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Open Letter to philanthropists

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Traidmark.org enables everyone to gain from hard work (performance pay) while adding value to any enterprise by funding innovation and running your enterprise as a Not For Profit or For Profit organisation that invests any surplus funds (or 100% net profit in the case of the for profit organization).So you gain popularity, volunteers, donations, collaborations and importantly goodwill by pledging to donate up to 100% net profit (or all surplus funds after R&D) BEFORE you become successful which in turn increases your chances of becoming successful.

Imagine if Warren Buffett or Bill Gates Li Ka-shing George Soros Howard Hughes (or any of the other philanthropists that are listed below http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_philanthropists) had pledged to donate their riches before they earned them. How much more funds could they have created using the added goodwill they would have cumulatively created over the years (not to mention the good work that they could have done to solve problems earlier if the money had been used as soon as it had been created). 1. This is a great way to enhance philanthropy by funding creativity and rewarding philanthropists and 2. importantly it means that everyone can become a philanthropist no matter what they earn. We can all be Microphilanthropists and gain greater success so we benefit personally too. One clear example is that Microfinance organisations can use this model to enhance the way they innovate.

It is that simple. All that you or anyone has to do is agree to donate all surplus funds to innovative charitable work (which you can set up and create so you are not giving money away but rather spending it on amazing new charitable projects you create).

This importantly increases creativity and inventions by creating institutional innovation by forcing any organisation to invest suplus funds into new innovative ways to solve problems. This is especially useful for governments and charities or philanthropic or training funds that have to be spend by certain dates every year as the funds can be saved by wise investments then used to fund pioneering innovation that will be able to efficiently solve problems through creative blue sky activities that build on and improve existing activities in an even more effective way.

This is how it works.
The organisation invests surplus profit in NEW Innovative enterprise (which helps make that organisation continually evolve because of this structure) which creates better services through institutional innovation. Everyone who works hard can still get financially rewarded through performance pay but there is a goodwill boost as everyone knows the organisation is solving human problems in the most efficient way possible by using innovation.

This adds significant customer loyalty and enables hard work to be rewarded through pay while investing in innovative solutions to social problems.

Anyone can implement the Traidmark business model. This is because any surplus created can be invested in innovative social enterprise which makes it a lot easier to ‘do good’.

So Traidmark is promoting the benefits of creating and running Not for profits that importantly invest any surplus cash in NEW innovative social enterprise not for profits. This enables good work to continually evolve and fund even more innovative work that is more efficient.

Quick One Minute video overview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2jMGmeEsp8

Video explanation of the benefits http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp4xiNqWGe8

A two way discussion is recorded here here https://admin.na4.acrobat.com/_a827006733/p35975597/

Traidmark Logo
The Traidmark brand/logo aims to reward companies that donate profits to charity (measured in percentages of Net profit). We provide the logos on this website. All you have to do is copy the relevant logo and use it to help boost trade.

@openletter @business @structure http://www.Traidmark.org = philanthropy + Social Enterprise Innovation for @gov @charity @business

Full http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_philanthropists list below

Some notable philanthropists

* Prince Karim Aga Khan IV ~ founder[1] and chairman[2] of the Aga Khan Development Network which focuses on health, education, culture, rural development, institution-building and the promotion of economic development[2].
* Jane Addams ~ co-founder of the Hull House settlement house in Chicago[3].

