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#share to #helpall #educate #ignorant #selfish to be #wise #selfless @WEBiversity #os #cc #nfp #gov #tedx #yeswecan #bigsociety #rhok What simple ways are there to help everyone help everyone? A. How can we help the wise selfless educate the ignorant selfish while protecting the wise and innocent from the ignorant selfish using competition or bullying to get their way? Share the best educational video in the right order with everyone you know eg http://www.WEBiversity.org B. As our mind and therefore world is what we make of it everyone can invent the perfect mind and life and therefore world by repeatedly thinking about the GOOD things that you want in life every day. All anyone has to do is constantly remind themselves and everyone they know to think about the good things in life and in everyone so we all can help each other have happier lives selflessly and this makes us all happy. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Thandie-Newton-n-nhn-s-khc-bit C. What solutions did our ancestors create to solve any problem (as almost all problems are a social/psychological problem? EG What did the Greek tragedies teach about selfishness competition and intellectual property or resource ownership? http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Kevin-Starr-Lasting-Impact D. Who has the right to ‘own’ something that was probably discovered by someone else before them anyway? What simple ways are there to solve this? Eg make all ip open so only those that do research for the love do it (rather than selfish people?) How can a non living company own the genetics of life forms? E. How best to enable anyone to create a fund new innovation? Eg how to commission a number of videos about how being selfless makes anyone happy? We can pay anyone who would like to make this so contact us with details of what video you want to make? F. Everything can be invented and reinvented now that the web links up everyone and everything. Every problem can now be solved due to the web linking us all up as we can collaborate selflessly on solving them. This means that we can (and always could) relax as humanity is continually learning more and therefore getting wiser so we will all eventually learn to become selfless and so will all be able to live in selfless harmony where everyone is happy all are time. G. If fame/riches are taken away from everyone by replacing the proven to be outdated ignorant and selfish competition model with wise and selfless collaboration models then we all learn to do things we love so we all make ourselves happy by selflessly helping others and this can prevent almost all human problems while moving all the money in the world from bank accounts into the hands of inventors so they can invent new solutions to help everyone. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Zeitgeist-The-Movie-Full-Movie H. What are the biggest known (visible) and unknown (hidden) problems and how to choose the best ways to solve them and share this with everyone so that duplication and scale do not cause confusion and therefore ignorance (how to organise the web in a responsible way)? I. What are the largest and smallest hidden effects that change the way humans and society work? EG how does the almost infinate amount of video, information and data affect how humans address knowledge? We get information overload then learn that you dont need to know everything or even anything as long as you know how to live in your own world. This also leads on to how humans can organise their own minds so we all can continue to learn and improve eg like software is improved and enhanced over time. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/ZEITGEIST-II-ADDENDUM-FULL-MO-2 J. Why have the many different types of selfless wisdom from the past not been passed on to everyone who lives today? As selfless wisdom has proven to benefit everyone why has it been prevented from being taught to everyone so we all can live happy lives by being selfless? What are the best ways for the information and knowledge that exists today to be used to benefit everyone in wise selfless ways? Shared openly for free so that we all learn to become wise and therefore selfless as we all have what we need right know but just need to continually learn and be reminded to selflessly help everyone so we all become happy by doing this. