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What techniques and technology are there to help everyone help everyone most?
We would like to help you help everyone by creatively innovating what you do.
We also would like to help everyone help everyone in a self sustaining way. Can you help?
http://www.WEBiversity.org http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org http://www.WHYmanDESIGN.com

As “Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” how to protect us all from the inherent problems caused by any form of centralized power be it a celebrity/founder/leader/politician and the human ego that creates artificial competition?

Collaborate with and help everyone you meet as we can all be happy and get more pleasure in life from sharing. Sharing power/control/fame/success/life/love with everyone prevents centralized problems and is better than democracy as EVERYONE wins. The process is so simple that it may be overlooked. If we all share everything we can then everyone wins and everyone learns to share. As we are all ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ by using the immense knowledge and wisdom that was created by our ancestors (fire, electricity, the wheel…) we are all indebted to society for providing this so should work our whole life in the service of helping everyone in the global society in order to pay of a tiny bit of that Societal legacy.

Centralized power/fame/finance has always been a problem for the reason above but now there is no need for it as the internet can enable all decisions to be decentralized. Every existing process needs to be reinvented by creative people so that it can make the most of the new potential that the web and new technology creates.

All products and services can be created and provided for everyone in a decentralized manner. How best to redesign production and distribution so that the web and new technology tools can be used to produce and distribute products and services in the most innovative, efficient and compassionate ways?

Now that the world is so wealthy and the web and transport links are so good NO ONE need go without. How can governments, leaders and organizations empower and enable the public to help everyone working with education establishments to do this right now?

How best to help everyone become aware of and then control their own human ego? What simple psychological tricks can help everyone have a happy life and prevent existing and future problems which are often caused my human psychological problems (wanting to beat others instead of wanting to help everyone win – zero/sum gain)) and misunderstandings?

How best to protect the innocent (everyone is innocent in at least one way)? Educate them so they can protect themselves and each other?

As many problems are caused unintentionally and by accident how is it best to prevent the negative effects that we cause from happening? Educate everyone so that we can all spot the problems and help each other learn how to prevent existing and future problems. EG

Known Known’s (Innovation/problems that you know you know)
Known Unknowns (Innovation/problems that you know you don’t know)
Unknown Known’s (Innovation/problems that you are unaware of knowing the solution to)
Unknown Unknowns (unpredicted future innovation/problems)
What simple techniques are there that we can all share with each other so that everyone can be vigilant and help each other to prevent existing, future and unknown problems while also enabling us all to excel and achieve our potential.

For example how is it best to inspire and empower everyone to help everyone (as we all get distracted by our surroundings, society and culture which has many out of date and incorrect aspects)? Watch a video a day? http://www.WEBiversity.org

How to continually build on everyone’s success/failure so that everyone can develop and enhance their amazing potential themselves so they can go on to make their own discoveries for the benefit of everyone? http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Michael-Neill-The-Principle-of;search:help

What are the best ways to help existing and future innovation benefit everyone?
We can always do more but with new technology the rate of progress is growing exponentially which provides us all with an ongoing opportunity to redesign and reinvent the way any human society exists (which has always been happening in the past as society has got better and better BUT the present always appears deceptively stable).
How to sustainably create the most ideas?
1. What type of ideas do you want? (What solutions to what problems)
2. What volume of ideas do you want?

How to make the largest benefit for the most people out of every idea that is created?
By sharing every idea and allowing everyone to use them this enables everyone to experiment and learn while making the most positive use of ideas or innovation for the benefit of the most people.

How to protect the public from…
1. Existing and future problems
2. Missed opportunities due to of lack of progress caused by lack of innovation which means that we are missing out on solutions to many problems (eg out of date leaders/culture that prevents communities for progressing (or leaders that don’t understand that latest technology to are unaware that they are harming everyone with their lack of knowledge?)

How to protect the public from idea/IP theft when all ideas are effectively owned by everyone? Should all ideas/IP be registered so that it belongs to everyone? Making every idea/IP open and free for everyone to use is the simplest way to do this? There is a problem with individuals taking and abusing the idea/IP so the only way to protect against this is to state that any profit generated from the idea should be used for the most efficient and innovative charitable use possible. http://www.TRAIDmark.org is a free way to do this by enabling that any company or charity continually evolves by donating 100% net profit into NEW INNOVATIVE solutions to charitable problems. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Dan-Ariely-Irrational-Economics;search:poptech

Helping yourself in order to help others?
How can anyone instantly make themselves happy if they have nothing (or even harder if you have everything:)? Help others (everyone you meet by smiling and more:) which makes you feel fuzzy warm and happy so you help more people and on and one…

How to train yourself to learn new skills easily? Choose and improve one of your failures and enhance one of your successes every day making shore to share your progress with others so they can learn from you. Help everyone you meet by encouraging them with useful positive comments and taking the time to listen to those that are quiet and helping those that are loud listen to others.

