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As no one is perfect (so we all need to continually learn and improve often without knowing it) how is it best to help us all learn how to improve ourselves and also to help teach each other what we know and learn in a 100% positive way?

Is there a better way than positive peer review of EVERYTHING anyone does while ALWAYS suggesting an alternative that may or may not be better?


How is it best to empower anyone to creatively innovate so they can help everyone selflessly as effectively as possible?



How to turn any negative into a positive? Make it a learning experience so you dont repeat the negative.


What is needed to enhance anyones life? Happiness & Health. What else…


Simple techniques to help everyone enhance our own and each others lives simply
(so we don’t need to waste our valuable time with useless and wasteful activities that many cultures and societies impose on us)? What things do you do that waste your’s and other peoples valuable life seconds?

Passively consuming content/products that others have told you that you want with advertising (that you often do not need)?

http://www.WEBiversity.org has free video’s that share simple free ways to improve anyones life.




Simple things everyone needs to know about the Web & Social Media and how using it can transform everything.
(skills we all have and use every day that we can now enhance by using new tools to benefit everyone)

1. Ask the web?
Always search for any question or query you have. We now dont need to know information but how to use information instead. Remember techniques and forget the rest! why what where how who when which what…

2. Share to help everyone?
To pay back a tiny bit of the intellectual deficit we all owe to histories heroes (the knowledge they created benefits us all because they shared it) share the knowledge that you know using twitter and link that to facebook and a blog so it is accessible to all.

3.Encourage everyone?
Encourage yourself and everyone all the time when they help us AND hinder us as both teach us different lessons and all anyone really wants is to feel like we are doing something good.

4. We are the web (not the machines:)?
Make sure you are using the web to help you most and that it is not impeding you by restricting your human skills/emotions/imagination (for example by forcing you to only write 140 characters or type in letters rather than draw images).

For more details about how best to use the web & social media tweet to @whymandesign

How can we use existing and future technology to find, prioritize and solve all human problems effectively & efficiently?

How can we find as many problems that need to be solved? Often we are just aware of a tiny section of the problems so think that our problems are important enough to worry about when there are far more people with way more serious problems that make our problems look insignificant. Can helping those with serious problems enable us all to have the happiest lives possible as those in need get help and the rest feel happier?

How can we prioritize human problems? Democratically vote on the most popular ones (which causes social ‘gaming’ just like in politics where a minority can be able to control the majority!) or other more efficient ways?

Is it not more effective to empower everyone to solve any problems they want to solve by providing them with the most innovative tools and techniques possible for free so they will them create solutions for free.

How can we solve human problems in the most effective ways possible?

Sharing solutions to human problems in open ways by using Open Source & Creative Commons means that everyone on the planet can use and contribute to any solution to human problems.

Enabling everyone to be more creative and innovative so we all can solve problems in new innovative ways. We can all be more creative and innovative but just need encouragement & inspiration to do so. Would you like help with this? Creative innovation can help solve so many problems and reinvent better solutions to existing problems can save lives, time & money.

Importantly making sure we are not causing more problems that we had when we started with bad solutions.
This can range from missing the wider picture or not reaching the potential of a technology/technique by the way it is actioned (the danger here is where we may not be aware of what we are missing so this could be a silent assassin).

How can we entertain, educate & empower anyone to help everyone using their skills & talents as effectively as possible?
Is simply giving away the knowledge and wisdom that we all have enough to give everyone the help we may need?
Why not share and give away your best knowledge or a video of someone else sharing their best knowledge at http://www.WEBiversity.org or your used books by making a free http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org in minutes? If you would like creative help in anything your doing do tweet to @whymandesign or find our facebook page. Everyone can benefit from creative innovation the key is to make everyone able to open mindedly imagine of what we all are missing out on by not doing so now.

What is the easiest way to make yourself happy? Making others happy by giving them free knowledge/wisdom by emailing them a link to an inspiring video or sending them a book that inspired you?

