What stops us all from achieving the most out of life? #gov #os #cc #nfp #charity #bigsociety #rsa #ted

What stops us all from achieving the most out of life?

What do/should we want out of life?

What stops us doing more?

Inspiration is a problem as we all need to be continually inspired and educated. Do help make http://www.WEBiversity.org so together we can help everyone help everyone.

Cultural stigma and out of date thought processes slow innovation and progress as often the closed minds from an out of date mindset try to control and stop others experimenting or changing. How to culturally enable everyone to develop and evolve personally so we can all take a look at ourselves and make a change?

Any new and old technology enhances human life but also restricts human life with its capabilities.
Copywrite and Patents or Ownership can be a big problem as it restricts sharing thoughts and ideas (that should belong to everyone as and idea or thought can be had by anyone) for the greatest benefit for the greatest number.

For examples software enables humans to interact in new ways/dimensions AND use the massive computing power of computers…


One of several negative sides is that it only allows you to converse using text (compared to the other learning/UI/thought styles:)

What are the best ways to prevent current and future innovations from restricting human creativity & Innovation? Comment below to share to help everyone.

All innovation should be open and shared so that everyone on the planet can collaborate on solving human problems and enabling everyone to have the happiest life possible (you dont need wealth but do need education:).

Can we help you enhance what your doing by creatively innovating and helping you use social media to help yourself and everyone else as much as possible? If so do tweet to @whymandesign http://www.WHYmanDESIGN.com

Below are a list of great Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding startups that can all benefit from registering as Charities as they will gain massive goodwill and volunteer support. http://www.TRAIDmark.org explains about even more benefits.

http://www.springwise.com/ideas/ has a list of inspiring startups plus…


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