Everyone wants progress as it benefits us all so what are the key areas that we should all help each other to progress along so we can all benefit each other most effectively?

All the areas below can only be enhanced by open minded creative people with a positive and optimistic yes can do attitude. Everyone can learn to have this creative attitude and we would love to work with you to empower and educate everyone for free so that we all are empowered to selflessly innovate which also makes us all happy. http://www.WEBiversity.org

Help all help all
Helping everyone help everyone is the best way to solve every human problem (as we all have supercomputer brains in our heads that could benefit everyone more:) which benefits everyone.

Creatively Innovate
The best way to help everyone is with Creative Innovation as this can significantly enhance any product or service in new an unexpected way in different dimension AND can be used to reinvent existing things so they become significantly better.
How to encourage and empower everyone to creatively innovate more (as you can only loose 100%  but can gain 100%+) http://www.TRAIDmark.org explains more and can be used by anyone for free.

Enabling change
enabling and empowering people to change the status quo is key as this enables anyone to help as many people as they can.
What are the best ways to enable change?

Problems to fix
What are the most important problems to fix so that everyone can live long happy fulfilling lives? and what are the problems that stop us all from fixing more problems?

Structural change
What structural changes will help everyone most effectively? What things have we all taken for granted that need to be changed so they can be done better?

Compassion & tolerances
How can we all remind each other continually to have more compassion and tolerance? Everyone is and can be even more amazing and has vices and virtues that we all need help to develop.

How to help us all continually enjoy learning so we can gain the knowledge to learn to become wise and enlightened?

Last but not least (probably should be first)

What are the most important parts of life that are often overlooked due to out of date cultural, peer or advertising pressures?
Isn’t the only important part of life to be happy? This appears to be easy to do just by selflessly helping others (which makes you happy:)

Government Charity and We the people empower all…

How can Government Charities and everyone encourage, educate and empower more people to selflessly innovate to help everyone (which also makes them happy:)?

Private funding is often used to make a land grab of emerging resources be they, Ideas or skills or resources even though those resources are the property of everyone.

What simple ways are there to help selfless open source, creative commons or not for profit charity work has a bigger boost so that we are all encouraged AND it is easier to be selfless than selfish?

As selfless people are not motivated by superficial rewards such as money or game (egotistical goals of selfish people) other ways have to be found otherwise the rewards mistakenly encourage selfish competition rather than selfless collaboration.

One way to encourage selflessness is to provide free compassionate education that entertains, educates and empowers anyone who watches it by giving them the knowledge to become wise and selfless so they can have a happy life and help others.

Let us work with you to help yourself and others in this way with http://www.WEBiversity.org & http:/www.TRUSTlibrary.org
One way is to prevent negative meems/habits that hurt everyone (like vice/bullying/competition/anger)

We are the Social Media  & can make it as good as our society AND even better.

Social media means that we all now have the power (and moral duty) to use our time constructively so we can HAVE FUN AND HELP EVERYONE. This can be anything from using time when watching television, listening to music or traveling to share the information that we hear about in a selfless way using the free social media that we now can use.

This ranges from doing a basic minimum of sharing the websites and information we hear about to everyone with Blogs and tweets to putting on free events that benefit everyone so we all can collaborate.

Selfish people and negative people have to be handled just like naughty children are handled. Everyone has to stand up to them and educate them while also not wasting attention on negative behaviour but rather put more attention on those taht are selflessly helping others. A simple way of doing this is to send a link to the relevant Wikipedia page to the negative person so they can learn. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Harris-The-Good-Evil-and-the-Us;search:evil

Feel free to make your own local free Trust Library with a few spare books that you have (it only take a few minutes to set up:) http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org

Reinventing business and government structures so it helps everyone more (hire selfless AND creative people).

