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What areas of public service broadcasting & communication need to be addressed and excelled at beyond our expectations in the digital age to educate, empower & protect now that the internet links everyone to everyone and all content & data together?

In the UK in the TV & Radio age the BBC, ITV & Channel 4 were created and are interesting examples of 3 different public service organisation structures that were used for that age (not to mention Charity, philanthropy and government such as the NHS). What public service structures are needed to be  invented to use and address the new capabilities of new technology.

Given that the Internet and software works in a different dimension to that of linear TV/Radio/telephone how can public service expectations AND importantly actual needs (often hidden) be served effectively in self sustaining ways using the many new technology and techniques that are available to their full potential?

For example

As open source enables a piece of software to be made once then shared AND IMPROVED by/with the whole world should not all public service software be made as and only used if open source.

As Creative commons content enables any piece of content to be made once and then shared AND IMPROVED by/with the whole world should not all public service content be made as and only used if it has a creative commons share license.

As open innovation helps everyone by allowing the wisdom of the crowd to enhance products and services all publc services should be run with open innovation.

As not for profit organisations run without the motivation of profit all public services should be run as innovative not for profits so that they can serve the wider community.

As democratic governments are created to create the greatest happiness for the greatest number should not all organisations that provide public services by run in a similar way as democratic organisations?

As public services are run for the people they should be run in a way that enables any one individual to improve them easily and quickly. Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding makes this possible but the management of every public service need to be empowered to trust the public to do a better job than they can do and make every public service do this so that out of date ignorant/selfish short sighted protectionist management do nothurt the public by not doing this.

If you read this add an extra point in the comments below to help others most.

How to encourage organisations that provide national/global public services to improve what they do by addressing these issues? Persuade the founders/owners of the benefits or take over the organisation eg with crowdfunding? http://www.TRAIDmark.org explains more.


What new technological startups have become public services (due to their innovation and/or mass of users?)?
Should global companies that effect whole nations or the whole world be run as public services so they do not accidentally harm everyone? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_services

Here are a few public service needs that are continually growing and evolving with new technology and techniques…

Protect everyone – by educating everyone so they can protect themselves with free education…

Keep everyone healthy – by educating everyone to prevent illness…

Feed everyone – by sharing the knowledge needed for everyone to feed themselves…


How to enable anyone to earn a living while selflessly creating and innovating for the benefit of everyone?

Create free products and give them away asking for donations so you can survive?


I am working on creating free ways to enable everyone to earn a living while working on creatively innovating and inventing new ways to help everyone and would like to work with you if you read this far. Do tweet to @whymandesign and comment here
Please say what your skills are and what your aim in life is?!

Also do watch and share the most inspiring and educational video’s you know about at http://www.WEBiversity.org

Do you know of a programmer that can help make a free open source website to enable anyone to crowdsource learning (eg using drupal…)? We are looking to hire a programmer to make an open source website so tweet to @whymandesign


Direction & speed of development with creative innovation in the past present & future with pride & ego.

Everything can be simplified to make it easier for humans to understand (but often simplifying things can dangerously modify how we perceive things E.G. generalizations).

Often a good way to simplify something that is overly complex is to step back from it and RE-question why, what, where, how… you are doing what your doing.

Most things appear to come down to human psychology and our ego’s.
This appears to dictate our outlook on every part of life.

For example

Some people keep reminding themselves to have a positive can do attitude towards everything in life which trains themselves with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to become optimists and enjoy every part of life.

Some other people accidental keep reminding themselves about the negative parts of life so train themselves to become pessimists and often can become depressed.

This can be linked to any kind of mental illness that often people do not realize they have (or are in denial due to human pride and the ego).

How to share simple techniques that can help everyone have happier lives right now (some may be obvious to some people but not to everyone). eg http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Happiness-Secret-Win-Friends–2

How to easily help everyone to learn about our weaknesses and how to handle them (especially the ones we are not aware of)?

Sharing the best educational video that is also entertaining is one way to do this. Can you help do this with open source software? Prototype at http://www.WEBiversity.org

Human society will always get better if we all continue to creatively innovate as much as possible in a selfless manner.

