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As every human has what they need in their head right now, how do we all remind/teach each other to  enjoy what we already have so we can instantly help everyone have happier lives by helping everyone? Sharing the best free educational video’s with everyone we know? eg http://www.WEBiversity.org

1. How is it best to enable everyone to prioritize what we do in life as that is the single most effective way to enhance everyones lives and increase what we do with the little time we have while making everyone happy instantly? Healthy & happiness are all we need right?

Read this paragraph especially if you dont have time to!
All those that say they are too busy to take the time to prioritize what they do are actually the ones that need to do it the most (as they are rushing around doing inefficient and/or pointless things without realising it). This is caused by the ego making the person adamant that they are right (in effect assuming that they know everything which no one can) so they refuse to listen to other people or even care for them. How best to enable everyone to routinely stop and reflect on what they are doing? Now stop put the computer down and take 5 minutes to just watch your hands and enjoy how lucky you are to be alive and see/smell/touch/taste… everything in just one second.
(more points below on doing important things first and how to solve any problem simply & check out the Douglas Adams talk at the base)

2. How best to stop organisations or structures from preventing humans from living the best lives? educate the people that are running the organisations/structures so they can change the way they are run http://www.WEBiversity.org

For example how can any government or any company/charity or individual enable everyone to help them serve everyone better? This can be done simply by asking the public what they want and helping them to achieve it by supporting them with the right tools techniques and education so we all can continuously learn to improve ourselves. Helping everyone to educate everyone by sharing the best free video is the simplest way to do this as we all can do it easily and all benefit by gaining the most important thing of all which is wisdom/enlightenment so we all become selflessly compassionate so stop causing problems and start enjoying every second of life. Can we help you with http://www.webiversity.org

3. Help everyone do what you do as there is always at least one person who can do it better.
Many hands/heads make light/ideas work/excel so it is selfish and self harming not to collaborate with everyone to help everyone.

4. Everyone is amazing but some think that they are more amazing than others (how to remind us all to be aware of our ego and out dated animal instincts)? As everyone is different and we all have different failures and features and undiscovered talents/traits how best to enable everyone to connect with and complement the past/present/future knowledge/wisdom?

5. If there are only 7 learning styles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_of_multiple_intelligences then we all nead to work in teams of at lest 7+ in order to progress up the pyramid of Mazlows hierarchy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needs
What is your team of 7+ and how can we all help each other find the 7 that are most near/relevant?

6. Success is failure and failure is success? How can we all discover/learn/share historic experiences to turn all success into failure and failure into success (and vica versa like Ying Yang)? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yin_and_yang

7. If human love is self replicating how best to educate and empower everyone to let everyone into all our hearts/minds so we all can grow to love more and more just by loving everyone we meet? If human hate is a negative self replicating meem how can everyone learn to become aware of this and prevent duplicating this negative meem via anger/violence/bullying/competition… Maybe by sharing the most inspiring and educational videos http://www.WEBiversity.org

8. Should we all love the ‘bad’ in every human and humanity like a parent and love the ‘good’ in every human and humanity like a child?

9. What other things or ways can you suggest this or any test is improved or shared? Share and comment at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_352077702670

10. How best to help everyone help everyone? Provide tools and techniques that enable and empower everyone to do this like crowdsourcing and crowdfunding? Can we fund you to create innovative solutions that benefit everyone? Do you have a space or resource that we could use when not in use to create simple ways to help everyone eg http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org If your interested share your problems, ideas and/or prototype at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_352077702670

A. Would you like someone to solve any problem that you have? Would you like to help others solve problems that affect us all? This can be done by simply writing a blog post and sharing it with everyone you know! Post your question at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_352077702670

Here are two good video’s that inspire and inform

What problems / questions and solutions / answers shouldwe solve first and how?

1. Question the question?! First question why you are asking the question you are asking (or trying to solve the problem that your trying to solve). Is it really a problem or have you just been culturally made to think it is a problem?