How bet to enable that we all can help all? As government and business structures control how people interact often they can cause many problems by stopping humans from helping humans in ever improving ways. One way to solve this for free and in a way that everyone can use is  for any business government or charity to invest as much surplus funds as it can in NEW SELFLESS CREATIVE INNOVATION which benefits everyone and improves your success as you gain free goodwill which itself becomes a self fullfilling prophecy. http://www.TRAIDmark.org explains more.

Linking people together in the best ways to help everyone…
The western hiring process has come out of the industrial age so is out of date for the existing and future information age where organisations will only survive if they hire creative and selfless people. What is the best way to help hiring organisations and companies to creatively innovate so that they can provide a new reinvented service. We would liek to help any HR or recruitment teams do this if they are open minded enough to see that the current process if out of date and damaging to both applicants, organisations and the public.

New techniques and technology mean that everything that humans: have, are or will do will be reinvented (and you can do it right now with the web to help everyone:).

A. How to enable this to happen in the most beneficial way for the most people (EG most innovative and responsibly run)?

EG How to sustainably create the most innovation that benefits everyone? (building on innovations such as fire, the wheel and the web)

B. How that innovation is run and managed so it is shared and can continually evolve and in used in a responsible manner for the greatest benefit for everyone?

C. How to enable any technique or tool to be reused in a different way so that they can benefit everyone even more?
Open Source And Creative Commons help.
Creative, designers and inventors need to be wary of how every tool or technique can be used and miss used for ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and often those doing ‘bad’ think that they are doing ‘good’ because they can see or dont realize  the negative effects.

D. Simple techniques and technology can be invented from scratch so that it enables anyone to improve anyones life easily cheaply and quickly. How best to sustainably encourage, empower and enable anyone to do this in as effective and sustainable way on a short and long term basis? Do collaborate on doing this at http://www.WEBiversity.org

E. If a person is able to survive then they can spend maximum time learning and innovating for everyones benefit. How to enable everyone can survive and therefore work on impving everyones lives without wasting time on useless things?
Is there a way (or can we invent a way) for everyone to have enough food clothing and housing to live a happy life? Why not enable everyone to have 20% time or 80% time to work on things they love that help all? If you would like to work on this then do tweet to @whymandesign

F. Time management is key to making the most from life. Hwo to help everyone take control of their lives so they can live a happy life all the time?

G. Anyone can do anything so what you choose to do may be the most important part of the process.
We may all be victims of our success as we do more and more of what gives us success rather than what we enjoy or what has the most productive output. We may also make others victims of our success as known and unknown negative effects hurt others (when you win a race it also means that othrs loose the race so is a cumulative net losos).

H. As we are all connected more than ever with the internet how we work, succeed and interact to affect others in many different positive and negative ways.

How to help everyone work in the same direction so we all have a sum gain and dont cancel each other out in zero sum gain competitions.

I. As knowledge, techniques and technology capabilities develop faster and faster there is more and more potential to use these new tools for good AND bad (and potentially the largest danger of thinking you are doing good when you are doing bad). Only therefore share ideas that help everyone and always be wary of any person or organization or idea that hurts anyone be it though cheating, trade or accident. (dont let the culture that you are in dictate what you do or who you act as we can all improve what we do so that we help more people:).

How to share knowledge so we can all learn wisdom and tolarence to continue the eternal vigilance with wisdom progressing against ignorance. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Elizabeth-Dunn-Happiness-and-Mo;search:knowledge

J. How to help everyone protect themselves from any problems with free knowledge. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Justice-Whats-The-Right-Thin-13;search:protect

K. How to keep open experimentation going while also directing progress so it helps the most people in the most effective way in the short ad long term.

L. How to encourage / reward innovation when we dont know what new dimensions it comes from and which are the best directions to innovate in.

M. How to make it easier to teach anyone any language? Or how to make any language easier for anyone to learn? Or how to make any language intuitive or automatically known. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Patricia-Kuhl-The-linguistic-ge;search:education

N. How to reduce the burden pain and suffering of reproduction/health with education/health costs (and savings made through prevention)? Education is an almost free and effective way if done correctly.

O. What are the best ways to help tribes and cultures share and collaborate success and failure and juxtapositions?

P. What should we all be wary of in the past present and future knowledge economy?  How to make sure that everyone is aware of dangers and how to deal with them? Education of everyone is the key eg http://www.WEBiversity.org

Q. What are the present and future problems that WE are causing that we can become aware of, learn about  and prevent though education? Eg Sexism, Racism, Ageism, Pessimism… (they are all selfish generalizations so  selfishness and generalizations are the problems).

