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What are the best ways to help everyone help everyone? Techniques AND Technology are both needed. For Example…

Is ‘The Secret’ the best way to help everyone discover that they already have the happiness they need with the Law Of Attraction http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/The-Secret-Full-Movie How best to enable everyone to learn this and more?

What do you think about the Inside Job Film about the Banking System and Commercial Failure? http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Inside-Job-Narrated-by-Matt-Dam How best to solve these problems?

1. Techniques can be shared best using video. What are the best video’s that can be used to help everyone?  Do view some at  http://www.WEBiversity.org and share video at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_352077702670

2. Protect support AND enhance creative people as they HELP EVERYONE! Everyone can be creative but has to put in a lot of time and effort to practice and develop this skill. For this reason everyone who is creative should  be very wary of others that want them to create/innovate for free as this is the most common way that the UNcreative people try to steal ideas/creativity so that they can then own and control it for personal gain (rather than for the benefit of everyone on the planet equally). As is so often the way those that dont have the skills dont understand the value of it or how much more they could do with what they have if they had the creative skills. For this reason it is important that ‘idea theft’ and ‘creative stealing’ are not allowed to take place as this is the silent killer that prevents innovation and progress so we all pay the price through lack of innovation that damages everyone and even kills! http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/RSA-Animate-Changing-Education;search:creativity

3. Educate everyone so we all become wise by learning from everyone about how to be selfless. http://www.WEBiversity.org EG

4. Technology can be created as open source decentralised software that enables EVERYONE to build on it in a diverse range of ways?
http://diasporafoundation.org/ are doing this in one great way.

Do you know anyone we could work with to use existing open source software to make simple and innovative charity websites that help everyone? eg this free education prototype http://www.WEBiversity.org that helps anyone live a happy life just by sharing existing free video? If so please share their details on http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_352077702670

100+ ways to help everyone help everyone be happy?…
What did Napoleon Hill miss if anything about enabling everyone to have a happy life? http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Napoleon-Hill-Parts-1-and-2-Thi

21. As we all are constantly learning and ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ how best to enable everyone to learn the most important life lessons? EG most of us have learned NOT to: murder/rape/steal so what should we all learn such as to make ourselves and everyone happy by helping everyone selflessly. EG http://www.WEBiversity.org has videos to inspire and help everyone have happier lives?!

22. What simple ways can we all enhance any/every organisation so that they serve everyone best so we all benefit?
A. Run the organisation as an innovation funding charity http://www.TRAIDmark.org explains how everyone including the founders benefit. Any charity, government or profit making company can be enhanced by doing this and we would love to help you do this as you and everyone benefit.
B. Educate everyone for free with simple techniques and existing technology by sharing the best free video on the web. Do help us do this as everyone can be happy all the time if we all learn more EG Mindfulness… http://www.WEBiversity.org
C. Help pay everyone to creatively innovate selflessly. This is possible and can be done right now if leaders can creatively innovate enough to do this. We can show you how to do this.

23. Time and happiness are all anyone has as you can not buy a second of time for love nor money. Helping everyone master their own mind (their own world) so they can observe and enjoy the simplest beauty in every second of life is therefore the most important lesson everyone should learn. Once this is mastered anyones life is improved for ever and they will therefore find greater success and happiness due to their Positive Mental Attitude PMA. Help http://www.WEBiversity.org share this with everyone by sharing the best free video.

24. If you don’t know what to do with your life search the web for things you like and share them with your peers (as many people as possible) so you can help them enhance their lives too. By sharing what you find you will soon discover what your interested in and find a passion that will enrich your life:) This can quickly lead to setting up your own enterprise by creating and selling things that you like to make.