2. Question the answer?! Second question the answers that are commonly accepted by any society. These are often created a long time before with different technology so may be out of date or taught/controlled by people/organisations with a vested interest or

3. Question everything else?! Think of other areas you have not already thought about and become aware of them.

4. What are they key questions/problems that we all need to concentrate on? Living a happy life by conquering your mind so you gain peace by selflessly helping everyone? http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Secret-of-Happiness-Education-a;search:happy

The Worlds Biggest Problems http://www.arlingtoninstitute.org/wbp
Social, Political, Economic and Environmental Issues That Affect Us All http://www.globalissues.org/
Other interesting list of problems http://www.12-12-12.org/isslist.htm

As we learn more we rediscover the infinite beauty of existence by rediscovering storing and reinventing what was always out there.

B. How best to help everyone to learn about simple techniques so everyone can improve themselves so they and we all can have even greater lives? EG sharing the best free video http://www.webiversity.org

How to protect every different type of animal and human so every individual’s differences can be celebrated and recorded so everyone can share from the benefits of this? Create rights for every different type of person and animal equally so every difference is recorded for use by humanity for ever.

What are the biggest social, intellectual, emotional… failures that humans/society have that we can all try to solve asap right now with simple existing and new creative innovation?

As no one is perfect we all have failures (some people are so ignorant that they think they are perfect) what is the best way to help everyone teach and learn from each other constructively. For example if we all expect the best from others and encourage everyone with love and compassion then we will all gain the most from live (compared to fighting or competing with others).

A BBC television program suggested that if you don’t feel the pain of others when they are suffering then you have psychopathic tendencies! Therefore if your normal you will want to help everyone but if you only want to help yourself then you have psychopathic tendencies so should learn to help improve yourself so you can train yourself to rediscover compassion. Everyone can learn and train themselves to become more compassionate. http://www.webiversity.org

C. How to help everyone learn that being selfless is the key to long lasting happiness and peace? How to enable everyone to share selfless wisdom so everyone learns about this so we can all live in simple selfless peace together?


D. What is the most effective way to run a selfless business, charity or enterprise? Is a Charity better than a Social Enterprise / Cooperative or is philanthropy from capitalism the best way to create wealth / value and use it to benefit everyone?

http://www.traidmark.org helps http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/TEDxChange-Hans-Rosling;search:philanthropy

The key is how to help the most people. Creativity and Innovation have been proven beyond any doubt to be the best ways to do this. How is it best to enable that every job spec has creativity, innovation and selflessness as key parts of the jobs so that everyone is enabled to help everyone within their job (so we all benefit from this)?

What is the best way to rate all organisations so it is easy and simple to see which organisations are doing the most good for the most people? http://opencharities.org/ have shown one way this can be done. Can we help you do this in other ways?

Let me help you solve any problem with simple techniques that many people have been using for generations. Tweet the problem to @whymandesign AND post the problem in this group (while sharing your favorite video too). http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_352077702670

E. What is the best way to enable everyone to collaborate together safely while knowing that what they work on can only be used for ‘good’ by being used in a selfless way to benefit everyone? Create simple and automatic structures that prevent everyone from idea/object/thought/product/industrial/financial/time theft and enable everyone to collaborate selflessly. This can be done very simply by automatically making every thought/idea owned by everyone (as all ideas/thoughts are part of the universe and not just owned by one person). Is there a way to organise the web so that only selfless organisations and information are visible so they can work together?
http://www.traidmark.org is a free business structure that helps with the above. Help us to help everyone do this with open source software and video at http://www.webiversity.org

F. How to turn negative selfish vice into positive selfless virtue most effectively?
1. One way is to buy or take over the negative selfish vice like organisation and turn it into a positive selfless virtuous organisation.
2. Another is to create a duplicate version or the organisation using open source software and compete and win as you have an extra unique selling point of being selfless and virtuous EG by using the funds you raise to save lives by donating to new innovative ways to solve charitable problems effectively. http://www.TRAIDmark.org explains more.

G. How to enable everyone to earn a living while selflessly innovating?
All of humanity used to be hunter gatherers and farmers where it benefited everyone to selflessly help others. How can we enable everyone to do this more effectively in modern society and prevent the selfish ignorant from breaking/burning or even preventing (with selfish laws/systems/ignorance) others from selflessly innovating. Educate everyone so we all become wise and selfless http://www.webiversity.org

H. What is the simplest way to enable everyone to help everyone using existing techniques and technology?

How can everyone be enabled to use modify and enhance any piece of technology by designing them in clever ways that enable us all to use and share our skills without having to learn whole new complex language systems? Firstly can we work with you to help everyone learn to conquer their own world (so they don’t have to waste their time tying to be famous/successful by conquering others worlds) with http://www.webiversity.org .

