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It would be great if you are able to help in any way you see fit to help
give books away to others.(If interested please do get started on these
in any way you see fit and add me as a friend on Facebook and Twitter
(http://www.twitter.com/whymandesign and
https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=549280972 )

1. Enhance social media.
I am trying to keep everything open so that anyone can collaborate so it
would be great if you could log into the site and add comments/improve
areas that you see fit at…

1.A Please join the Facebook Group and share your
https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=348867089849 Contact us directly
at http://www.twitter.com/TRUSTlibrary and re-tweet about @TRUSTlibrary
so others can learn how to make their own Library.

Please copy and paste these comments on the wall of organisations that
you know about that might be interested in partnering…

Sounds great:) http://www.TRAIDMARK.org can help:). Can we work together
on http://www.WEBiversity.org and http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org as we are
looking for Volunteers and partner organisations to create their own
TRUST Libraries anywhere… http://www.MUSTart.org show how the public
use this resource. & http://www.PLAYGROUNDgames.org

2. Web developments (check out the wix.com site. Could you use that
site and build on it?) We are looking to enable people to enter book
isbn numbers sounds great. If interested it would be great to build a
site where people put in the isbn number and location name and the site
maps where their book has gone round the country.

3. Locations. (Can you please contact volunteering organisations by
commenting on their facebook walls asking for volunteers to run shops in
the locations we have listed below and also adding to their respective
location pages at TRUSTlibrary.org).

Below are the shops we are looking
to open first. (do post links to interesting orgs on their pages on
TRUSTlibrary.org and contact local orgs to get them involved:)

(A) Portsmouth
(B) Redditch
(C) Sutton Coldfield
(D) Preston
(E) Harrow and Bromley

Below are more details that you can use to send to any contacts that
you think might be interested (I suggest your course tutors…)


Could I work with you to develop http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org which
is looking for Volunteers and partner organisations to create their own
TRUST Libraries anywhere 🙂 http://www.MUSTart.org show how the public
use this resource.

Finally would it be possible to produce http://www.PLAYGROUNDgames.org
with education organisations you know?

(more info below)
Ed http://www.WHYMANdesign.com

Can http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org give away FREE Books with you in 50+ uk
locations? We are using the http://www.Traidmark.org business structure
which can help anyone for free. Can you provide art in 50 uk locations
with us too? Can we install the Trust Library in your entrance foyet?
Who can we talk to about doing this in other locations (to order the
library donate online and we can deliver directly. To Volunteer please
leave contact details and location on the Volunteers page)
http://www.MUSTart.org show how the public create art from the Trust
Libraries in different ways.

Can http://www.WEBiversity.org work with you so we can share the best
eduction video’s for free to everyone:)

Please reply by commenting directly on the website
http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org (register and then comment) so that others
can share your insight in an open way)

We are getting as many unwanted free books and give them away for free
with volunteers in 50 new shops that we are opening across the country
with a charity. (this is a new way to use items such as books that
charity shops can not sell [worth less than 50p] to enhance literacy
levels and community cohesion while saving books from being recycled).
Can you please forward this email on to the relevant people. We are
looking to use the books that charity shops send to be recycled/pulped
to help raise literacy levels in the UK (before the books can then be
sent aborad).

We are starting with these locations (but will roll our rappidly to 50
locations that ar elisted on the website) and were hoping we could
collaborate with you to create pop up community activities using your
volunteers in each of them?

(A) Portsmouth
(B) Redditch
(C) Sutton Coldfield
(D) Preston
(E) Harrow and Bromley

We are looking for..
Volunteers to run individual shops across the country
Unwanted books (other items) to give away
Logisitcs to deliver the goods to the shops
More empty locations to create free trust libraries.
Funding of course to purchase many books off charity shops.

Could we also create Trust Libraries in other locations you know about too?

Could you possibly supply books to do this (they can be any sort of
books especially books that were going to be pulped)? (We are looking
for the books to be delivered in boxes to the 50 different uk locations
across the country. We have collected donations and are able to cover
the cost of delivery and the wholesale book costs but would ideally like
to get the books for free as we are using them for a charitable aim
helping people read more (and therefore increasing your customer base)

If we can work with you this will give you great pr and exposure on high
streets and enhance your organisation. We are also looking for as many
unwanted books to be donated in these shops. Do you have any good
contacts for this.

ALSO Would it be possible to link us up with volunteer shop managers who
are interested in enhancing their neighbourhood with community projects?

We also created http://www.WEBiversity.org which may be of use to?
(would love to collaborate on this with others too:)

I am trying to get in contact with the other people to see if
organisations across the country could be interested in running some of
the 50 high street shops that we could end up managing. Can you suggest
anyone or any organisation

Please feel free to respond to this email by logging on and sharing
your knowledge online so everyone can share it…


Below is the generic email with more details (please forward this on)…

http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org enhance your work by creatinge 50 free Trust
Libraries in high street shops across the country with you (we are
working with a registered charity)? This will provide great outreach

We have been working on the best way to benefit your
great work with Trust Libraries and have found that we can boost
your educational and marketings aims while generating microdonations
that can fund more Trust Libraries so our collaborative success will
fund more success in a scalable manner that could sustain exponential

Can we work with you to make a 21st Century version of the Carnegie
library (but 00’s of them all over the place for free)?

We have trialled this and would love to work with you to expand the
proven TRUST Library concept using your great contacts to make it a
success. Can we work with you to provide free access to reading for all?
After successfully giving free books away at the British Library we are
hoping we can give free books away where you are. Do you want any free
books or want to give free books away? If so read on

We are teaming up with a UK Charity and are looking to partner with
individuals and organisations that want to collaborate so that we can
give as many free books away to the public. The aim is to give free
books away and see how many great people are interested in helping
others by doing anything from running oneof the 50+ free Trust Libraries
to distributing books or putting on a talk, performance or importantly
helping hand out free books on the street. If you can help please list
your contact details and what you can do in the comments part below this
text (after logging in) or Tweet a message to @Trustlibrary

Also can you help http://www.webiversity.org share FREE educational
video for all AND create a collaboration microfinance platform?
http://ow.ly/1h2Lr too?


Here are some points I email to everyone to help (though you probably
already have heard of this:).

Empowering everyone to help everyone can be more valuable than money and
can be done cheeply/free by sharing or giving free items
(software/books) away. http://www.WEBiversity.org and
http://www.MUSTart.org are examples
of this.

http://www.Traidmark.org is one example of how any funds can be spent
more efficiently by creating institutional innovation. This can be used
by anyone no matter how much money they have (especially as they use the
funds to spend them in the most creative way they can come up with so
they may not actually need any funds to create something good).
http://www.FREEtraid.com is one example.

One great way to solve problems is to ask the person asking the question
(problem finder) if they know of the answer or if they can look into
solving it so they become the problem solver too:)

How can enterprise and innovation be improved and created
institutionally? http://www.Traidmark.org is one way to create
institutional innovation.

How can anyone set up their own self sustaining innovation space?
http://www.BARcampBAR.org and http://www.FREEtraid.org both have
examples of how this can be done.

How else can everyone be A. Empowered to create innovative solutions so
social problems and B. Self sustain themselves by earning enough to live
and learn?

Ed http://www.whymandesign.com

About Whymandesign

Creative Social Media Manager. May I creatively help enhance your work with you? I create and enhance innovative products and services using new techniques and technology. I understand the potential of productions that: entertain, educate and empower and are always looking to work with forward thinking partners. http://www.WHYmanDESIGN.com

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