25. Who owns all the worlds money and what would they want that money to do? Probably to benefit everyone as effectively as possible as money is a means to an end and not an end in itself (as it is stored labour). How to help those that have money to use it in the most beneficial way to benefit everyone (which benefits them as everyone helps them too:) http://www.TRAIDmark.org http://www.gapminder.org

26. As TIME is the most valuable resource that we have (and essentially all we have:) how can we help everyone organise their lives even better so we all make the most of the time we have? Educate everyone so we all can help each other with positive mental attitudes, time management, less sleep… Also how can we empower technology service providers to reduce the time that they waste (with bad UI/X/search and service design)? http://www.WEBiversity.org

27. REinvent everything! The web has enabled us to reinvent everything. Everything can be reinvented for bad, for good or for beyond our wildest dreams amazing! How do we want everything to be reinvented? Do we want the selfless best for everyone (which benefits us most too) or do we want the selfish best for ourselves at the expense of everyone (which actually harms ourselves in the short and long run)? Simple is we enable everyone to learn to become wise with free education then everyone can coexist having the happiest lives possible! Help http://www.WEBiversity.org do this?

28. UNeconomics? What is the best economic system that benefits everyone? What is money actually worth (its real value and most effective use) and who needs it most? Which economic institutions are thinking open mindedly about new ways to reinvent economics now that the web links up the world and can scale products and services almost infinitely? http://wwww.TRAIdmark.org

29. Relax as the world and humanity will be saved from itself (human ego) because the web interlinks everyone to each other and knowledge so we can all help each other to learn to become wise and more accountable.How best to encourage this process so it speeds up to help everyone? Educate everyone free by helping everyone you meet and sharing the best free video? Make sure you and everyone you know are enjoying every second of life by helping others (which makes you happy:) as that is all anyone needs to have in life http://www.WEBiversity.org

30. Reasoning out of ignorance. Even if selflessness is a selfish act (helping others as it helps you) selflessness is a wiser activity as we all need each other to progress further so we can all solve the present and future health and survival issues that affect us all. Even if we dont know what use some of the other people on the planet have we all need them as they may provide important solutions that benefit part or all of us. The problem arises with people we ‘think’ are having a negative effect on society/humanity as we are not to know if they are also having a positive effect in the long term or if they are in the right and that we are actually in the wrong?! Ignorance appears to be most dangerous in those that are adament that they are always correct (which is highly improbable).

31. What are the most important things in life and how can we help everyone gain this using the web? The most important things in life are 1. happiness 2. Love 3. passion/enjoying work 4… What simple ways are there to enable everyone has this? 1. Happiness can be learned by anyone by asking friends how they do it and/org using free video’s from the web EG http://www.WEBiversity.org 2. Love for everyone can be found by learning compassion for everyone and reminding yourself how beautiful everyone is inside and out (and can be found by asking friends to match you up or using social media:) 3. Passion and enjoying work can be found by gaining career advice from friends/family/colleagues and watching empowering video online EG http://www.WEBiversity.org

32. UNorganisation. How to help everyone help everyone responsibly? What is the best way to enable everyone to creatively innovate to solve as many problems as possible AND share the solution in the best way to help everyone? Share simple techniques that anyone can do/use. EG Make your own free http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org in minutes or share empowering video at http://www.WEBiversity.org How can we all earn an income so we can survive while concentrating on solving the most important problems using creative innovation AND helping the 99% that fail to survive too? The 1% that gain success owe a debt of gratitude to the 99% that failed trying as everything in life is luck anyway. Can everyone work on solving the worlds most important problems while earning an income (we we all use the supercomputer in our heads)? How best to enable this to happen?

33. How to help those that ‘succeed’ to have compassion for everyone and those that ‘fail’ to feel empowered to create their own success (or enjoy/appreciate the success they have created). The one percent that gain success owe so much to society for supporting them and to our ancestors for providing prior knowledge not to mention the ninety-nine percent who failed (as they are needed in order that one percent succeed) that they need to be made accountable by using the riches they acquire responsibly and effectively by funding more innovation to solve the most important problems effectively.