I. Enlightenment 2.0
As the enlightenment was created by the dissemination of knowledge with printing AND the creation of knowledge by the ability of everyone to record everyone’s individual wisdom with drawing AND writing how can we make sure Enlightenment 2.0 happens in the most effective and beneficial way for everyone by learning from the mistakes of the past?
How can everyone be enabled to help and build on every technology be it software, hardware, wetware… Educate everyone so they become wise and empowered to help everyone and we all will find a way http://www.webiversity.org

J. Open Everything How is it best to enable everyone to open up everything so we can all share everything together (which reminds us all about how life is better when shared:).
What simple ways are there to enable everyone to create things in an open way. Can we turn all organisations into Open Organisations so that anyone can contribute to their development? Democracy was the first step in this but now social media makes it practical and almost free to enable everyone to help everyone directly. What legal and structural ways are there to make this possible in sustainable responsible ways. eg Educating everyone for free http://www.webiversity.org and enabling decentralized sharing http://www.getmiro.com/ http://www.oneclickorgs.com/ https://www.drumbeat.org/en-US/projects/appleseed-social-networking/

K. Review responsibly
How to enable everyone to 1. Consume and 2. Review everything responsibly? http://www.wikipedia.org provides a great first stage solution but now that social media and http://www.twitter.com are here how can decentralised information be aggregated responsibly while protecting the individual and the global community (freedom of speech / information / data / privacy). Can we work on simple solutions and ways to do this starting from http://www.webiversity.org

J. How best to translate EVERY individual and industry into the Digital, Social and future ages?
Every individual and industry has to fundamentally reinvent how they use every part of their time now that new free global tools/techniques are available. How best to enable everyone to do this responsibly while learning from past mistakes and predicting present and future ones? Educating everyone with simple techniques to protect everyone and enable everyone to make the most of the web is key. Can we work with you to do this simply with http://www.webiversity.org

K. How to protect everyone from everyone? How to protect the selfless wise from the selfish ignorant.
What simple historical ways should we reinvent to protect everyone from everyone so we all continue to sustainably grow as a global community? How can simple songs, rhymes and games be reinvented so we all learn the simple skills needed to have content lives without harming others? EG share the best free educational video’s http://www.webiversity.org

L. How to prevent age old problems continue to cause danger and harm?

How is it best to enable everyone to share and learn about age old problems while solving them WITHOUT making the problems worse by sharing negative meems/vice? Educate everyone for free responsibly by showcasing the best free education http://www.webiversity.org

M. Journalistic code reinvented by everyone simply.
All of journalism could change our whole society with one simple improvement. All journalists could showcase positive virtuous activities and ignore negative vice-like activities (in the same way you ignore naughty children and reward good behavior). This would mean that only good positive activities get 1. free pr, 2. shared as a positive meem so copycats do positive things 3. provides a positive reward/feedback loop 4. makes everyone feel happy and secure so we all act more and more happy. http://www.good.is/ does this and we would love to help them and you enhance your work with this and other simple techniques eg http://www.webiversity.org

N. How to help everyone stop being a victim of social status within our culture/society (as we ALL are no matter how much we think we are now)!

What is the best way to enable everyone to become aware of how our social status is abused by society… so we all are victims of social status which controls our lives and how we all act?! Educate everyone with the best free videos http://www.webiversity.org

O. What are the simplest ways to enhance the work that everyone does?
Enhancing collaboration and sustainable innovation are key as they enable everyone to help everyone. Most importantly educating everyone to become wise which is selfless so everyone makes themselves happy by helping others. Do help http://www.WEBiversity.org do this by sharing the best free video.

P. Every organisation, company and government could be run more effectively as a Charity AND benefit the owners.
Every company, organisation, government agency or sole trader can enhance what they do and save lives just by registering as a charity so that all their net profits are then spent on new innovation that benefits everyone and charitable causes. Founders, employees, partners and investors all gain from the large added goodwill that is gained that translates into profits that then are used to fund innovation that saves lives. The founders and shareholders can even more money from the enterprise as they gain by getting large performance pay packages that are greater than their original personal profit as the company is making larger profits from the extra goodwill it gains.