We are all standing on the shoulders of giants as we benefit (and only survive) by using the techniques and technology that were made by the creative innovation  of our ancesters.

This means that we are all instantly in our ancestors debt for creating and sharing these innovations.

What can I / you / we all do to try to repay at least a small part of that debt? Creatively Innovate as much as possible AND share what we make with everyone so the greatest number can have the greatest happiness.

Inventions such as the telephone and internet are amazing and enable everyone to help everyone.
This means that we can all be optimists about the future as for the first time ever all humans are able to help each other instantly and right now! What is the best way to help everyone help everyone? Can you help with charitable crowdsourced learning free for everyone http://www.WEBiversity.org

One key part is how much can we all help each other and what are the main area’s that we all need help with?

One big danger is that any tool can be used for good but also can be used for bad and may even be used badly or in the wrong way so that it either has a negative or different positive effect.

What why when where and how is it best to help everyone help everyone?

As Creativity and Innovation can enable anyone or everyone to solve any problem and the internet enables us all to share the problems with everyone is it not best to spend all funds on enabling everyone to be more creative and innovate?

Would you like to help everyone creatively innovate to solve any problem?
Do you know a programmer who can help create an open source drupal website that dos this? If so please help with http://www.WEBiversity.org  and tweet to @whymandesign

Here are some questions on the direction that creative innovation can be used most productively to help all…

Who is it most important to look after first?

silent victims (that are easy to miss)?
Loud aggressors (that are hard to avoid)?

How best to discover the silent victims and silent problems that effect the most people in the worst ways?

What are the simplest ways to solve many silent problems?

How easy could it be to solve many major human problems by collaborating on creative innovation?

Can we work with you to make charity products?

Do you know any programmers who would like to work on an open source charity startup that uses drupal to enable anyone to help anyone using crowdsourcing with free education videos?

Tweet to @whymandesign and comment http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=352077702670


Also can http://www.WEBiversity.org/ share video’s and create http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org/ with your team? http://www.WhymanDesign.com The key is that we can help you with auto video and social media embedding:)

What are the most important problems that need solving?

How to help everyone learn to become more open minded and creatively innovate to selflessly help all?

Should we help those that are selflessly helping EVERYONE the most? How to do this?


What are the key problems that everyone should concentrate on solving first?


Everyone is amazing and can learn to be even better at doing anything they want.


If everyone earned the same amount no matter what they did what would be the consequences?
Would everyone then only work in a job that they enjoyed so they would have a happier life and work harder?
Would jobs that are a waste of time die out as people would only work on worthwhile jobs?
Would people with the right talents get promoted as there would be no financial incentive to go into management?
Would organisation developments change from running for profit to running for the greatest benefit for the greatest number?


Can I help you enhance your work AND help everyone by creatively innovating? If so Tweet to @whymandesign

Would you like to collaborate on making a charity startup that helps everyone help everyone? E.G. http://www.WEBiversity.org
Do Tweet to @whymandesign

Why  it is in everyones interest for all existing and new creative innovation to be run as Open Source, Creative Commons, Not For Profit Public Services that Donate surplus funds/skills/resources to INNOVATIVE new Charitable work.

Simply put if innovation and development is shared then anything only has to be discovered once for the WHOLE WORLD to use and enjoy it which SAVES EVERYONE TIME, MONEY & EFFORT so we can CONCENTRATE on SOLVING other human problems that will benefit EVERYONE.

http://www.TRAIDMark.org explains how anyone can do this easily ands simply while also increasing their success with added goodwill and get rich on performance pay (if that is what motivates you?!).

Another business case for Conscious Capitalism….

Definitions here..



How best to link up anyone so that everyone can help everyone?

Many programmers have the tech skills to make great products and services and many other people know what real world problems are out there that are urgently in need of solving such as Medics teachers artists…

How best to link them up so the different skillsbased professionals AND amateurs can collaborate on solving problems?


How to stop duplication as many people try to compete at solving the same problem (so waste time and effort)


How to help everyone learn and see what are the most important problems to solve first (for the greatest good for the greatest number – happiness and health)?