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Kymatica-full-length K. What is the best way to enable anyone to create an open source charity product/service using evolving software technology? at the moment almost everyone is prevented from doing this by closed siloed software that is restricted and controlled by closed for profit or narrow minded organisations. How best to liberate humans and our data and connections from this erosion to a closed siloed state of the web?! L. As founders syndrome (often called Founderitis) causes problems how is it best to enable all technology to interact and work together so that anyone can innovate and develop any technology? How to prevent Founder Syndrome (where a founder prevents an organisation from progressing) This appears to be a problem that affects every organisation and is prob linked to the human ego. Where any human creates something (that is like their little baby) so they go back into basic animal instincts of competition (instead of compassion). What is the best video on youtube that you have seen that educates anyone about selfless wisdom and that they can make their life great all the time just by training their brain to care for everyone? M. How is it best to enable any organisation or person or technology to link up and collaborate in safe ways so they dont have to build trust or ‘click’ due to cultural/social dynamics? Eg how could it be possible to help link up http://www.wikipedia.org & http://www.archive.org & http://www.miro.org so they all benefit from selflessly collaborating? Or how could it be possible to integrate http://www.chamilo.org with http://www.bettermeans.org and http://wwww.drupal.org & http://www.drumbeat.org & so that anyone can use any part however they want with no technical skill? N. How its it best to enable all decentralised networks to continually evolve so they don’t get out of date and hold everyone back eg email and texting! O. What is a better tool to replace emails and group emails as they take up everyones time? Commenting on an open list on a responsible platform? what platform would this be? P. How best to enable that no one can use money to harm other humans? Make all money accountable transparent eg http://www.opencharities.org http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Inside-Job-Narrated-by-Matt-Dam Can you help collaborate on these tweets? Re-tweet this blog post if you can… Anyone can take over any #com & make into an #org:)! eg @Traidmark #drumbeat @proactivepaul @msurman @opencorporates @opencharities #nhtg11 We can help more at ow.ly/9ZPvr eg @Webiversity @SummitD @tiffanystjames @TheNextWeb @rewiredstate #MIPBoatHack #MIPCube #rhok We can help more at ow.ly/9ZPqv eg @Webiversity @SummitD @tiffanystjames @TheNextWeb @rewiredstate #MIPBoatHack #MIPCube #rhok Can we help @Wikipedia eg @tiki_search @TiddlyWiki @Webiversity RT @jimmy_wales @tinucherian @JakobHammarback #jimmywales #Wikipedia #wmcon Can we help eg @Webiversity & @Traidmark RT @Trev_Morris #8bitgiving #rhok #sicamp @tiki_search #tikiwiki #drumbeat ow.ly/9ZMJC Can we help eg @Webiversity & @Traidmark RT @Trev_Morris: RT @jvgreenaway: “@Pocket_Watch @jvgreenaway @drakekin” #8bitgiving #rhok #sicamp Simplicity is heaven complexity is hell? Is the simplest answer always the best one? Do we often overlook the best simple answer by striving to achieve things? EG Does everyone just have to relax and do what they LOVE doing as they will then be happy when ‘working’ and become a craftsperson due to their passion so will then go on to exceed anyone’s expectations? 1. Nothing in life really matters as we barely understand the vastness of TIME, SPACE, OTHER DIMENSIONS, Before the big bang, After the big crush… Therefore 2. Solve all your problems in life by doing work that you love (as you will enjoy your life and be a success and therefore not need riches/vice) Therefore 3. Enjoy every second as you experience it by reminding your mind to enjoy every breath you take and not to worry about things that your culture/society has imposed on you. Therefore 4. Train your mind so you can live in bliss all through life as it is THE WAY YOU INTERPRET LIFE that makes it good or bad!!!! Therefore 5. Love everyone for who they are with the flaws and merits that everyone has in different ways as everyone is and can be even greater with tolerance and more education. What is our culture and society making us do without knowing it? Who does our actions harm (and who does our actions NOT help as much as it should?)? What things are you doing without knowing it and how can we all discover the many things and effects we are having without knowing it (in the same way that humans did many activities in the past that are illegal today what things are we doing now that we could stop instantly)? How can we help everyone discover their talents and flaws and the benefit/damage we all accidentally do to each other? Share the best free video’s you find with everyone eg http://www.WEBiversity.org What are the most important causes int he world? Help all women have equal rights as men so female (compassionate, nurturing, sustainable) traits can help societies help everyone way more than we can now. What is the best way to do this? Share all video that empowers women and men to do anything they want eg http://www.WEBiversity.org Everything can be enhanced right now simply with creativity… Everything can be solved with creativity and innovation as there is almost infinite possibility with reinventing things to work better. If you have a problem or cause or idea that you want to enhance do ask by emailing me and i will help you creatively innovate for free ( for a trial period (happy to take a percentage of the money that we save you to spend on new charity innovation to save lives). I have proven examples of doing this previously when working for the BBC and a number of large charities on creating simple innovations that save money