#Problems that #slow #progress so hurt us all e.g. lack of #vision, #creativity & #empowerment

Here are a few problems that will need to be solved to help progress.

Duplication and confusion slow down learning/development/innovation/progress and can make progress reverse as individuals go off in the ‘wrong’ direction. For example if there are two sites doing the same thing then that splits the user/customer/supplier communities into two making the collaboration and partnership potential halved while enabling people to duplicate the same work.

How can this be solved?…

One way is to concentrate or rank organisations that are doing the ‘most’ good above others. So not for profit organisations that are efficient should be ranked higher than commercial organisations. So a not for profit search engine is a good start. https://www.anoox.com is one example.

And finding content that you can reuse and remix is equally important. http://search.creativecommons.org and http://www.jamendo.com are two examples.

If you know of a better way to solve this please add it to http://www.UGCunion.org

The same goes for any form of assessment from exams to job applications.
Assessment is also a key area that needs to be looked at. How can assessment and feedback be collected in a scientific manner that does not neglect the unknown and unquantifiable?

Centralised networks and organisations will fall down if the central core is disrupted. It is therefore imperative that networks and organisations are restructures to be decentralise and community based so that they can not entirely collapse. This also fosters collaboration and evolution which dramatically enhance innovation and progress for the benefit of everyone. http://yacy.net/ is one example of decentralised web search.

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