34. What if no one owned anything?! Then only those that want to work hard to help others would work hard and therefore progress would be significantly improved as the selfish ignorant would not be in the way making space for the selfless wise to collaborate. This is starting to happen as more and more successful people are becoming wise enough to realize that they are successful by luck. One problem could be those that are not successful but still struggle in the middle or organisations

35. How to help the ignorant selfish become aware of and control their ego so they can combat their vice and enhance their virtues? What events and/or activities help us all to learn more so we can selflessly help everyone? Can existing popular events b e enhanced with selfless acts that help everyone learn like selfless flash mobs? Or just by sharing selfless video on social media EG http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Srikumar-Rao-at-AwesomenessFest

36. We are and may always be swimming through pea soup in order to find the ‘best’ content that is most ‘relevant’ and ‘wisest’ (as new information is always being discovered and old content/information is being forgotten/lost and rediscovered). What simple techniques and technology can sustainably ensure that the most ‘relevant’ and ‘wise’ content is found first and that ignorant/selfish bad ‘rat race’ ‘NON cumulative sum gain’ industries do not corrupt information/knowledge? Learn from the past how humans regulated other humans and enhance the proven techniques EG communities/society trust/respect education/wisdom.

37. There is a massive problem where by the selfish/ignorant often get paid for doing selfish/ignorant negative work (cumulative sum loss) or while doing nothing and the selfless/wise often do not get paid/enough to do enlightened creative innovative work that benefits everyone. One solution is to educate and enlighten everyone so we all become wise enough to selflessly collaborate to help all EG http://www.WEBiversity.org . Another is to pay everyone a set equal pay and  enable everyone to do as creative and innovative selfless/wise work so we all are empowered and have the freedom to help everyone help all. The significant enhancement in output will prove how massive an improvement this is and how bad it was that we did not do this sooner (we are all loosing out massively by this not being implemented at the moment)! http://www.TRAIDmark.org is one way to do this and is a proven simple thing to implement which can be easily measured with immediate positive results and long term self sustaining institutional innovation results.

38. What happened to all the wise men (and women) that are recorded in history as living in unconventional ways? Have they all been forced to conform so their wisdom and mastery have been lost for ever? How can we help the wise old/young men/women that are overlooked today gain the support that they need to develop, grow and flourish (or just survive as wise men/women)?

39.  How does wisdom vary in many different forms (masculine/feminine…)? We know that there are 7 different learning styles which implies that there are seven different types of wisdom or wise men/women and therefore also that we all need to know at least 7 different types of people to create  a wise and balanced community in every organisation/system.

40. Do not get held back by out of date attitudes, comments, cultures or people. How best to enable that we all can continually change and evolve and learn as we all discover that there is more to live than we can possibly comprehend so all we can do is make ourselves happy (by making others happy) and creatively innovate.

41. What can we all volunteer towards and invest in that will benefit the most people the most? Simple solutions (that are free) to help everyone simply? What simple ways are there do to do this that enable everyone to help everyone in the most effective ways? EG helping everyone become happy all the time by selflessly helping everyone by sharing free video?! http://www.WEBiversity.org

42. How best to help us all to learn not to pass on negative meems such as aggression, hate, jealousy, bitchiness, competition, ignorance (all the vices)? Educate everyone to help make themselves happy all the time for free while confronting and mastering their vices by mastering their mind. http://www.WEBiversity.org

43. How best to encourage the ignorant (who fight change the most and always think their are correct and dont have compassion for everyone because their ego is out of control) to learn to become wise by becoming selfless? What simple techniques can enable anyone to discover to become (more) wise (as we are all ignorant:)?

44. How do you know when ‘you are the problem’? As we are all ignorant we must all be causing problems all the time throught life. How best to enable us all to discover which problems we are creating and how to solve them? Educate us all to become aware of ourselves and continually learn http://www.WEBiversity.org

45. Any company that does not realise that it has to change constantly to survive will die a slow and painful death as its best talent leave to work elsewhere leaving it with the least talented ignorant selfish employees. The web has increased the speed of organisations growth and death meaning that this is not more important than ever. The employees are the company and should feel empowered to make the organisation the way they want it to be. If any employee is unhappy with an organisation they should be able to change the organisation so it contstantly improves. Running an organisation democratically is one simple way to do this but there are also other exciting ways that can be more efficient EG educating/enlightening all employees so they can form a wise meritocracy. One simple way for any organisation to constantly change is to use the free http://www.TRAIDmark.org business structure that benefits everyone.