and enhance services. More at http://www.whymandesign.com Here is one free example of how i can help you enhance any product or service that you have with one simple process for free. All you have to do is turn the product and/or service into a charity so that every penny of net profit that is created is then donates to be spend on NEW INNOVATION that benefits everyone. You gain by getting MASSIVE GOODWILL so enhance your success and you can then get rich on performance pay http://www.TRAIDmark.org explains more. This means that we can enhance any existing product or service so that it helps everyone in many different ways. For example I can photograph or film or livestream any event you are running for charity where 100% of the net profit from this process goes to charity. Contact http://www.whymandesign.com with your enquiries. A. How best to help organisations or individuals that do great work to continue to make the most of their discoveries/luck by continually building on it in an open selfless way so that everyone benefits the most? EG run any project/organisation as a charity or not for profit that invests any funds raised in NEW innovation that benefits everyone. http://www.TRAIDmark.org explains more. B. How to help publishers journalist innovate with open minds so that they help everyone learn the simple skills everyone needs to enhance their lives (eg meditation…)? How can the uneducated majority of the public make publishers, journalists… publish the most useful and relevant journalism so we all continually become enlightened with relevant news? Can a simpel formula be created for this eg (number of people affected) times by (number of people that could be affected in the future. Also should all journalism be explained in a journalism ledger so we know the reason why certain stories are published and others are not? Maybe http://www.WEBiversity.org can help? C. What are the best simple ways to help everyone help everyone selflessly? Share all the good things you know with as many people as possible eg on Facebook/Twitter so we all learn from each other. Ask important questions and ask for help so that we know how best to help each other in the most effective ways. Reducing the confusion of too much information on the web by ignoring un-useful information that does not selflessly educate everyone. Create free ways that everyone can help everyone eg http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org & http://www.TRAIDmark.org D. How best to link up people, objects, data… so we can all benefit from the network effect? There are many simple ways that this can be done but the question is why have not Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Mozilla… not already interlinked just people together well. Why do we all still have to put up with the status quo of basic Liking or friend of a friend networks. So much more can be achieved simply so the question is how to make all organisations innovate selflessly and sustainably so they benefit everyone the most? E. Why do selfless and open source products and services not get as much support as they should? Selfless and open source productions benefit everyone so everyone should support them rather than compete with them. How is it best to get all government and organisations to fund open source work and cleverly innovate with creative people so they can save money and create wealth for everyone? F. This leads on to the question of why does it take so long (even with the web) for positive wisdom to become shared through society/humanity? Does this just come down to simple psychology and the human ego still causing so many humans to compete for ignorant objectives? Is sharing wisdom all we need to do then to help everyone learn to enjoy every second of life? Eg http://www.WEBiversity.org G. How best to help the next wave of technology so that it can be used to benefit the most people? Should all new technology be open so everyone can benefit the most from it? All the old out of date laws need to be reassessed as this is easily possible given the power of the web, the network effect and mobile access everywhere in the world. H. Everything needs to be made accessible to everyone in order to have a globally democratic world where access is king. Fundamentally all new technology needs to be designed so that it is easy to use by everyone and so that everyone can contribute to the development of the technology and exceed anyones expectations as the amateur cottage industry is on the edge where most innovation comes from. Any technology that is not accessible for everyone to EASILY learn how to use AND develop therefore has a fundamental design flaw and will harm everyone by restricting progress/innovation I. Why is there not a simple database of organised information that enables anyone to quickly see all the problems in the world ordered in priority and linked to all the solutions that people are working on? Wikipedia is the nearest to this but why has Wikipedia not been developed as there are so many extra simple features that could easily be added and would solve many humanitarian problems And could raise sustainable income for Wikipedia. How