If you would like to be sent a FREE RECYCLED BOOK please tweet a message to @trustlibrary or comment on the facebook group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=348867089849&v=info&ref=ts http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org

If you would like to share the BEST FREE VIDEO that you have seen on the web for others to enjoy tweet the message to @WEBiversity or comment on the facebook group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=352077702670 http://www.WEBiversity.org

How best to teach anyone to learn anything?

How best to spark the thirst for knowledge in anyone / everyone?

Maybe it is best to use open source learning tools.

For example how to be happy?

Being happy by getting pleasure form helping others?
This means that you make someone else happy which makes you happy so is a double positive.

How about turning ‘no’ into ‘yes’?

Would you like to work together to help everyone help everyone by creating a perfect job for yourself by setting up a free charity communications agency so ALL charities can have free communications (saving them money and enabling them to partner on communications strategies)? Or just want to use your skills to save lives!

If so tweet to @whymandesign saying what you want to do and what skills you have.

Do you know of any charities / partners that would be interested in this? E.G. http://www.WEBiversity.org uses free video to help all (We particularly would like to work with Programmers to enhance open source projects by reskinning software and enhancing UI/X Design:)

Ed http://www.WhymanDesign.com

Using the Internet for good or bad?

This is something everyone should be aware of so we can all work together to individually share and heighlight selfless good work and help the selfish to learn how being selfless helps everyone most.

The Internet, World Wide Web and social media (Inventions of any kind too e.g. TV/car) are infrastructure tools just like the telephone so can be used to amplify good or bad meems.

This is a MASSIVE area of danger as well as potential. Just like with any new idea / invention / creation the users and inventors / creators have to be aware of the positive and negative effects of using that new tool / technique

How best to enable the ‘good’ meems to be shared and grow using this medium compared to the ‘bad’ meems? Aggregating and organising information and data in a way that helps us all share good meems so we all benefit. For example information that enables us ALL to be happy all the time RIGHT NOW! http://www.WEBiversity.org has video sharing this.

Do help us develop http://www.WEBiversity.org to do this.

For example…

Why do organisations have a habit of doing one thing well but then missing the greater opportunities of adding to that success as they rest on their laurels? http://www.TRAIDmark.org helps solve this.

#Rules / #Game / #Meaning of #LIFE! = #42 #love #collaborate #innovate #selfless #os #cc #nfp #nesta #charity #bigsociety

FREE School 4 All…

How can i help you?
How can you help everyone?
Tweet your ideas to @whymandesign please an ill try to help!

What is the Meaning of life?!

What are the rules of life?
Have fun helping others?

Guidance for life?


what is the aim of the game of life?
To beat other people or for everyone to enjoy life by having fun by helping others?


Have Fun and help everyone have fun.
Do what your good at and don’t let anyone tell you you cant do something if you enjoy doing it.




What other life advice do you know?


Tweets about Helping everyone help everyone below. Share what you know or have seen with everyone by tweeting it or sharing on social networks.

What is the best way you know that everyone can help everyone easily? Sharing free knowledge to make anyone happy free?