For example. A sole trader changes their status to a charity and donates net profit to new innovative charitable work. They then gain large amounts of goodwill from this and so get more and more work enabling them to get rich on performance pay WHILE saving lives with the extra funds that they raise which are then spent on innovative sustainable charitable work. http://www.traidmark.org has more details.

Q. How can Government and the Law protect everyone as a whole the most so we all benefit the most?
What is the best way for innovation and ideas to be cultivated and shared so that they benefit everyone in the world the most? How best to update the outdated laws and legislation’s so that they work to serve the people in the most beneficial ways possible? Should all ideas be registered to the public and licensed to individuals so that the public gain the most from the ideas AND everyone has access to ideas / intellectual property SO ideas therefore benefit everyone the most with enhanced competition/collaboration?

R. The world is and always was amazing. The trick is to appreciate how amazing it is all the time so we can enjoy every second of life.

As the Web has linked everyone and everything on the planet there is not stopping the curve or progress which is interlinked to knowledge which leads to Wisdom and Enlightenment for all so we all can continue to learn more and more to enjoy every second of life just by appreciating it and helping everyone selflessly. All we now have to do is stay healthy and concentrate on enjoying every second and helping everyone we meet selflessly while continually learning from everyone. Find and share inspiring video’s to help all at http://www.webiversity.org

A-H of ways to Help all creatively innovate selflessly so we all can have happy healthy lives!
A. What are the best simple ways to enable anyone to help everyone in a sustainable way?
This has always been possible (but cultures forget how to do this as ignorant people say it can’t be done) and now the web has made this even more possible for everyone anywhere round the world right now. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Justice-Whats-The-Right-Thing-7;search:help

1. Educate anyone free so we all can learn to become wiser EG http://www.WEBiversity.org (everyone has to be educated to become selfless/wise otherwise anyone can become selfish & knowledgable and harm others for self benefit (like a feral child). http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Michael-Shermer-The-pattern-beh

2. Empower everyone to act on their wisdom so they are able to assess/support/critique/act on past/resent/future problems/solutions. http://www.webiversity.org aims to do this with video. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Laws-of-Success-by-Napoleon-Hil

3. Sustain everyone so we all can live happy lives while concentrating our time/talent/resources on selflessly creatively innovating to help everyone. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Joseph-Stiglitz-How-the-World-c;search:sustain

B. What are the best simple ways to enable anyone to earn a living while selflessly helping everyone…

1. What existing and new ways are there to enable anyone to earn a living while creatively innovating to help everyone?

EG Busking has enables musicians to earn a living while concentrating on their creative talents full time.
Artists create and give away artworks while being given funds to earn a living
Craftsmen create delicate objects and earn a living while working on doing what they love.

What other ways do you know of doing this so that inventors and others that have long term gains for all (but often no short term feedback to gain income from)?

2. If an inventor wants to create free innovation that will benefits everyone and wants to share this for free what is the best way for them to go about doing this?

3. Which organisations provide support and funding for anyone who wants to selflessly creatively innovate to help everyone?
How can all organisations provide more support and funding for everyone who wants to selflessly creatively innovate to help everyone?
How can every individual provide more support and funding for everyone who wants to selflessly creatively innovate to help everyone?
How can Government, Companies, Charities, Organisations and individuals educate, empower and allow everyone to help them enhance what they do in selfless/wise ways? We would love to help anyone do this eg http://www.webiversity.org & http://www.TRAIDmark.org

By not doing this well enough (as all organisations are not doing well enough given the potential of the web) all organisations are actually (self) harming everyone as we all are losing out due to lack of innovation caused by lack of support for creative innovators. This is often caused by institutional problems that can easily be solved by any individual selflessly becoming aware of and solving the problem by openly sharing and collaborating on solving the problem with everyone.

Here is another free video that will help inspire anyone…
And more detail into the science…

If you know of other ways of helping everyone help everyone please share it by commenting below and sharing it on the http://www.webiversity.org facebook group http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_352077702670  We would be happy to reward you for doing this (if you need a reward?)

C. Helpall become Wise before Knowledgeable to help us all be selflessly happy and not selfishly ignorant (which itself is self harming and harms everyone).

