@WarrenBuffet and @BillGates and @philanthropist gave surplus http://www.traidmark.org @wealth to @charity what can @you and @everyone do too?

@WarrenBuffet and @BillGates and @philanthropist gave surplus http://www.traidmark.org @wealth to @charity what can @you and @everyone do too?

They made lots of money then gave it away. EVERYONE can do this too even if they never make more money than they need to live on! How? Why not pledge to give money away BEFORE you make it? This way you gain goodwill your WHOLE life and so gain the goodwill your everyone you know which will help you make more money as they are more likely to help you succeed.

For example anyone who earns more than a set amount of money a year can have the best life possible and can donate any more money they earn into exciting innovative ways to solve human problems. You can then use that money to solve a human problem that you care about in the most creative and successful way as you yourself will be able to create your own solution!

This means that the long tail of us normal people can contribute to good causes (which is a massive resource and amount of combined surplus income)

Explained more at http://www.traidmark.org


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