to contact wikipedia and other organisations about this so that they implement them? J. How to enable and empower everyone to help everyone and every organisation to take on board simple suggestions that can easily improve their work AND their service for the global public? Is there a simple way to implement this so that any suggestion that is made is recorded and managed openly in a responsible way? Could all online comments/social media be integrated so that they are all collected and ordered so they can be assessed and build on openly? K. How can the public stand up for their rights in the most effective ways? Demonstrations and political battles appear to be a zero sum gain so dont have the most positive effect. Surely it is better to enable and empower everyone to solve the problems that they are campaigning about. How best to do this eg using and building on web data and social media? Educate and empower everyone first eg http://www.WEBiversity.org L. What simple ways are there to help everyone have fulfilling lives while earning a living doing jobs they enjoy that also help everyone? Can the craft culture be rebuild and sustained so that everyone can get the most out of life by enjoying the craft of making things to help others? M. What is the best way to make all organisations and individuals creatively innovate more so we all can help everyone the most through innovation improving everything we do? Should all organisations donate a percent of their net profit to new selfless charitable innovation? http://www.TRAIDmark.org explains more. N. All organisation and members of the public need to be empowered and enabled so they can help everyone more selflessly. How best to do this with education eg http://www.WEBiversity.org O. All Finance organisations need to be regulated on a Global scale and do what is best for the global population (which essentially are the investors into the banking system with their retirement pension funds). How can the public make this happen? EG all pensions could be invested in funds that only invest in innovation that benefits everyone? http://www.TRAIDmark.org explains more. 1. What is wealth and how can everyone have a fair amount so we all can live the best lives with the greatest health and happiness? Wealth is relative so as a few gain more everyone else gets relatively poorer (as it is a zero sum gain so the rich are effectively taking from the poor!)! This means that just by taking money away from the richest it in fact makes all the poor relatively richer (and also makes the richest happier as giving your wealth away to help others selflessly makes anyone happy)! Then the funds that are taken away can then be spent on new open innovation that benefits EVERYONE as it can then be given away for everyone to use eg inventions such as the bicycle or use or fire. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/This-Economys-Winners-and-Loser;search:wealth 2. How is it best to turn negatives into positives? Every negative thing can be used as a learning point or starting point on which to create a cure. Often logical mathematically minded people (or people who think they know everything!) think that one plus one has to equal two when in fact using innovation and creativity can mean that illogical and unexpected outcomes can happen that add things with value in new ways. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Jonah-Lehrer-Creative-Insights;search:creative 3. Can all failing/bankrupt businesses be saved by turning them into charities? This can be done simply and will enable all employees of any business to keep their jobs so will boost any economy. The business then will be able to pay back any owed money sustainably so everyone wins as employees keep their jobs and no one loses any funds PLUS the organisation is run as a sustainable charity that then donates all future profits to innovative charity work. http://www.TRAIDmark.org explains more and we can help explain if you need more details. This business structure is easy to implement and can be used to create brand new self sustaining charity work that invent new jobs for anyone in sustainable ways. It also creates institutional innovation so any organisation can become far more innovative because all net profit is then invested in new innovative charitable work so problems are always solved with new innovation that is therefore more efficient. 4. As innovation = wealth why not enable everyone to create innovation and manage that innovation in the best way that benefits everyone by managing it in an open sharing way so that those in need get helped and those with surplus share it (so they actually gain by having happier lives by selflessly helping others and having less!:). http://www.TRAIDmark.org is one simple business structure that helps this. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Kevin-Starr-Lasting-Impact;search:poor 5. As technology and computers continue to evolve they will take over more and more of the jobs that humans do/did so almost all humans will become unemployed with no jobs for them to work on! Just as was proven in the last technological revolution (the industrial revolution) this means that a few will get vast wealth & power while a massive group will lose their wealth as their skills are devalued so will go into poverty. how to prevent this from happening? The best way is to make all new innovation cooperatively owned by everyone so that the funds can then be used most effectively to spend on effective innovation that benefits everyone in the most useful ways. http://www.TRAIDmark.org is one way to do this. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Justice-Whats-The-Right-Thing-7;search:poor 6. As every cause has an effect we should observe every change that humans create and find the (often hidden) effects of what we are doing EG global warming and wealth creation inflation/devaluation… This needs to be carefully managed by the population/government to protect everyone (often from their ego). http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Kevin-Starr-Lasting-Impact;search:poor 7. All public services need to be reinvented using simple technology such as the web, open data, social and mobile… This can be done easily and cheaply and quickly but governments and organisations need to give the public permission and empower them to do this. http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/RSA-Animate-Changing-Education;search:public 8. All online advice EG Knowledge/Healthcare needs to be organised and moderated /regulated in a responsible non partisan ethical way so that we all can only find accurate information. The same needs to be done for all information as there is a massive danger that inaccurate information harms everyone and can kill. Can we work with you to share the best free online video eg http://www.WEBiversity.org 9. What simple techniques are the best way to help everyone? EG learning to be selfless so everyone makes themselves happy by helping others http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Self-Absorption-and-Selflessnes;search:selfless and watching/listening to music every day? http://www.ikaraoke.org 10. What are the best ways to enable all future innovation to be managed in the best way eg in an open decentralised way that is run like a democracy but more efficiently so that it can evolve and innovate fast enough to compete with others?! Should all innovation be opensourced automatically as all ideas are always there it just takes one lucky person to find them? How is the best way to fund Research and development in a fair way so that everyone can take part in this and then distribute this effectively so it benefits everyone the most? http://www.TRAIDmark.org is one way to do this. What are the best ways to help everyone help everyone? Techniques AND Technology are both needed. For Example… Is ‘The Secret’ the best way to help everyone discover that they already have the happiness they need with the Law Of Attraction http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/The-Secret-Full-Movie How best to enable everyone to learn this and more? What do you think about the Inside Job Film about the Banking System and Commercial Failure? http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Inside-Job-Narrated-by-Matt-Dam How best to solve these problems? 1. Techniques can be shared best using video. What are the best video’s that can be used to help everyone? Do view some at http://www.WEBiversity.org and share video at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_352077702670 2. Protect support AND enhance creative people as they HELP EVERYONE! Everyone can be creative but has to put in a lot of time and effort to practice and develop this skill. For this reason everyone who is creative should be very wary of others that want them to create/innovate for free as this is the most common way that the UNcreative people try to steal ideas/creativity so that they can then own and control it for personal gain (rather than for the benefit of everyone on the planet equally). As is so often the way those that dont have the skills dont understand the value of it or how much more they could do with what they have if they had the creative skills. For this reason it is important that ‘idea theft’ and ‘creative stealing’ are not allowed to take place as this is the silent killer that prevents innovation and progress so we all pay the price through lack of innovation that damages everyone and even kills! http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/RSA-Animate-Changing-Education;search:creativity 3. Educate everyone so we all become wise by learning from everyone about how to be selfless. http://www.WEBiversity.org EG 4. Technology can be created as open source decentralised software that enables EVERYONE to build on it in a diverse range of ways? http://diasporafoundation.org/ are doing this in one great way. Do you know anyone we could work with to use existing open source software to make simple and innovative charity websites that help everyone? eg this free education prototype http://www.WEBiversity.org that helps anyone live a happy life just by sharing existing free video? If so please share their details on http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_352077702670 100+ ways to help everyone help everyone be happy?