The more you #give the more you #get using #innovation @TRAIDmark #os #nfp #charity #cic #gov #ted

The more you #give the more you #get using #innovation @TRAIDmark #os #nfp #charity #cic #gov

Give all NET profit to charitable work and gain more value in goodwill which leads to success and higher performance pay over a number of years. owning one hundred percent of nothing is less than zero percent of a successful entity that pays you performance pay. explains how easy and counter intuitive it is to donate all your net profit to INNOVATIVE charitable work and get richer than if you were to selfishly clasp on to as much of the tiny profit you would generate without using this selfless business structure. If you register as a charity there are also may other advantages and benefits that will contribute to your success and therefore your performance pay. The irony is that people who do not use this are making themselves miss out. As it is free there is only one reason which is ignorance/awareness so please tell anyone you know so they do not miss out.

The premise is this. As we are all standing on the shoulders of giants by using the wheel, fire, tools to name just a few of our ancestors gifts to us… we are obliged to pass on what we create to future generations by NOT claiming ownership of them but instead working on projects that are run ‘for the people’ such as not for profits and charities. The hidden benefits of doing this can only fully be discovered by trying it. For instance when you create this people often find your work and offer to help in unexpected ways that help you personally and professionally.

There are two groups, The have’s and the have nots. Those that have wisdom know that selflessly helping others is key. Those that do not have wisdom think that selfishness is key. Both benefit and can collaborate using where both sides end up helping everyone.

We would like to help anyone wanting to help others. For instance can
we help you using the business model (where you
get rich with performance pay and you gain from added goodwill created
by donating funds to charity?) This is essentially a cooperative or Not
for Profit but where any surplus funds are invested in NEW Innovative
Not for Profit activity that solves different social problems innovatively.

It solves several issues.
A. It invests any wealth generated into more Innovation creating
Institutional Innovation
B. It stops organisations getting large (large organisations become
C. It stops anyone running any organisation from getting corrupted by
power/wealth as all organisations are small and efficient.
D. It rewards success (through the application of Innovation) in a
clever way that encourages selfless hard work by enabling the successful
people who use the business model to go on an invent then develop new
innovations so they create the freedom co continually make new ways to
help others. It also rewards hard work with performance pay so anyone
motivated by greed can still get rich (without owning the organisation). was created to help people like you make the largest impact with your donations. The key is for you to donate to INNOVATIVE new charitable work that is more efficient than traditional charitable work. This is ideally charitable work that solve the cause of a problem in a sustainable way rather than pick up the pieces. Often this can be done by creatively inventing solutions.

Please comment on this at

Would it be possible to help enhance what you are working on using the
power of social media to encourage more people to help with your
existing and future projects using crowdsourcing?

We are creating a charity crowdfunding collaboration drupal site using
pioneering open source modules and were hoping we could develop this
with you to enhance your great work?

We are also aiming to use the site to collect donated funds for
charity by using a re skinned version of different software for
charitable use as a not for profit? has more details and contact @whymandesign

Would it be possible to work with you to make a re skinned
version of existing software so we can help the public to solve
other social issues (Ideally using the business
structure)? Maybe working with someone like or which
is closing so maybe this is something I could help you take on so
everyone can share local knowledge? Also can
share video’s and create with your

The aim is to create custom branded open source software (so the same
software that exists is used to solve different social issues). Can we
do this starting with enhancing the and prototype sites?

We created which has access to 50 shops that are spread
across the uk and we were hoping to work with you to use the spaces. We
are aiming to install the libraries in any university and were hoping we
could do this with you by working with the your contacts. All that is
needed is for the network and universities to be informed of the volunteer org so we can talk to them about how easy it
is for them to create TrustLibrary spaces.

We are looking to work with Corporate Social Responsibility and Business
Training teams to create real world charitable projects while helping
teams to learn and develop.

We are looking to use empty spaces shops or offices while saving you
money on those empty spaces at the same time. If you have or know of
someone who has an empty space please contact @whymandesign. These could
range from a corner of a reception area to a field and can be empty for
one evening a week to all year round!

Also do check out… & The free
book download is really good. What is your favourite book? Is there a
free version online or a film review?

About Whymandesign

Creative Social Media Manager. May I creatively help enhance your work with you? I create and enhance innovative products and services using new techniques and technology. I understand the potential of productions that: entertain, educate and empower and are always looking to work with forward thinking partners.

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