@tonyrobbins If #Unawareness that we are all #different #causes #harm. How can we make each other / everyone aware and #compassionate? #iq2stiglitz #tuttle #DLD10

Unawareness that we are all different causes harm. How can we make each other / everyone aware and compassionate?

http://www.MUSTart.org is one way of helping everyone to express themselves and se how we are all diffferent by getting anyone to take a free book draw in it (showing how different we all are my the way we draw) and then giving it away. If person A is not hurt (or pleased) by phrase xxxx then they think that person B is not hurt by it because they project their own personality on that other person (they do the same with animals too). Soft Skills teaching can make us all aware of this and will be able to combat this complex yet simple problem that humans have when interacting with others that causes so much misunderstood hurt and pain.


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