46. How to enable that every organisation and every person does the best job that they can so they are able to help everyone as much as possible? Educate every individual for free so we all can become enlightened http://www.WEBiversity.org

47. If everyone is in the wrong job (we all probably are as we could do better work in an even better job) how to enable that we all can move on to the better job so we perform better and also so that someone else can move in to the job we vacated so they can do a better job there?! A simple way is to educate everyone for free so that we all become wise enough and empowered to move jobs so we find the best jobs. to selflessly innovate to help everyone http://www.WEBiversity.org helps.

48. How to enable everyone to be aware of the consequences of their actions so they can see when they cause others harm (be it direct or indirect action EG apathy or ignorance causing others to live unhappy lives or starve…)?  Educate everyone so we all can make ourselves happy by helping everyone else http://www.WEBiversity.org

49. What are the simplest solutions to every problem that already exist and how can we enable everyone to find them easily eg enable everyone to be happy just by teaching everyone mindfulness and selflessness by sharing knowledge to our peers AND everyone else with blogs and social media (do share this:)? What techniques and technology help everyone help everyone most by sharing and building on the knowledge of the past while enabling everyone in the present to creatively innovate so we can enhance the future beyond our expectations (so we all have to be open to constantly learning and looking for and building on our own mistakes).

50. As we all continually become more and more Enlightened/Wise (As the web/social enables us to selflessly share knowledge to help each other) how will we want to and be able to improve our society, culture and systems (Enlightenment/Wisdom is a process not an event ie we all continually learn to improve ourselves and feel happier until we die! The irony:)? How can we make all our culture and systems so they can be improved and reinvented to be much better easily over and over again (which they can already with existing web tech) so that others can selflessly help everyone? http://www.TRAIDmark.org is one free way that anyone can do this.

51. How to make it easy to spot and share the best new ideas/innovations/techniques that benefit the most people so that those that spend time and effort creating innovation that benefits everyone selflessly get rewarded so they can sustainably go on to create even greater innovation (and the 99% that fail trying to do this survive too which is a price worth paying for the 1% success). If the liars and cheats can be prevented from skimming off the profits the funds can be spent on funding new selfless innovation that benefits everyone more. At the moment the 99% that fail in capitalism loose their investment and the 1% that succeed gain the rewards. Why not enable the 1% that succeed to fund 99 new innovations with their funds so the 99% that failed can go on to learn from their failures and use that to make even more innovation that can benefit everyone? http://www.TRAIdmark.org explains more. After all success is a matter of luck as is everything in life.

52. How to enable everyone to earn a living/survive as computers/technology and new inventions replace the need for many jobs (not to mention jobs being done by workers on lower wages around the world)? For example if a whole industry looses many/all its jobs because of a new innovation say HR/Recruitment/law/secretarial what will happen to those that loose their jobs. How can mass job loss be managed so it is beneficial to everyone? We can learn from the mistakes in history looking at how the mill owners made massive profits while the hard working hand weaving industry collapsed and everyone was forced to work in dangerous conditions for lower wages or starved. How can unions be encouraged to take positive constructive action as that benefits everyone more rather than negative defensive reaction/strikes.

53. How have humans coped with the increase in change of our environment compared to the lack of change through evolution of our physical bodies and animal instincts? How will we change in the future and how can we manage this best? For example how humans cope from moving from family/small communities of trust to city/state/country/global communities of chance. How do friend and sexual selections change with different levels of knowledge, opportunities and wealth? How do masculine and feminine instincts effect how we act in modern society and how can we all learn to understand and control all animal instincts.  If we all have enough to live on what becomes life’s aims? How can ethics and morals help us all benefit everyone most? Education about these changes must be key http://www.WEBiversity.org

54. Creative/Innovation/idea theft KILLS and harms us all so why is it still a pandemic (equally innovation red tape such as patents/copywrite ironically lock in designs so the selfish gain even more at the expense of everyone)?! All successful innovations create riches for the 1% that are selfishly greedy enough to hoard all the profits from them (often not the creative/inventor but a selfish/ignorant person that has taken/stolen the innovation) which in itself is a massive problem as the funds would benefit EVERYONE including them more if they were spend on NEW INNOVATION that benefits everyone. http://www.TRAIDmark.org is one free way that anyone can solve this. ALSO this means that the 99% that tried to innovate (often the 100% as the inventor that succeeded often does not get rewarded fairly) go without any support and often loose funds making that innovation cycle unsustainable and damaging to everyone as it prevents future innovation that would benefit everyone. There are very simple solutions to these that benefit everyone but theose in controll have to be able to think outside the box and have the vision to see how much damage the existing system is dong by being cleve enough to see how much better it would be if run and managed openly.