What are the best ways to help everyone learn to become more knowledgeable and happier by being selfless so we all can learn more on our journey from ignorance to wisdom (as we all are ignorant but some are more ignorant than others)?
Simply by educating everyone for free and making wisdom learned/discovered before knowledge.

It is fundamentally important to educate everyone quickly & easily to become wise before powerful so the ignorant/selfish do not learn how to harm others. How best to do this? Organise and prioratise content ranking so you find/learn wisdom before information/knowledge? EG http://www.webiversity.org

What simple ways are there that help everyone and every organisation learn to become wiser EG develop up Maslows hierarchy of needs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needs

How can everyone be helped to learn to develop from the ignorant/vice of instant empty gratification of impulse pleasures to wise/virtue of long term infinitely sustainable selfless pleasure/contentment? http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/TEDxDanubia-2011-Nic-Marks-The;search:content

Do you know of a programmer we can work with to make simple solutions to human problems using open source software? If so please share their website at http://www.facebook.com/groups/352077702670/?ref=ts

D. It is not acceptable to allow 99% of innovations to fail if people do not share the learning from those failures and dont collaborate on making them successes. Often those working on the 99% that fail are not aware of the high chances of failure so are being misinformed and therefore misused by society in non efficient ways. The competition model has done this but a collaboration model enables the 99% of failures to be rewarded and also enables some of these to turn into successes. http://www.TRAIDmark.org is one way of creating institutional innovation that benefits everyone.

E. How is it possible to help any/all charities and governments enhance what they are doing by creatively innovating every part of what they do as everything can (and always has been able to) be reinvented so it is done in a better way?

We can help any organisation do this with simple techniques and technology but need the organisations to let us (the creative public) to do this for them.

If this is not possible how is it best to creatively innovate all organisations and services without their permission so they provide a better service for everyone? EG find simple ways to educate and empower everyone to do this http://www.webiversity.org

For example how can charities, governments and individuals enable creative people to enhance what they do for the benefit of everyone? EG by asking creative people to enhance what they do and sustainably rewarding every creative person (as there is a 99% failure rate).

This means that every organisation has to cultivate and reward the creative ecosystem so that they enable 100% of people to creatively innovate so that the 99% that fail are able to survive and continue to innovate in order to get the 1% that succeed. This is fundamentally important otherwise organisations will only get a few innovations compared to the ongoing 000’s of innovations that will save them money if they continue to sustainably reward the creative community so that all creative people can survive while developing creative innovation that almost always is unexpected and outside any organisations original plans.

Here are a few simple ways that this can happen.
1. Everyone can be educated and empowered to do this with free education eg http://www.webiversity.org

2. Creative and innovative people need to be given priority for every job as every job can be creatively innovated. For example every job should have ‘creativity’ as a key part of the job and everyone should be encouraged to be creative in unexpected ways that helps all humanity.

F. All creativity and innovation needs to be selfless otherwise it will be used in ways that harm humanity. How best to encourage everyone to selflessly innovate so that it is easier and more rewarding to selflessly innovate than selfishly? Make sure all funding and support processes give greater selfless innovation options and culturally educate and empower everyone to selflessly innovate. Can we help you do this EG http://www.webiversity.org

Creativity needs to be encouraged in a selfless way so that everyone collaborates selflessly so they help everyone to help everyone. If creativity is not encouraged in a selfless way to help everyone then vested interests and selfishness prevent the creative process from working effectively and any basic innovation that is created is then restricted with out of date structures and processes.

How is it best to manage and cultivate the direction of ‘brain drains’ so that everyone (and the cleverest people) are encouraged and rewarded the most for creatively innovating selflessly? Cultural peer review rewards everyone while inspiring and reminding everyone to selflessly innovate more.

If you know of other ways of helping everyone help everyone please share it by commenting below and sharing it on the http://www.webiversity.org facebook group http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_352077702670

G. Blog your future from scratch
How to create any creative innovation (charity/startup/gov/hobby) from scratch to help everyone (even if you don’t know the problem your going to solve or how to solve it or if you don’t believe you have the skills to solve it)? What is the best process for doing this? Do share your views with everyone but here are a few simple ways to start…

1. Start by asking yourself the key question… What is it you want to do? And then ask yourself why? Thirdly ask yourself if anyone is already doing this (if so do help them:)? And finally ask yourself what are the positive and negative effects of what you want to do (who are you helping and hurting by doing it)? What are the hidden negative and positive effects, problems and solutions that you could work on?

