#Technology & #society are #helping #progress but how can it be #improved (how is IT getting in the way)?

#Technology & #society are #helping #progress but how can it be #improved (how is IT getting in the way)?

The structure of technology/society restricts humans from experimenting and evolving in many ways so urgently needs to be addressed as it currently is stopping individuals from achieving anywhere near their potential.

We have seen how much has already been improved but if we continue on the ‘S’ curve of cumulative growth and development it is a fundamental mistake to expect (and dangerous to put up with) similar growth in the future.

We should always expect higher rates of growth and demand them from service providers. As it appears to be a human trait to leave things if they are just good enough (“If it aint broke dont fix it”) a culture of improve and assess needs to be encouraged so everyone can benefit from continually increasing development.

Repetition in technology/society is a MAJOR hidden problem as it creates a wide array of almost identical services to choose from which causes…
1. Confusion with too many similar products leading to apathy.
2. Duplication (in a bad way where skill and effort are wasted duplicating) Open Source can stop this if everyone uses it.
3. Segregation where many different groups of people can not interact as they are divided by different technology/software/hardware.

How to stop repetition?
Create only open source software.
Run as a not for profit so others can collaborate and not compete.
Make organisations/technology continually evolve so they do not rest on its laurels and stop providing good service.
Copywrite and Patents need to be reassessed for the 21st centure with the WEB, Open Source and Creative Commons.

As we should expect the best we should also PLAN for the WORST.
How to plan for the Worst?

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