#Correct #Wrong #Maybe & The #ThirdWay or #OtherWay? #leadership & #management by #creatives?

How do we know when we are correct, wrong and when over simple generalizations and assumptions mean that things are not as simple as black and white but where there is a rainbow of different options/colours (eg the Thirds way! Or fourth…)?

Those that think they are most correct are most incorrect?
Those that think they are most wrong are most right?

Knowledge = Knowing
Wisdom = Knowing what you dont know?

Is Wisdom always competing with Ignorance?
Anyone can be born ignorant but it takes time and effort to educate all of us to learn to become knowledgeable then Wise! The key then is to lower the barrier to Knowledge AND WISDOM. Wisdom is what you do with your knowledge?

Should we not learn wisdom before we learn knowledge so we are not in a position where we want to do Unwise things with the knowledge we had learned?

How best to teach wisdom to everyone for free so we can all learn to enjoy every second of our lives in happiness and help each other? Selflessness Meditation and compassion are all key to Wisdom?

Do you need knowledge if you have Wisdom?

If learning a “Thirst For Knowledge” is key to knowledge. How is it best to teach this? Spark a quest for the truth in someone?
What is the key to Wisdom? A thirst for Wisdom?

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