The #goalpost has been blown away. #Shoot as #high as you like #cc #os #nfp #nesta #4ip #bigsociety #gov #charity

The goalpost has been blown away. Shoot as high low wide or narrow as you like.

How high & wide should we raise the bar of expectations of what I you he she we you they gov org nfp charity can & should achieve now that the internet is linking everyone up with everyone with free education for the first time ever?

What existing problems should be solved?
What existing problems should be solved now?

Survival (no one should go hungry or thirsty as the knowledge/technology/wealth exists and can be shared electronically NOW).

Education (We should all have access to open source free accredited online education in any subject NOW).

Health (we should all have access to open source free self diagnosis tools for any long & short term disease/illness)

Work (everyone should be able to get a job where they can use the best of their skills / passions to benefit EVERYONE in society).

Wellbeing (everyone should be happy! The knowledge & wisdom to make anyone/everyone happy exists and should be shared free to everyone now).

Transport (FREE and clean modes of transport are possible and should be shared with everyone).

Conservation (No species should be made extinct by human or natural causes for many reasons that can be found online)

Leadership (Experts in any / every field should guide the rest of us with advice on what should be done and should be ‘voted’ in with trust and peer review rather than out of date academic and voting mechanisms)

Progress (Everyone should be empowered and enabled to work with anyone they want so they can collaborate and creatively innovate to produce new ideas and inventions that benefit everyone that can be released as open source and creative commons for everyones benefit)

Please list any points that I have missed below so everyone can see them (with descriptions of how the points can be achieved using existing technology).

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