Can we help you eg with http://www.WEBiversity.org ? Want to make an open source Crowdfund & Crowdsource site using drupal like this so that EVERYONe can set up their own project?

There is a massive need for this and the even larger potential with collaboration eg Bigsociety/YESweCAN…

This can be done relatively easily with Drupal and integrate Facebook/Twitter/email so no one is excluded AND importantly that the organisation is run responsible as an impartial charity.


All problems can be turned into opportunities and then solutions that address the problem AND help in other unexpected ways by Creatively Innovating by collaborating selflessly using open source technology.

Direction & speed are key…

What is the aim?
Is there a better aim that other have/not thought about?
Are your aims under/over optimistic given the current (and fast growing future) technological capabilities?

How fast do you want to travel?
How to turn conversation/complaint into positive outcomes and action to solve the problem most effectively for all?

How to turn tweets from conversation into action that benefits the most people in the most useful ways?
Use Open Source & Creative commons so everyone can consume and enhance any part free for everyones benefit?

Tweets on collaboration from BSN…

  • #bsngiving & @tagsrilanka & @globalangelsorg are #bloodybrilliant @lucywin #how to help everyone help all? @WEBiversity & @ikaraoke_org
  • how to enable us #all 2 self sustain & #creatively #innovate to help all? #Free #uni 4 all? @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx #bsngiving
  • how to enable all #unemployed to self sustain & #innovate to help all? #Free #uni? @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx #bsngiving
  • how to enable all #volunteer #orgs to self sustain & #innovate to help all? #Free #uni? @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx #bsngiving
  • how to enable all 2 #experiment #safely so we can #innovate to help all? #Free #uni 4 all? @webiversity #gov #rsa #tedx #bsngiving
  • #whymandesign #Creative #innovation #os http://www.whymandesighttp://whymandesign.magnify.net/search/?search=schedule%3A221N882HGKYT29GT
  • The #freecycle Daily is out! http://bit.ly/hLB5qa ▸ Top stories today via @houstonfree
  • How to build on conferences so everyone gains / shares…? RT @volcensderbys @shezzitta: #bsngiving http://bit.ly/igx5z2 #bigsociety
  • How can #tech & #os #enable #culture #translation & #facilitation of #collaboration & #disagreement! #BSNgiving #softskills
  • Want to make software & local space to collaborate on solving any human problem simply by creatively innovating?

    http://www.WEBiversity.org is the website prototype. Do you know a Drupal php or Python programmer we can work with?

    http://wwww.TRUSTlibrary.org explains how you can make your own community collaboration space in minutes with a few unwanted books. Do you know of any empty space we/you could use to make more Trust Library spaces?

    Do you know of a way to help any/all tweets/meems/people  turn their conversation/message into action effectively (free). e.g. from a Call into ACTION?


    How to help everyone PRIORITIZE the ‘MOST IMPORTANT’ problems and link them to SOLUTIONS that are PROVEN to be MOST EFFECTIVE?

    e.g. list worlds biggest problem on a p2p open source Mozilla Firefox add on and enable everyone to solve the problems as a not for profit?

    List of tweets on creatively innovating to simply help everyone help everyone…

  • #How to #Create your own #job and get #funding & #crowdfunding for any #socent #nfp #startup? #bigsociety #nesta http://wp.me/p1m1lF-4f
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  • Simple ways to help everyone help everyone? #gov #os #cc #nfp #charity #bigsociety #rsa #tedx http://post.ly/1clTu
  • #How to #help #everyone help everyone & #find #happiness is in #everyones #head to be #discovered. #tweets http://wp.me/p1m1lF-43
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  • #Turning #problems into #solutions using #open #collaboration #os #nesta #bigsociety #likeminds http://wp.me/p1m1lF-3Z
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    1. This is an extremely interesting question that has been posed here. What is the best method of communicating to the masses going forward? What will be the answer? One thing I can tell you is we need something pretty quick.
      Thanks From Jay at
      Murphy Bed Plans

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