* Howard Ahmanson, Jr. ~ multi-millionaire philanthropist and financier of the causes of many conservative Christian cultural, religious and political organizations.
* William Allen – founded and endowed many institutions and causes including ‘Schools of Industry’ at Lindfield and Newington Academy for Girls.
* Michael Bloomberg ~ Donations include over USD$300 million to Johns Hopkins University.
* Bono ~ co-founder of Product Red and of the One Campaign for the abolition of AIDS and poverty in Africa.
* Warren Buffett ~ pledged USD$30.7 billion worth of Berkshire Hathaway stock to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
* Nicholas Murray Butler – president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace from 1925 to 1945.
* Andrew Carnegie ~ donated money to build over 2500 libraries world-wide. Founder of the Carnegie Foundations, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and Carnegie Mellon University.
* Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury – chairman of the Ragged Schools Union (during the Victorian era).
* Marisol Deluna ~ fashion designer and founder of Deluna By Design, Inc. creates silk scarves and ties for charitable endeavors globally.
* Richard Desmond – President of the Norwood Charity, raised around £14m for charitable causes with the RD Crusaders, helped build the Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre part of Moorfields Eye Hospital.
* Walt Disney ~ helped to fund California Institute of the Arts
* Anthony J. Drexel ~ founder of Drexel University
* Maulana Dr. Abdul Sattar Edhi ~ head of the Edhi Foundation in Pakistan.
* Mohamed Al-Fayed ~ founder of The New School at West Heath.
* Chuck Feeney ~ founder of Atlantic Philanthropies.
* Edsel Ford ~ co-founder of the Ford Foundation.
* Henry Ford ~ co-founder of the Ford Foundation.
* Bill Gates ~ co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
* Melinda Gates ~ co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
* J. Paul Getty ~ funded the construction of the Getty Villa, the original Getty Museum, and donated his art collection to it. Upon his death, left his fortune to the Getty Museum, which eventually expanded to the Getty Center in Los Angeles.
* David Gilmour ~ singer and guitarist of Pink Floyd whom was made CBE for his years of philanthropy and gave $7.5 million from sale of his London home to the homeless charity Crisis
* Edward Harkness ~ Various private colleges and boarding schools; medical facilities; Commonwealth Fund
* Thomas Holloway ~ Victorian patent medicine entrepreneur and founder of Royal Holloway, University of London
* Johns Hopkins ~ founder of the Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Hospital
* Amal Hijazi ~ a Lebanese singer, who is known for her philanthropy
* Howard Hughes ~ Aviator, engineer, industrialist and film producer, donated US$1.56billion to various charities including the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
* Yusuf Islam (also known as Cat Stevens) ~ founder of Islamic schools, Muslim Aid and Small Kindness.
* Michael Jackson ~ has donated more than USD$300 million to various foundations.
* Angelina Jolie ~ American Actress,who is well know for her humanitarian world wide and who is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency
* Alicia Keys ~ American singer/songwriter and spokeswoman for Keep A Child Alive.
* Imran Khan ~ Founder of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust which was behind the first cancer research institution in Pakistan.
* H. F. Lenfest ~ donated $5 million in coherence with Chester County to preserve over 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) of land in Newlin Township, Chester County, PA. The land is now owned by Natural Lands Trust.
* Julius Curtis Lewis, Jr. ~ Estimated lifetime donations of USD$130 million to various civic, spiritual; charitable organizations. Many in Savannah, Georgia.
* Li Ka-shing ~ founder and chairman of the Li Ka Shing Foundation, which focuses on two major areas: capacity empowerment through education and building of a caring society through medical and healthcare related projects. In 2006, Li pledged to donate one-third of his fortune estimated at over USD$10 billion to charity and philanthropic projects throughout the world.
* Juliette Gordon Low ~ Also known as “Daisy”, founded Girl Scouts of the USA in 1912 in Savannah, GA.
* Catherine T. MacArthur ~ co-founder of the MacArthur Foundation.
* John D. MacArthur ~ co-founder of the MacArthur Foundation.
* Chris Martin ~ lead singer of British alternative rock band Coldplay. He is known for supporting the Make Trade Fair campaign. He and his band also contribute 15% of their money to charity.
* Paul Mellon ~ major benefactor of arts and education, and co-founder of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
* Ailsa Mellon-Bruce ~ co-founder of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
* Mary Louise Milliken Childs ~ Builder of the Milliken Memorial Community House, the first privately donated community house in America.