55. As cultural/community/social/family/friendly support is fundamentally important to helping everyone enhance their lives how can we all help each other gain more support from everyone we know/of and those we are soon to meet? Educate everyone to help everyone and never to discourage anyone especially when we are threatened by their work and/or don’t understand what they are doing?  http://www.WEBiversity.org

56. How can those that don’t want power/control or to manage others get support from others so that they can share their work best (and how to educate those that want power and control that no one needs it:)? How to stop those that still think they want power/control from hoarding it? Educate everyone so we all can share the work we are doing in the most beneficial way to help everyone? http://www.WEBiversity.org

57. How can all negative effects be turned into positive outcomes?  All negatives can be turned into positives in a number of different ways. First search for the problem that you have and often solutions will be shared there. You can/will learn from the negative effect and can share that with everyone online so it becomes a positive experience. Also negative effects almost always have positive counter effects we just need to look clearly to see them.

58.  How can the current financial crisis be used to help enhance everyones lives? It is forcing government and industry to change and makes everyone appreciate what we have kept hold of. It is important that we all keep encouraging government and organisations to continue to evolve as rapidly as possible as climate change and the global shift of power are two larger storms that are yet to break on the wests shores! Educating everyone to become wise/selfless can solve all current and future problems as everyone has a supercomputer in their head and we all need to learn more so we can improve how well we use it. http://www.WEBiversity.org

59. How can we encourage organisations to change further in new directions so they can stop doing things that harm everyone and start doing new things that benefit everyone? For example how best to encourage sustainable institutional innovation and selfless management that benefits everyone? http://www.TRAIDmark.org is a free way that does this that anyone can implement?

60. If you had funds to do anything what would be the first thing that you did and why? What would be the most value for money way of doing this? Can you crowdsource the funds to do this?  What does this tell you about yourself and your aims?  Why not make it happen right now if you think it will help as many people as possible? Making everyone happy right now by sharing free video’s that help everyone could be a way to start? http:/www.WEBiversity.org

61. Make the most of your world. Imagine it, invent it, share it. Enjoy every second of life by learning to observe your mind and meditate. Specialize on what you love doing and collaborate and help everyone you meet by offering to help them using your skills (whatever they be). Simple solutions can solve the most complex problems and all problems humans have are linked to our mind/ego so often we just need to learn to improve ourselves to overcome them.

62. What simple ways are there to improve democracy/trusts so that they work more effectively at solving many/all human problems? Educating everyone for free using the web for the first time ever enables everyone to become educated so we can all learn to become selflessly wise and all live happy lives by learning to watch our mind and control our ego’s. http://www.WEBiversity.org

63. How best to enable that we all learn to beat short term ignorance with long term wisdom? For example not getting distracted to solve small local problem because it takes up your time and skills that would be better spent on simple solutions to large long term problems that may well effect everyone? Educate everyone for free about simple solutions for everyone http://www.WEBiversity.org

64. How is it best to enable government, charities, companies and individuals to fund innovation that helps everyone using new technology rather than funding the same old solutions that have not solve problems before? Who is able to help these organisations enhance what they are doing (as by not changing they are damaging everyone through a lack of innovation)? Enabling everyone to fund new innovation is key and http://wwww.TRAIDmark.org is a free way to do this. Education appears to be the solution to almost every problem and we would love to work with you to help everyone help everyone with free video http://www.WEBiversity.org