  • #Yeswecan #solve the #worlds #biggest #problem with #creative #innovation @trustlibrary @webiversity #os #nfp #cc #gov #bigsociety
  • #Yeswecan #solve any #problem by #collaborating using #open #innovation @trustlibrary @webiversity #os #nfp #cc #gov #bigsociety
  • #Yeswecan give free things away & #imagine what others can do with them! @trustlibrary @webiversity #os #nfp #cc #gov #bigsociety
  • #Yeswecan #imagine we could #help you! what #problem do you have? @webiversity helps #os #nfp #cc #gov #bigsociety #nesta
  • #Yeswecan #imagine if #charity helped everyone help everyone? We could! @webiversity helps #os #nfp #cc #gov #bigsociety #nesta
  • #Yeswecan #imagine if #government helped everyone help everyone! @webiversity helps #os #nfp #cc #gov #4ip #bigsociety #nesta
  • #Yeswecan make everyone happy now by helping everyone you meet @webiversity helps #tedx #os #nfp #cc #gov #4ip #bigsociety #nesta
  • #Yeswecan #help #everyone #helpeveryone can #ogov let us improve it? @webiversity helps #os #nfp #cc #gov #4ip #bigsociety #nesta
  • #Yeswecan make everyone happy now by sharing #inspiring #video @webiversity helps #tedx #os #nfp #cc #gov #4ip #bigsociety #nesta
  • #Yeswecan help everyone help everyone by helping gov empower us @webiversity helps all #os #nfp #cc #gov #4ip #bigsociety #nesta
  • What #problem do you want #solved & how can you/others #help you/others @webiversity helps Rt for info #os #nfp #cc #gov #bigsociety
  • Want to help everyone help everyone & #invent own #job? @webiversity helps Rt for info #os #nfp #cc #gov #4ip #bigsociety #nesta
  • #Competitions is #Dead, #Long #Live #Collaboration #innovate #selfless #os #cc #nfp #nesta #charity #bigsociety http://post.ly/1LAVC
  • Great #positive #journalism @nytimes @guardian @guardiansocent Can @WEBiversity help? @steve4good #usa? #Ideashttp://nyti.ms/g56ICp
  • How to educate all to change @webiversity ? RT @b33god @charityfocus: #SethGodin nonprofits need to be more artistic http://bit.ly/dKfL72
  • Can #mozillaMEDIC & @frontlinemedic … help #nhs @nhsinnovations eg @WEBiversity RT @societyguardian NHS reforms http://gu.com/p/2ypc5/tf
  • Can @WEBiversity help? RT @tedx: #TED participants to explore their own, @tedxhuntsville organizer @amyleerobinson: http://on.ted.com/8luJ
  • Can they let @mozlabs & @frontlinesms use this? & can we help make #mozillaMEDIC & @WEBiversity @mpelembe #ChromeCause http://goo.gl/HTPLv
  • Can @WEBiversity help? @peoplecentred: @donmacca @symbionomics #neweconomy #attention #rsascin #economics #bigsociety http://bit.ly/ijyOw9
  • Competitions is Dead, Long Live Collaboration

    As the world is linked up the age old proven selfless collaboration techniques are proven to be more beneficial than then now out of date selfish competition techniques because reputation is in the hands of the social media populous (which is great for everyone so do not be scared:)

    Selfishness people could only get away with it if they did not get caught (competitors, conman, robbers, thief’s, rapists, murderers… all have the same selfish motivation of beating others so they can get what they want).

    The internet enables us all to…

    A. Reward and share average, good and great work (Carrot)
    B. (compassionately educate) Punish and ignore bad or worse behaviors just like the way you treat an immature child so they learn to play nicely (stick).

    This is an AMAZINGLY exciting CULTURAL change that is already happening that we are all part of and can help enforce by..

    A. Reporting a problem using open social tools such as Twitter & Facebook…
    B. Suggest a solution when reporting the problem
    C. And highlight people who are doing great work in any field

    What are you doing already and how can I help you? What would you like to do? Tweet to @whymandesign and Ill creatively help enhance what your doing.

    New ways of thinking as a global community of people wanting to be happy together.
    (relearning the local community of friends, cultural mentality in an interlinked global community of friends of friends).

    Now the World Wide Web has linked up the world using the Power of the Internet we can and should all think differently about how we interact for several reasons (actually rediscovering what humans/animals have done for 000,000’s of years before the industrial revolution created cities)!!!

    You can help more people by GIVING away what you make so that the 000,000,000’s of people on this planet can use them (imagine how stupid it would be to keep something closed so that only 1 person could use it). This applies to everything (money, property, resources, ideas, data…). This selfless generosity has a knock on effect as it enables us all to continue reminding and teaching each other how great life CAN and IS when we help each other creating a spiral of

    Charitably help anyone we see in difficulty be it anything from recording the problem on facebook/twitter to actively going out to help them (be it a homeless person or someone stuck


    About Whymandesign

    Creative Social Media Manager. May I creatively help enhance your work with you? I create and enhance innovative products and services using new techniques and technology. I understand the potential of productions that: entertain, educate and empower and are always looking to work with forward thinking partners. http://www.WHYmanDESIGN.com

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