:) @TRAIDmark is a #FREE way to #enhance any #startup #socent #charity #gov #nfp with #os #cc #innovation #bigsociety #nesta

@TRAIDmark is a FREE way to enhance any startup socent charity gov nfp with os cc innovation bigsociety nesta

The fist state is that you run as a not for profit or donate 100% net profit to NEW innovative not for profit startups.

The next key area is that you DONATE/INVEST any surplus funds that you generate (in donations or through your work) into NEW INNOVATIVE charitable NOT FOR PROFIT startups. This creates a spiral of success as not for profit startups fund more not for profit startups… 🙂

Clearly stating that this is what your organisation does enables you to gain significant goodwill and customers /suppliers/helpers like me who will help.

Also if you register as a Charity then you gain tax breaks and other benefits too (using the http://www.TRAIDmark.org model to continue innovating:)

In a formula Traidmark.org = NFP + Coop + Innovation + philanthropy/charity ( funds are created and spent on funding new innovation:)

The best thing is that this is free and open so that anyone can do it and so create a new USP that enables selfless innovative people like yourself benefit from being selfless effectively by innovating.

Do share this free way to help others with your peers.

I would LOVE to help any selfless people innovate for free too tweet @whymandesign and say what you are working on


Any organisations can benefit from this and CAN be run this way. If you do not know how or do not have the creative mind to enable this to happen tweet your detials and aims/problems to http://www.twitter.com/whymandesign and we can creatively enhance your work (for free if your doing good:).

http://www.FREEtraid.org helps too.

About Whymandesign

Creative Social Media Manager. May I creatively help enhance your work with you? I create and enhance innovative products and services using new techniques and technology. I understand the potential of productions that: entertain, educate and empower and are always looking to work with forward thinking partners. http://www.WHYmanDESIGN.com

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