65. As disabilities change from being life threatening traits to becoming life enhancing traits (as almost every one is) how best to encourage everyone to make the most of the skills/differences that disabilities create (just like when glasses enabled the disability of bad sight to be overcome so that wisdom could be created in old age in the past:). What is the best way to celebrate the variety of talents just like the Olympics and Paralympics do with physical talents. Everyone has tallents and disabilities be they qualified/recognised by friends/work or not. What is the best way for everyone to discover their main talents and disabilities and help them overcome and celebrate all parts of everyone? Educating everyone to become selfless/wise is one way EG http://www.WEBiversity.org

66. Diversity, disability and equality benefit all so how is it best to encourge all organisations to encourage and empower everyone to act as diversely and equally as possible? Educating everyone is the first step EG http://www.WEBiversity.org how also to make sure that every organisation in the world employs divers and disabled equally as we all have different skills that can significantly enhance every organisation? Every job should have a different diversity skill that will enhance that organisations output EG Creativity.

67. How best to enable that creative innovators get into jobs when job application systems do not represent the massive value of creativity anywhere near enough? Who can improve the human resource and recruitment process asap because if creative people do not get the jobs they will not be able to innovate and therefore all organisations will be less effective in providing the services to us all so we will all lose out (and many may get harmed by this). Educating everyone is the first step EG http://www.WEBiversity.org How also to make sure that every organisation in the world employs as creative people as possible as creatives can significantly enhance every organisation? By not doing this everyone looses out so this urgently needs to be addressed.

68. How to enable those applying for work get the correct rights and respect from employers? Is there an organisation or institution that can stand up for the rights of the unemployed and job applicants? As employers are overwhelmed with applicants they do not have time to manage the workload that HR and recruitment are put under so dont have the time to give as good a service to applicants as everyone would like. What simple ways can employers enhance their services to applicants EG good personal feedback and not wasting job applicants/employees time. What simple ways can job applicants/employees stand up for their rights and prevent employees accidentally harming them EG wasting time.

69. How to enable that every minority or diverse group get respected fairly on the global scale (as we are all different and therefore minorities)  so that the known, semi known and unknown diverse minorities and majorities such as disabled/academic/creative can serve everyone most by excelling at their skills. Educating everyone to become selfless/wise is one way EG http://www.WEBiversity.org and making every organisation employ as diverse people as possible and publishing their results openly EG Creative/logical…

70. How best to prevent the selfish/ignorant from infiltrating innovative selfless enterprise (charities/gov…) and using positions in those organisations for personal gain (EG to develop their career) which often causes harm to the organisation and the global public they support/supply?  Educating everyone to become selfless/wise is one way EG http://www.WEBiversity.org and can selfless acts become part of every job application (proving you understand wisdom/selflessness and showing examples of this)?

71. How to prevent great organisations from crumbling over time as ‘inertia creeps’? What techniques and technology can prevent this? http://www.TRAIDmark.org is a free organisation structure that anyone can use to enhance their existing organisation that creates ‘Institutional Innovation’ by contantly funding new innovation and so prevents inertia and appathy.

72. How best to enable that any/all existing and new organisations can collaborate for mutual benefit in the most effective ways? Sharing everything they do openly and educating everyone to selflessly/wisely help everyone? Educating everyone to become selfless/wise is one way EG http://www.WEBiversity.org but we all need to make sure that every organisation is openly collaborating and helping everyone as much as possible and so need ways to make sure this is happening in every organisation.

73.  There is so much potential (effectively infinate) that can be created with creative innovation that it is irresponsible for any organisation (government, charity, company…) not to do all that it can to cultivate this by educating, empowering and enabling everyone to selflessly innovate for the global good. How to make all organisations fund innovation effectively as we are all loosing out as long as this is not the case with serious/deadly consequences. http:///www.TRAIDmark.org is one free way that any organisation can do this.

74. As there is almost infinate potential with creative innovation what is stopping it happening right now as the internet links up every human on the planet? Why is everyone not being entertained, educated and empowered to creatively innovate selflessly to help everyone and wider humanity right now? What simple ways are there to help everyone help everyone by being entertained, educated and empowered to be creative innovate and selfless? Educate everyone by sharing teh best free video’s and then helping everyone help everyone with free tools EG http://www.WEBiversity.org .