* Kylie Minogue ~ europop/dance singer and performer, actress and fashion designer.
* Samuel Morley MP ~ founded Morley College, London and endowed other institutions and causes.
* Jamie and Karen Phelps Moyer ~ founded the Moyer Foundation to assist non-profit organizations in raising money for children with serious distresses.
* Sidney Myer ~ Founder of the Iconic Australian Department store chain Myer.
* Petra Němcová ~ Czech supermodel who is the founder of the Happy Hearts Fund
* Paul Newman ~ Founder of Newman’s Own and the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for seriously ill children, as well as major donations to other charities.
* Alfred Nobel ~ founder of the Nobel Prizes.
* Legendary country singer Dolly Parton is an advocate for children’s education through her foundation, the Imagination Library, which gives books to children on a regular basis to develop their reading skills before starting school.
* Princess Bernice Pauahi ~ left properties to the education of Hawaiian boys and girls in what is now Kamehameha Schools.
* Linus Pauling ~ donated time and effort and spent personal funds to bring about the worldwide ban on above ground nuclear weapons testing.
* Ronald O. Perelman ~ Largest Revlon stockholder, has donated over $200 million to various causes since 2001, including a $50 million gift to create the Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical Center.
* Dame Shirley Porter ~ Tesco heiress and co-founder of The Porter Foundation, has donated to Tel Aviv University, social welfare facilities and ecological funding, the National Portrait Gallery in London, and others.
* Charles Pratt ~ founder of Pratt Institute.
* Christopher Reeve ~ founder of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
* Werner Reinhart ~ industrialist, philanthropist, music and literature patron
* Donald Rix ~ BC Innovation Council, BC Cancer Agency Foundation, BC Medical Services Foundation, and the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
* Sir David Robinson ~ founder of the Robinson Charitable Trust, and of Robinson College.
* John D. Rockefeller ~ founder of the Rockefeller Foundation and Rockefeller University.
* John D. Rockefeller Jr. – dramatically expanded the Rockefeller Foundation and Rockefeller University. He also bought and then donated the land in Manhattan upon which the United Nations headquarters was built.
* John D. Rockefeller 3rd ~ major third-generation Rockefeller philanthropist and founder of the Asia Society (1956), the Population Council (1952) and a reconstituted Japan Society, he was chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation for twenty years. He established the Rockefeller Public Service Awards in 1958. Among his many other achievements, he was the driving force behind the construction of the landmark Lincoln Center, built between 1959 and 1966, in New York City.
* J.K. Rowling ~ President of One Parent Families, and advocate for social equity.
* Joseph Rowntree – founder of the four Rowntree trusts.
* Enriqueta Augustina Rylands, foundress of the John Rylands Library
* John Rylands
* Shakira ~ founder of Pies Descalzos Foundation.
* Sir Run Run Shaw ~ founder of the Shaw Prize Foundation.
* Gary Sinise ~ co-founder of Operation Iraqi Children.
* George Soros ~ estimated to have donated more than USD$6 billion, often through the Open Society Institute and Soros Foundations.
* Ellen Gates Starr ~ co-founder of Hull House.
* Levi Strauss ~ Gave to many notable foundations of his time. He also gave to many Jewish synagogues and organizations (he was Jewish himself).
* Belinda Stronach – co-founder of Spread the Net
* Mother Teresa ~ founded the Missionaries of Charity. Her work among the poverty-stricken in Calcutta made her one of the world’s most famous people.
* Cornelius Vanderbilt ~ funded Vanderbilt University.
* William Henry Vanderbilt ~ cofounder of the Metropolitan Opera.
* Sir Joseph Whitworth
* William Wilberforce ~ English politician, headed successful parliamentary campaign against the British slave trade, and later supported the campaign for complete abolition.
* Oprah Winfrey ~ estimated donations above USD$300 million, and founder of Oprah’s Angel Network.
* Steve Wozniak ~ provided all the money, as well as a good amount of on-site technical support, for the technology program for the Los Gatos School district. Co-founder of Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.)

[edit] Greatest philanthropists by amount of USD

The following table orders the greatest philanthrophists by estimated amount given to charity, corresponding to USD.
Name Amount given Cause
Warren Buffett $30.7 billion healthcare, extreme poverty, education, access to information technology
Bill Gates $29 billion Education, AIDS-prevention
Li Ka-shing $10 billion Education, healthcare
George Soros $6 billion Democratic governance, anti-Fascist publications, human rights, economic, legal, and social reform
Howard Hughes $1.56 billion Medical

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