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What legal & social problems stop anyone do good?

Entertainment is a key problem.
Entertainment can be fun AND productive. So we could all do fun things that help others. The problem is that many existing ‘fun’ things do not help anyone and are as good as procrastination.

Legal and Social rules and regulations restrict creativity as you are not allowed to do things differently.
This means that we ALL loose out by not being allowed to help each other by innovating which often bends and breaks rules.

For example.
If you want to improve your local street it is not socially or legally acceptable to put furniture on the street corner so anyone can use them. If this is done the council then PAYS for people to clear things away.
You are not allowed to take things out of public dumps. If the community were allowed to do this they would be recycling in the most efficient way by REUSING objects AND would use the objects to also invent new uses.

This means that an important change in the way society and the legal system needs to be looked at urgently because at the moment creativity and innovation are suppressed which means that we ALL lose out (just because a small minority are not being educated to act constructively, though they could be).

One key problem is that we are not aware of what we are missing out on BECAUSE we have not been able to create or invent the exciting new public services that the community would have been able to create (had the legal and social restrictions not been in place).

There are many simple ways to solve this but it would need government and legal organisations to open mindedly creatively enhance the way they work. Which people in these organisations can do that?

Would you like to know creative solutions to this and any other problems? If so contact @whymandesign

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