… What did Napoleon Hill miss if anything about enabling everyone to have a happy life? http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Napoleon-Hill-Parts-1-and-2-Thi 21. As we all are constantly learning and ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ how best to enable everyone to learn the most important life lessons? EG most of us have learned NOT to: murder/rape/steal so what should we all learn such as to make ourselves and everyone happy by helping everyone selflessly. EG http://www.WEBiversity.org has videos to inspire and help everyone have happier lives?! 22. What simple ways can we all enhance any/every organisation so that they serve everyone best so we all benefit? A. Run the organisation as an innovation funding charity http://www.TRAIDmark.org explains how everyone including the founders benefit. Any charity, government or profit making company can be enhanced by doing this and we would love to help you do this as you and everyone benefit. B. Educate everyone for free with simple techniques and existing technology by sharing the best free video on the web. Do help us do this as everyone can be happy all the time if we all learn more EG Mindfulness… http://www.WEBiversity.org C. Help pay everyone to creatively innovate selflessly. This is possible and can be done right now if leaders can creatively innovate enough to do this. We can show you how to do this. 23. Time and happiness are all anyone has as you can not buy a second of time for love nor money. Helping everyone master their own mind (their own world) so they can observe and enjoy the simplest beauty in every second of life is therefore the most important lesson everyone should learn. Once this is mastered anyones life is improved for ever and they will therefore find greater success and happiness due to their Positive Mental Attitude PMA. Help http://www.WEBiversity.org share this with everyone by sharing the best free video. 24. If you don’t know what to do with your life search the web for things you like and share them with your peers (as many people as possible) so you can help them enhance their lives too. By sharing what you find you will soon discover what your interested in and find a passion that will enrich your life:) This can quickly lead to setting up your own enterprise by creating and selling things that you like to make. 25. Who owns all the worlds money and what would they want that money to do? Probably to benefit everyone as effectively as possible as money is a means to an end and not an end in itself (as it is stored labour). How to help those that have money to use it in the most beneficial way to benefit everyone (which benefits them as everyone helps them too:) http://www.TRAIDmark.org http://www.gapminder.org 26. As TIME is the most valuable resource that we have (and essentially all we have:) how can we help everyone organise their lives even better so we all make the most of the time we have? Educate everyone so we all can help each other with positive mental attitudes, time management, less sleep… Also how can we empower technology service providers to reduce the time that they waste (with bad UI/X/search and service design)? http://www.WEBiversity.org 27. REinvent everything! The web has enabled us to reinvent everything. Everything can be reinvented for bad, for good or for beyond our wildest dreams amazing! How do we want everything to be reinvented? Do we want the selfless best for everyone (which benefits us most too) or do we want the selfish best for ourselves at the expense of everyone (which actually harms ourselves in the short and long run)? Simple is we enable everyone to learn to become wise with free education then everyone can coexist having the happiest lives possible! Help http://www.WEBiversity.org do this? 28. UNeconomics? What is the best economic system that benefits everyone? What is money actually worth (its real value and most effective use) and who needs it most? Which economic institutions are thinking open mindedly about new ways to reinvent economics now that the web links up the world and can scale products and services almost infinitely? http://wwww.TRAIdmark.org 29. Relax as the world and humanity will be saved from itself (human ego) because the web interlinks everyone to each other and knowledge so we can all help each other to learn to become wise and more accountable.How best to encourage this process so it speeds up to help everyone? Educate everyone free by helping everyone you meet and sharing the best free video? Make sure you and everyone you know are enjoying every second of life by helping others (which makes you happy:) as that is all anyone needs to have in life http://www.WEBiversity.org 30. Reasoning out of ignorance. Even if selflessness is a selfish act (helping others as it helps you) selflessness is a wiser activity as we all need each other to progress further so we can all solve the present and future health and survival issues that affect us all. Even if we dont know what use some of the other people on the planet have we all need them as they may provide important solutions that benefit part or all of us. The problem arises with people we ‘think’ are having a negative effect on society/humanity as we are not to know if they are also having a positive effect in the long term or if they are in the right and that we are actually in the wrong?! Ignorance appears to be most dangerous in those that are adament that they are always correct (which is highly improbable). 