How to help all help all? What the best ways you have found to help all help all?

Selflessly Creatively Innovating must be the best way which can be achieved by helping everyone learn so we all become wise and help each other to help everyone have happy lives (simple and easy to do just by taking the time to watch video’s and observe then control our own ego’s and just enjoy being happy experiencing every second of life right now. And also by helping others makes us all happy:)

1. AIM (direction)

Happiness for all?

Sustainable innovation to benefit all

Responsible compassionate business


2. SUCCESS (speed)

Motivation (so everyone can use the supercomputer in their head to help all:)

Technology that enables everyone to maximise their potential.

3. MORE THAN WE KNOW (known/unknown unknowns)

What things do we know we dont know that could help all?
What other things do we NOT know that we dont know?

Direction and speed are both very important when solving problems. Traveling backwards may be the best policy as we may be down the wrong track (which could be in the opposite direction)

What simple ways are there that enable everyone to help everyone? Tweet them to http://www.twitter.com/whymandesign
1. Smile at EVERYONE you meet (Makes you and them happy:)
2. Share inspiring video with everyone (Makes you and them happy:)
3. Imagine how amazing everyone is and how much more we all can achieve by helping everyone we meet.

E.G. http://www.WEBiversity.org has video’s to inspire and help. Please share these videos and add your own to the site.

How to unlock tweets so they all become open and can be linked together to be usefull in ONLY wise selfless ways? Can tweets be sorted in http://www.DRUMbeat.org

Want to create Innovative ways to help all while helping any  person/organisation (including yourself)? EG…

Want to create an Armada of free education boats with http://www.mercyships.org http://www.peaceboat.org http://www.tallships.org http://www.summitseries.com http://www.oceanuniversity.org http://www.semesteratsea.org


Crowdsource video for all E.G.  http://www.WEBiversity.org or working with http://www.spot.us http://www.internews.org http://www.oneworldhealth.org http://www.interhealth.org.uk http://www.drumbeat.org and http://www.swiftriver.com 

Suggest what you want to work on or what you NEED or can GIVE by Tweeting to @whymandesign or commenting at http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/group.php?gid=352077702670
Ed http://www.whymandesign.com

Below are some tweets I would love to work with you to build on…

How to #help all #conference eg #mtconf #skollwf #voice11 #oxfordjam #icreate11 with @mozilladrumbeat #os #cc #apps & @WEBiversity #yeswecan

Help with @savethegames & @webiversity ?RT @smsradio: http://bit.ly/hbnLcG @Peacebuilding @Radio @Africa @kiwanja @sharath_sri @iginioe

How to #help @mozilladrumbeat #os #cc #apps @besteverman @happyseaurchin & turn #com into #charity @TRAIDmark explains eg @WEBiversity

  • #mozilla can take over any #com & make into an #org:)! eg @traidmark #drumbeat @proactivepau @msurman @opencorporates @opencharities #nhtg11
  • #creative #accounting can make any #com into an #org eg @traidmark #drumbeat @proactivepau @msurman @opencorporates @opencharities #nhtg11
  • How to #help #mozilla #tedx #rsa #helpall #develop #disruptive #innovation eg #swiftriver #drumbeat @opencorporates @opencharities #nhtg11
  • Which #experience or natural #drug #inspire all to be #happy & #helpall #creatively & #selflesly #gov #nfp #charity eg @webiversity
  • Which #website or #app #inspire all to be #happy & #helpall #creatively & #selflesly #gov #nfp #charity eg @webiversity
  • Which #brand or #meem #inspire all to be #happy & #helpall #creatively & #selflesly #gov #nfp #charity eg @webiversity
  • Which #celebrity & #academic #inspire all to be #happy & #helpall #creatively & #selflesly #gov #nfp #charity eg @webiversity
  • What #sculpture or #art #inspires all to be #happy & #helpall #creatively & #selflesly #gov #nfp #charity eg @webiversity
  • What #picture or #text #inspires all to be #happy & #helpall #creatively & #selflesly #gov #nfp aaaa
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    Creative Social Media Manager. May I creatively help enhance your work with you? I create and enhance innovative products and services using new techniques and technology. I understand the potential of productions that: entertain, educate and empower and are always looking to work with forward thinking partners. http://www.WHYmanDESIGN.com

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