75. How to make everyone rich? What is rich and what do we all need? Rich economically is having more than others (which is a zero sum gain so short sighted) but richness actually is about the wealth/enjoyment/quality of life which involve skills/emotions that money can not buy like trust/love/charity. How to make it easier and more rewarding for everyone to have the same great things by sharing and collaborating on making many more great things for everyone to share? As the best things in life are free why are everyone not taught and enabled to have them? EG Happiness by learning to enjoy every second of life with free video http://www.WEBiversity.org

76. As computers/machines take over the jobs that humans used to do what are the future jobs going to be like and how can we invent/create the best jobs for everyone to do so we can all help each other the most? The rich and ‘clever’ will all have jobs and be able to survive any way they choose se we all need to work on ways to help the less ‘clever’ or disabled (often have different ignored skills) have the most usefull jobs (so they are not a burden on society by working in wasteful ways or on the dole). How to empower everyone to invent their own jobs by creating new innovation? http://www.WEBiversity.org helps empower anyone.

75. How best to turn all vice’s into virtues best? Educate everyone to master their own minds. Eg http://www.WEBiversity.org and manage them so they pay tax and donate profits to innovative charitable use EG http://www.TRAIDmark.org

76.  How best to protect the innocent, naive, vulnerable, complacent and us all from age old vices and crimes that are being reinvented using new technology? Legalise the vice/unethical industries and manage them so they donate profits to charitable use and regulate globally with clever preventative solutions.

77. How best to modify any illegal or unethical activities so they benefit everyone? Legalise and manage any activity so that it pays tax and can be managed so it generates profits that can be donated in  charitable ways EG http://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/ making gambling generate funds for charitable use.

78. How to protect and prevent industries from being damaged/killed with new innovation that causes mass joblessness and other negative effects?  Making sure that new technology and innovation does not benefit a few at the expense of many/all EG by making sure all new innovation/technology uses its profits to fund new innovation that benefits everyone http://www.WEBiversity.org ?

79. As older and more conservative conformist people get left behind because technology is moving so fast how can we make sure that the older more conservative conformist people that make important decisions are not holding the youth and therefore progress back with out of date culture/mentalities?  EG many organisations are now out of date and using the wrong techniques and technology now that the web and social media is here. How can we make these organisations and people evolve rapidly so they do not continue to damage everyone with their lack of innovation? Educate everyone to empower all http://www.WEBiversity.org and can every organisation/person be made to continually innovate compassionately EG with free business structures http://www.TRAIDmark.org so we all benefit?

80. As the more you know the more you know you dont know or even understand the wise therefore learn to reduce the amount of information we have access to or ordering and organising it. How best to organise the webs information to reduce duplication/confusion and ignorance? Highlight and share the best information/video EG video that makes all happier http://www.WEBiversity.org

81. What invisible effects/consequences are some of us and also all of us not aware of and what positive and negative effects do they have? EG information overload and confusion leads to ignorance no matter how much quality information is provided so rather than concentrating on creating more information that creates more confusion we can concentrate on ordering what already exists so everyone can learn how to manage information/confusion with simple techniques such as mindfullness and meditation and self awareness/control http://www.WEBiversity.org helps.

82. As everyone has the potential to help everyone how can government and organisations allow or even let us enhance their services so that they can educate and empower everyone to do this? It is simple to do we just need government and organisations to allow us to enhance their work (everyone is suffering and many are dying because government and organisations are not doing this well enough). Educating everyone to become selfless is one way to do this http://www.WEBiversity.org

83. What is the best way to reduce the wasteful duplication across society and the web? Create open selfless techniques and technology that benefit everyone as we can then all share the same single innovations. oe way to do this is to enable any organisation to run as an open source creative commons organisation that uses 100% net profit (or surplus funds) to fund new innovation that benefits everyone. http://www.TRAIDmark.org explains more.

