#Where do you #go when you #daydream & what #shapes #smells #tastes #sights do you #experience in your #dreams?

Where do you go when you day dream & what shapes smells tastes sights do you experience in your dreams?

We can all imagine anything we want but all need to set aside more time for doing NOTHING so sit and stare at the nothingness inside our minds and what we can turn that infinite imaginary space into our imaginarium where we can imagine solutions to human problems?

Thinking Dreaming and scheming can can help us all do anything. The question is what are the most effective and productive things we should be concentrating on imagining solutions to? Health, Education, Hunger?

The inputs that are put into your minds are key to what you can create using your imagination. Choosing a variety of inspiring inputs in different senses are pivotal and making sure they are as useful as possible will reduce procrastination.

What can you imagine?
What do you imagine?
Reality, Fiction, Abstracts?
No one in the world going hungry? It can be done.

How do you act on the dreams that you have?
Write them down? Forget them?
Tweet & Blog about them so others can enjoy them?
Build on them by making something from them like a piece of music or art?

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