Simple ways to help everyone help everyone? #gov #os #cc #nfp #charity #bigsociety #rsa #tedx

What are the best & simplest ways to help everyone help everyone?

Make all useful information/knowledge entertaining to learn?
Reducing the amount of waste/decadent information so we can concentrate on useful information (this can be done by rating).
Make fun activities productive AND productive activities fun.
Reward creativity and innovation.
Enable and empower everyone to help everyone.
Enable collaboration and sharing so simple ideas can help everyone instantly.
Make tools/software that can only be used for positive outcomes.
Make tools/software that are flexible so they can be used for a variety of uses (eg Open Source & Creative commons).
Make tools/software that does not restrict human capacities (imagination/senses/emotions/collaboration…)
Help everyone you meet help everyone they meet!

Below are a few important tweets on how everyone can help everyone

  • #How to #encourage & #enable all to #creatively #innovate to help all as #charity #os #nfp as a #job? @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx
  • What to #creatively #innovate to help all? We can help #eg make a #charity #os #nfp 2 #help all? @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx
  • What to #creatively #innovate your #org? We can help #eg make into a #charity #os #nfp 2 #help all? @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx
  • What to #make a #creative #innovation #charity #os #nfp 2 #help all? #collaborate #ideas @webiversity @trustlibrary #gov #rsa #tedx
  • What simple #os #nfp ways are there to #enable us #all 2 #invent #jobs 2 #help all? @webiversity @trustlibrary #gov #rsa #tedx
  • What simple #os #nfp #charity things #enable us #all 2 #help all easily? Want to make? @webiversity @trustlibrary #gov #rsa #tedx
  • What #os #nfp #charity #software that #enables #all 2 #help all easily? Want to make some? #wiki #miro @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx
  • What is the best #os #nfp #charity #software that #enables #all 2 #help all easily? Want to make some? @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx
  • Want to make #os #nfp #charity #software that #enables us #all to #help all easily? #Yeswecan eg @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx
  • We #all #can now #work in a #job we #want to do with the #web! #who in #gov will let up tell #how? eg @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx
  • #how best to #give #respect & #reward those that #help #society over those that take & #educate eg @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx
  • #what is #preventing #change moving faster as we have the #tools & #techniques? Can we #help you eg @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx
  • #How to #encourage & #empower any #startup & #socent that it #benefits as a #charity? Eg @webiversity @trustlibrary #gov #rsa #tedx
  • #How to #encourage & #empower #everyone to #make own #charity to help all? Eg @webiversity @trustlibrary #gov #rsa #tedx
  • what are the #most #important things to #teach each other? #selflesness #happines #health #charity @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx
  • As we All #need to #learn more what are the #best ways to #share & #define #wisdom? #happines #health @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx
  • As we All #need to #learn more what are the #most #important things to #teach each other? #happines @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx
  • All #models over #simplified & #generalised to #communicate & #persuade so #translate? @webiversity #nestacollcons #gov #rsa #tedx
  • Everyone can help everyone by sharing what we all know with our peers using social media.

    Innovators and Entrepreneurs can and are creating a better future for everyone.

    The question is what do we all want in the future and how to help each other make this happen?

    What do we want?


    How to help everyone help everyone?

    Help everyone remove barriers?

    Empower everyone to help everyone? Yes We can!

    Love everyone?

    Help everyone continue to learn?

    Competing to control changing to collaboration
    Why do some people try to control everything when others realize that you cant control everything (or even anything totally) so you can enjoy live and help others more by helping them do (what they want not what you want) more without controlling them?!

    Is there a simple way to help everyone learn to control the inner control freak inside us so we can relax and enjoy living life while letting everyone live their own life without wanting to control things unnecessarily?

    What simple ways are there to enhance the tools we have so that everyone can use them instantly to help everyone?

    Democratize & Enable EVERYONE to develop & use all tools

    EG Software
    How to democratize and personalize all software so that EVERYONE can add to and enhance the software (taking into account the different languages we all speak not to mention the different learning styles)?

    The best things in life are free (like breathing, seeing, touching, loving)

    How to help everyone teach each other? Twitter is a good start but need more?

    EVERYONE gives away LOVE for FREE (we all can give more as it is ALCHEMY:) and more… Essentially many big players are going into this space so the only way to compete is to create cumulative mass and a usp they can not steal with is to become a charity AND donate 100% net profit to NEW innovative charity work (you then also save lives and get rich on performance pay:) has more and explains more:) also sing along to too;)

    Everyone can Imagine & create improvements for everything & Mobile Social Media on the Web could enable us all to do this all the time!

    Can I/you/he/she/we help you help everyone? Yes we can!

    How to facilitate this when the greatest benefit for the greatest number (everyone) is to open everything up and decentralize everything?!

    A. Techniques

    1. Do What you LOVE
    DO what you love AND find ways to help as many people as possible (EG by giving away what you do/make for free so everyone can access it). You will then excel at what you love and by giving it away free others will share your work which will make you successful so you will be able to earn a good living enjoying your work. may help you (and help everyone make themselves even happier!:)

    2. Help EVERYONE
    HELP EVERYONE you meet do what they love so they can then share their passion/skills/talents for everyone’s benefit. This means collaborating with everyone you meet especially if they are doing similar things to you as everyone is different as you will compliment each other even more the more you collaborate. may help you (and help everyone make themselves even happier!:)

    3. Charity
    Everything EVERYONE DOES can be charitable (and often is but does not get classified as this).

    If you help people your work is charitable so you should register as a charity so YOU CAN BENEFIT and HELP MORE PEOPLE with the kudo’s and volunteer support/funds you will then get (If you don’t help people then please stop doing it as you can enjoy life more & make more money by helping people:) explains how anyone can benefit from making what they do into a charity.

