#Without the #1% of #Inspiration to #DIRECT we will #waste the #99% of #perspiration #RUNNING in the# wrong #direction

Without the 1% of Inspiration to DIRECT we will waste the 99% of perspiration RUNNING in the wrong direction. BigSociety Nesta philosophy.

It is important that anyone who Creates, Innovates, Invents, Designs, Composes… should be aware of this (everyone that is)

Every Creative, Innovator, Inventor, Designer, Composer… should share their work so it is not duplicated (wasteful) and so that everyone on the planet can use/share/remix/enhance it for everyones benefit.

The phrase “Prevention is better than cure” hints at the fact that once an idea or “Genie is out of the bottle” it is hard/impossible to put it back in.

We should all however carefully consider the downside of any new idea, technique or technology that is created as the downside may be bigger than the upside and it may be possible to eliminate the downside. For example an idea that creates personal gain may cost many others or a few lots more so would be negative overall.

On the other hand “Self Censorship is the worst kind” as (often invisible) effects (eg cultural) forces may impose on people not to talk about or share an idea or thought. For example Darwin did not widely share his theory on Evolution for this reason. This restricts ‘progress’ so damages/hurts everyone as ignorance slows the progress of reason and logical knowledge and wisdom.

Are not all negative actions based on selfishness? Does that mean that all selfish actions are negative?
Using ideas or inventions for selfish motives are therefore bad?
So new ideas and inventions should be used only for selfless activities?

Creators and Inventors need to get rewarded fairly (and in the right way) so they can concentrate on making more inventions and do not get distracted with success/failure. This means that activities like brainstorms are Idea Theft and actually detrimental to society just like any other theft as they do not reward the ideators so they are not encouraged to go on and create even more ideas.

For this reason inventors and creators should not give ideas away to others unless they know they can only be used for good for the benefit of society.

What is the best way to Create, Innovate, Invent, Design, Compose?
What problem should you concentrate on solving?

Is creating “The Greatest Happiness for the Greatest Number”? Or should we only settle for “Making EVERYONE happy”?

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