate ALL #public #service & #charity & #reward #os #ideas? eg @webiversity #opengov #bigsociety #tedglobal @GovNewMedia #socialmedia #gov #gov20

The creative mind can imagine almost infinite possibilities. The key then is how to support and encourage everyone so they can be more creative and get selflessley rewarded for being creative FOR THE GREATER GOOD by sharing everyones ideas in an open source way while also enabling those that create to support themselves and use profits to create more innovation for the common good.

There are two stages that are equally important…

_*Stage 1. What you do… Making sure we are working in the right DIRECTION, to help the MOST gain the most happiness.*_
Help everyone (not just a select few otherwise you are limiting your options) to concentrate on the most important issues (rather than solving issues that either do not need to be solved or have already been solved).

http://www.WEBiversity.org is a prototype way of doing this. Do help us create an open source Drupal version so Everyone can solve Every problem together.

http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org is a self sustaining way to create real world locations where everyone can meet to solve any problem together using their imagination. Please help by making your own Trust Library free and sharing its location on the site.

_*Stage 2. How you do it…Making sure we are going at the right SPEED, to hellp everyone be happy WHILE we we achieve this.

*_Make the way creative are supported in a self sustaining way that continues to create more innovation so that people/organisations do NOT become victims of their own success by combating the Peter principle.

http://www.TRAIDmark.org is a way of doing this that rewards creativity by enabling creatives to go on to make more and more NEW innovative charitable projects as a reward for success (which is a good motivator for selfless people:).

The big question is how much creative ideas are out there to be thought of and then worked on
How is the best way to use the ideas to help the most people get the greatest benefit from it.

Open Source has proven that sharing ideas/software by giving it away can help everyone on this planet so the key is to work on a way to empower and encourage everyone to creatively innovate while giving away what they produce to the world so we all gain the most from everyone else’s work.

Collaboration enables everyone to share what they are doing which means we can duplicate/share infinately everyones work on the web while also stopping wasteful duplication/repetition from people who compete (which means R&D spend wont be wasted on doing the same work over and over again).

Please add comments to the relevant sites as there points/projects are far more important than any individual/group and need to be taken up by forward thinking positive people like you? To not contribute would be to let others miss out on your view which is a loss for everyone.

Here are a few other suggestions to enhance efficiency…

Everyone who #asks a #questions should suggest their #answer (or #guess an realistic answer) #values #bigsociety #gov20 RT if you #agree!

All #gov pay capped at 100k ? Why not? How about at 50k? #Cut #pay #not #jobs #values #bigsociety #gov20 RT if you #agree!

#Gov #employ #EVERYONE on #Minimum #wage to do what they want to #improve #society & #planet #bigsociety #gov20 #opengov RT if you #agree!

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