31. What are the most important things in life and how can we help everyone gain this using the web? The most important things in life are 1. happiness 2. Love 3. passion/enjoying work 4… What simple ways are there to enable everyone has this? 1. Happiness can be learned by anyone by asking friends how they do it and/org using free video’s from the web EG http://www.WEBiversity.org 2. Love for everyone can be found by learning compassion for everyone and reminding yourself how beautiful everyone is inside and out (and can be found by asking friends to match you up or using social media:) 3. Passion and enjoying work can be found by gaining career advice from friends/family/colleagues and watching empowering video online EG http://www.WEBiversity.org 32. UNorganisation. How to help everyone help everyone responsibly? What is the best way to enable everyone to creatively innovate to solve as many problems as possible AND share the solution in the best way to help everyone? Share simple techniques that anyone can do/use. EG Make your own free http://www.TRUSTlibrary.org in minutes or share empowering video at http://www.WEBiversity.org How can we all earn an income so we can survive while concentrating on solving the most important problems using creative innovation AND helping the 99% that fail to survive too? The 1% that gain success owe a debt of gratitude to the 99% that failed trying as everything in life is luck anyway. Can everyone work on solving the worlds most important problems while earning an income (we we all use the supercomputer in our heads)? How best to enable this to happen? 33. How to help those that ‘succeed’ to have compassion for everyone and those that ‘fail’ to feel empowered to create their own success (or enjoy/appreciate the success they have created). The one percent that gain success owe so much to society for supporting them and to our ancestors for providing prior knowledge not to mention the ninety-nine percent who failed (as they are needed in order that one percent succeed) that they need to be made accountable by using the riches they acquire responsibly and effectively by funding more innovation to solve the most important problems effectively. 34. What if no one owned anything?! Then only those that want to work hard to help others would work hard and therefore progress would be significantly improved as the selfish ignorant would not be in the way making space for the selfless wise to collaborate. This is starting to happen as more and more successful people are becoming wise enough to realize that they are successful by luck. One problem could be those that are not successful but still struggle in the middle or organisations 35. How to help the ignorant selfish become aware of and control their ego so they can combat their vice and enhance their virtues? What events and/or activities help us all to learn more so we can selflessly help everyone? Can existing popular events b e enhanced with selfless acts that help everyone learn like selfless flash mobs? Or just by sharing selfless video on social media EG http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Srikumar-Rao-at-AwesomenessFest 36. We are and may always be swimming through pea soup in order to find the ‘best’ content that is most ‘relevant’ and ‘wisest’ (as new information is always being discovered and old content/information is being forgotten/lost and rediscovered). What simple techniques and technology can sustainably ensure that the most ‘relevant’ and ‘wise’ content is found first and that ignorant/selfish bad ‘rat race’ ‘NON cumulative sum gain’ industries do not corrupt information/knowledge? Learn from the past how humans regulated other humans and enhance the proven techniques EG communities/society trust/respect education/wisdom. 37. There is a massive problem where by the selfish/ignorant often get paid for doing selfish/ignorant negative work (cumulative sum loss) or while doing nothing and the selfless/wise often do not get paid/enough to do enlightened creative innovative work that benefits everyone. One solution is to educate and enlighten everyone so we all become wise enough to selflessly collaborate to help all EG http://www.WEBiversity.org . Another is to pay everyone a set equal pay and enable everyone to do as creative and innovative selfless/wise work so we all are empowered and have the freedom to help everyone help all. The significant enhancement in output will prove how massive an improvement this is and how bad it was that we did not Posted 2 minutes ago 0 responses Comment Leave a Comment Name: Email: Homepage: Want to skip this stuff? Login with any of the following: Register or login to Posterous Sign in with Twitter Comment: Viewed 1 times To Posterous, Love Metalab

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