84.  Everything is open if we all share right:) Are there not simple solutions to many of humanities problems (as we are all humans our psychological needs/desires are learned so we can simply solve them by helping everyone to learn to enjoy simple pleasures in life? Would love to help all your work and to do this by organising sharing video eg http://www.webiversity.org

85. We have utopia right now just some people are rushing past the moment to try and find some future utopia (the future never arrives but we are all stuck in the present and we can all make our own present blissful with mindfulness right:)

86. Google+/twitter & Android have so much potential as they allow us all to question the limits of Facebook and Apple’s iphone. The question is how far and fast will software giants/monopolies allow society/humanity to innovate/evolve beyond the status quo created by IBM then Apple then Microsoft then Apple (again) then Google (again:).

87. What are the largest innovations and limitations of mobile computing? How can we all enhance mobile software so that it can serve us all best? For example so that it enables us all to make ourselves happy by helping others and by reducing stress and illness by reducing the information overload that is causing confusion and ignorance? For example how can we enable everyone to share selfless knowlege & wisdom to help everyone live happy lives right now (just by sharing on social media?) http://www.WEBiversity.org

88. Is it a human right to have access to all the worlds information for free via the free open source web from an open source mobile phone? As the access to information is as vital a resource as any other piece of infrastructure such as roads/electricity should this not be provided by governments/organisations free to the world? This can be done and would have significantly more positive effects plus would create many new jobs and industries.

89. How can we help all societies improve and change so that everyone can have better lives with simple changes? What is the best way to prioratize what everyone concentrates on and learns so that we can all serve each other best?

90. What is the best way to enable those that waste their careers working on pointless zero sum gain industries so that they can work on cumulative sum gain industries where they create wealth by creatively innovating? We have been working on a few simple ways that this can be done that benefits everyone and are looking to work with programmers and others interested in making innovative charitable organisations EG http://www.WEBiversity.org Help make Free Art to help everyone live happier lives. EG http://www.MUSTart.org & http://www.trustlibrary.org

91. As all people can create solutions to all problems how can all Government, Organisations, Companies and Individuals enable everyone to do this?  Why are they not all doing this well now & how to make them do this more effectively than they appear to be doing now? The upside potential is almost infinite so everything can be enhanced by everyone simply by using existing and new techniques and technology. EG simply helping everyone to have happy lives and/by learning the wisdom to selflessly help everyone by sharing and organising existing video http://www.WEBiversity.org 

92. How can we all enable all organisations to make selfless actions that will benefit everyone the most rather than selfish actions that actually harm everyone (including themselves)? For example why not get all governments to spend funds on preventing conflict rather than on arms. And spend funds on safe innovations such as Thorium for nuclear power rather than on

93. All charity and Government can be reinvented so that it is run by volunteers in innovative new ways. How can any/all hariies and government educate, enable and empower us all to do this so they can benefit everyone most?

94. Creatives can solve all problems so how can Government and charities educate, empower and sustain creatives so that they can then solve every problem? EG inspire with http://www.WEBiversity.org

95. How can specialists in any one field be enabled/empowered/funded to use their skills to support and encourage others in different fields to enhance their work? EG how can programmers be enabled o help support every other amateur/professional person so that they can solve the problems that they already know the answers to (but don’t have the skills to solve:)?

96. How can everyone be enabled/empowered to help everyone right now using the skills and resources that we all have in sustainable ways using existing and re/invented techniques and technologies?

97. How to prevent anyone from competing in a zero sum gain competition/game so that people do not waste their lives taking resources from others but use their lives to create/invent extra value that can benefit everyone (by being shared)?

98. How best to help the frustrated that know better ways (the problems and solutions) to do every/anything so they can help others more? How best to educate and empower the relaxed or lazy so they are aware or empowered enough to solve problems that they can solve using their skills and resources?

99. As so many significant improvements can be made to EVERYONES lives using EXISTING and SIMPLE techniques and technology how is it best to enabl

About Whymandesign

Creative Social Media Manager. May I creatively help enhance your work with you? I create and enhance innovative products and services using new techniques and technology. I understand the potential of productions that: entertain, educate and empower and are always looking to work with forward thinking partners. http://www.WHYmanDESIGN.com

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