2. Blog about what you want to do and ask for help from anyone you know eg over coffee or using social media. Try asking what others want to achieve (and why) and for any support/advice you can get. List what you need to achieve what you want and why

3. Find if there are any ways you can also help others while doing what you want to do (often with no extra effort).

4. Everything is possible and nothing is impossible (especially now the web links everyone). Creativity can solve any problem so try not to let negative, angry or ignorant ‘no mentality’ people hold you back and help them learn how little we all know and how much potential there is for everyone to selflessly help everyone.

5. Try it twice as the worst that can happen is that you dont try it (or even worse that your scared or too lazy to try it;) and that you stop trying after one attempt (imagine doing this when learning to walk:).

6. Some of the most important problems/solutions are often overlooked as they could be subtle and often the ‘problem’ does not need to be solved but the human that thinks there is a problem needs to learn more?

Here is a great piece of advice on lasting impact http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Kevin-Starr-Lasting-Impact

H. Where is humanity going and what do we want to achieve (and more importantly what do we need to achieve)?
What can creatives tell us about the future (and how the human ego will shape our future)?
Words of wisdom from Douglas Adams on life the universe and everything not related to the hitchikers guide to the galaxy. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Douglas-Adams-in-Australia-2-of

How to help everyone live as long and enjoyable lives as possible so we all can learn as much and produce as much innovation to help everyone? Educate everyone effectively so we all make the most of what we have right now… Can we work with you on doing this at http://www.webiversity.org (we need funding and programmers to work with)

Can you help get answers to these tweets? Can we help you?
@tiki_search helps @mozilladrumbeat @dotgovlabs @mardigb @WEBiversity @brianlmerritt #powerofopen #opendata #composethefuture @earthdotorg
How is it best to help everyone helpall ? EG @WEBiversity http://ow.ly/5vj4g @tedx @nesta_uk

#powerofopen What #tech 2 #help #helpall #innovate? @ccmixter #drumbeat @webiversity @nesta_uk @kauffmanfdn @unltd #cc @jisc @wellcometrust

#powerofopen How 2 #fund all 2 #helpall #innovate #sustainably #drumbeat @webiversity @nesta_uk @kauffmanfdn @unltd #cc @jisc @wellcometrust

#powerofopen How can #fashion #art #music #help #tech #helpall? #drumbeat @webiversity @nesta_uk @kauffmanfdn #cc @jisc @wellcometrust @tedx

#powerofopen How 2 #create most #usefull #value 2 #helpall? eg #happy #drumbeat @webiversity @nesta_uk @kauffmanfdn #cc @jisc #wellcometrust

#powerofopen How to #helpall #educate #all in #meritocracy? #drumbeat @webiversity @nesta_uk @kauffmanfdn #cc @jisc @wellcometrust

May I work with you to solve these and many more existing and future problems simply quickly and effectively so we can help everyone have happier lives. Please add points and comments to http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_352077702670 and contact http://www.whymandesign.com as we would love to help you in many areas you may not have thought of. There is so much that can be done with the smallest funding. If you know of funding and programmers do tell us as we can work with we can help you solve many problems quickly simply and cheaply by using creative innovation to solve many of the worlds problems EG with creative education.

1. We all are ignorant! On a scale from zero to infinity we are all closer to zero than infinity when it comes to our individual & humanities knowledge so we can reasonably and logically assume that we all individually and collectively (this is rounded down) know next to nothing?!
It is an enlightening thought to know and relax in the knowledge (and relative wisdom of knowing we are ignorant) that we all know nothing.
This fact enables us all to do more as we can question everything and have compassion for every human as we are all struggling to survive in the smog of ignorance that all humanity is in and means that we can all help everyone to learn as much as possible to help everyone be as happy as possible right now (EG using meditation

About Whymandesign

Creative Social Media Manager. May I creatively help enhance your work with you? I create and enhance innovative products and services using new techniques and technology. I understand the potential of productions that: entertain, educate and empower and are always looking to work with forward thinking partners. http://www.WHYmanDESIGN.com

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