    4. Open Mind–2
    How best to continually remind ourselves how little humanity knows (compared to what we will know in the future) and how we are probably making lots of really silly mistakes so need to continually learn from our and others mistakes and share them while keeping our eyes and mind open to learn from others.

    (example of what we dont know…unless you speak French)

    5. Open Heart
    Love everyone with an open heart and compassion for people and problems you dont know or understand. Help those that threaten or attack you as that is often a cry for help (video’s made by their idols can help them learn very effectively:). may help too (lyrics are soooo great:)

    6. Money (is a way to give)
    Use money to get what you want but be careful as you can become a slave to money if you get seduced by weath and riches compared to making the most of the little time we have on this planet while alive! Time is more than money.

    B. Technology

    You have to work with what you have got


    You can use the tools you have in different ways!

    How can you use negative tools in positive ways?

    How should you be wary of positive tools being used by selfish people in negative ways?

    How can you use the existing tools and resources that you have to enhance what your doing AND help others enhance what they are doing?

    How can USERS INFORM TOOLMAKERS & DESIGNERS about what we WANT & NEED SUSTAINABLY (idea theft harms so many people as you can only steal things that you own and ideas work best when they are shared with everyone so we all can benefit).

    ENABLE everyone to help everyone by making TECHNOLOGY accessible to all (make it easy to use and humans will amaze each other)

    Democratize & Enable EVERYONE to develop & use all software.
    How to democratize and personalize all software so that EVERYONE can add to and enhance the software (taking into account the different languages we all speak not to mention the different learning styles).

    What are the biggest opportunities that should be taken advantage of with this new communication network?

    Sharing enables everyone to share everything with everyone!

    Evolution can happen rapidly as everything is mixed together and evolves which can benefit us all.

    Openness enables everyone to express themselves freely and honestly so we all learn from each other and about the truth (and negative activity can be detected).

    Problems appear to happen when confusion is caused by a lack of clarity when problems are hidden behind ambiguity or privacy.

    For example the terms Charity and Social Enterprise both cover a very diverse range of occupations and causes/challenges so can be ambiguous which causes confusion as some Charities and Social Enterprise do incredibly good work (for example 100% volunteer charities and Social Enterprise that donates 100% net profit to charity & incredible innovation) compared to others that drag down the reputation for Charities and Social Enterprise (for example by being incredibly inefficient, causing more problems than they solve, not innovating enough of hoarding finance).

    What are the best organisations in any sector that do the most good in the most sustainable and innovative ways?
    How can we help them help us all?

    What are the key proven criteria that make an organisation ‘good’?

    They share information and knowledge in an open way eg open source or Creative Commons (as this benefits everyone exponentially and they benefit too from a larger fan base:)

    2. Creative/Innovation
    They Creatively innovate all the time with institutional innovation so they do not waste time, skills, resources, money on out of date techniques and technology.

    3. Aim/Objective
    They aim to help EVERYONE as much as possible without limiting their objectives to old out of date historic norms or objectives. With the internet humankind can now work together to solve every human problem.

    4. Structure/institution
    The organisation is build in a forward thinking way so that the structure / institution does not grow into a slumbering giant that becomes part of the problem as the people within it are not able to achieve their potential (or help others achieve their potential) due to out of date aims.

    5. Selflessness
    For profit organisations often innovate but do not collaborate due to SELFISH vested interest. Not For Profit (Beyond Profit) and Charities are able to collaborate and share with exponential benefits as they can SELFLESSLY help EVERYONE. The internet means that selflessness can be rewarded by you and me as customers (as it is in EVERYONES interest to promote and share selfless work and organisations).

    What are good ways of finding the BEST (selfless) ORGANISATIONS to use, work with and help?!

    1. Search using ‘YOUR search term’ and ‘Not for profit’ or ‘Open Source’ or “Creative Commons’ or ‘charity’

    2. Search for .org sites

    3. Look on Social media sites of the ‘good’ organisations you know and share their content to help others while you do this (by sharing only ‘good’ organisations they benefit and can help more people).

    Examples of the Best Organisations (working as not for profits AND innovating)?
    Who else?…

    What is your favourite organisation? Tweet to @whymandesign

    How to help everyone help everyone easily?

    Everyone can help everyone we just need a bit of help to do it even more effectively:)!

    1. Techniques
    How to help everyone share the best techniques for helping everyone?

    EG Help everyone to share the best techniques/knowledge/wisdom.. – video – locations/books

    2. Technology
    How to enable everyone to make/modify/improve/destruct technology to best suit them?
    Social Media can be used and is the first step in the right directions. There is however so much more that can be done if the technology that is used to link people up is improved as it currently creates an invisible barrier where it could significantly enhance anything we have seen in the past and present.

    EG Crowdsource & Crowdfunding & P2 is one way to do this. Can we help you with video?

    Want to creatively help or get help?:) For example any person/org can run as a Charity and BENEFIT from this explains how/why:)

    Also can we help you by auto embeding video and Inspiring everyone to help everyone with
    Comment at & Tweet your reply to @whymandesign please

    Do you know anyone who wants to help everyone by making a cha

    About Whymandesign

    Creative Social Media Manager. May I creatively help enhance your work with you? I create and enhance innovative products and services using new techniques and technology. I understand the potential of productions that: entertain, educate and empower and are always looking to work with forward thinking partners.

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