Solve all problems by sharing selfless video = hapiness? eg @WEBiversity #os #cc #nfp #gov #tedx #rhok #bigsociety #yeswecan

How best to help everyone learn to selflessly help everyone as it benefits everyone most if everyone is selfless? Educate everyone by sharing the best free video that educates about being selfless eg;search%3Aself

Do take a few minutes to read all the points below as they can help you help everyone simply…

Every problem can be solved right now if any/every individual and organisation educated and empowered everyone to learn to become selfless wise and creative. This can be done simply just by everyone sharing the best educational videos that they find that teach about selflessness (if we don’t all share selfless videos then humanity could become a selfish ignorant state like it has been in the past. This does not need to be the case any more now that the internet enables everyone to help everyone selflessly and importantly that we know know that being selfless benefits everyone and being selfish harms everyone). Do share the videos at

1. Solving any problem simply
What are the simplest and most effective ways to help everyone solve human problems? Is there a better way than to educate and empower everyone to selflessly create? eg

What are the most effective ways to help anyone collaborate creatively in selfless and efficient ways that benefit everyone while protecting everyone and selfless ideas from the selfish ignorant that can easily abuse systems/processes? Is the best way to educate everyone in simple proven ways to be aware of and regulate the selfish ignorant eg ?

What is the best way to help anyone fund any innovation? One proven way of doing this that humans have been doing since the beginning of time is to crowdsource and crowdfund the creative innovation in a selfless way. This has become even easier to do with the telephone and the web as now anyone anywhere in the world can help with any project. This only works well if the project is run in a selfless way that benefits everyone eg as a charity that donates all net profit created from the innovation to fund new innovation that benefits everyone as this will enable anyone to selflessly collaborate eg wikipedia. More details of how this can be done are at

How best to prevent the selfless ignorant making land grabs of natural resources, ideas, talent… for selfish ignorant personal gain at the expense of humanity (in many proven ways this happens with lots of proven research already online)? Is the best way to make all orgaisations run as selfless organisations that have to donate 100% of their net profit into new innovative ways to solve all human problems? This would mean that everyone would work harder and collaborate more as they would be working towards solving important problems that benefit everyone rather than just making people richer!)? It would also benefit the rich and poor alike more as many of the problems that hurt them most will be solved (eg cancer…)

How best to help everyone get distracted less by the vices/obsessions eg shiny new things such as fashion/football/news/gossip and use that wasted time on helping solve problems that affect us all in fun ways? How can every individual do this and also how can government do this? Is educating everyone constantly via video the best way eg

How best to help humans prevent themselves from getting brainwashed by their culture and community so that humans dont get corrupted into thinking they are doing good when they are doing bad? Is educating everyone to think differently the best way eg

How best to enable anyone to evolve what they are doing so that it benefits everyone more eg just by collecting for charity while they are doing what they normally do? What is the best way to help any leisure activity raise funds for new innovative ways to solve charitable problems so people get healthier and raise funds sustainably to help everyone?

2. Being paid to solve human problems right now?
Would you like a job in a tech startup that saves lives like a charity but solves human problems with an open source mentality? Can we help you do this in simple proven ways?

Do you know anyone that would be interested in being paid to use and develop open source software that enables anyone to selflessly collaborate on creative innovation more effectively

Do you know anyone that has an idea or a startup that needs funding or support?

Do you know any programmers that would like to use their skills to use existing and create new open source software to help everyone solve humanitarian problems?

If you or anyone you know are interested in these please contact as we would like to work with you.

3. How to help every individual manage humanity and society from the ground up to protect everyone from elites/unknowns!
As humanity develops how best to help everyone learn the skills to cope with new techniques and technology?
Can slogans such as “Keep Calm and Carry On” help or is more needed to help everyone learn to cope in a fast changing agile and interconnected world? Should everyone be taught to master their meind and become selfless and wise before being given other knowledge that could damage everyone?

As every human can be taught/trained to learn and become anything how best to enable everyone to make the most of their capabilities and mind (almost infinite potential) and how best to protect everyone from accidentally learning ‘bad’ things either from our personal, cultural or humanities past or from new bad habits that humans learn? Is educating everyone with proven videos the best way such as

How best to enable everyone to earn a living while creatively innovating to benefit everyone? Can the barter/trust system support this or are new forms of ethical payment needed? What if everyone became a sole trader would that add responsibility and liability to organisations actions?

How to protect the innocent best? Is educating everyone to learn the proven science behind being selfless and how many i/rational and un/common sense views/approaches are in/correct? Can thought processes such as those created by Eduard De Bono and the Singularity help us all learn or will they be used by an elite ignorant few as has been proven over and over again in the past?

4. How best to evolve existing systems and organisations that are out of date as computers and the internet has reinvented everything?
How to protect the majority from systems that are out of date or flawed and new systems that emerge unexpectedly and can spread like a virus? Is there a better way than by educating everyone to cope with unexpected change selflessly?

What is the best way to develop existing systems such as government, money, religion so that they can keep up with emerging technology and knowledge so the good parts from history are not eroded/deleted and so that the bad parts can be solved/fixed (not to mention hidden future good and bad things)?

How can the effect of music/video and culture be maximised to benefit everyone most and saves lives? How best to empower everyone to create music/video/objects that selflessly help everyone?
Do you know anyone we can commission to make music or video that teaches selflessness and how it benefits everyone?

How best to link up everyone in the most constructive way so that we can all learn from each other without being drowned in useless self obsessed information? How can existing and new networks enable everyone to improve them in a selfless way? For example how can Wikipedia enable everyone to improve the platform in a decentralised way?

The human interaction between local reputable responsibility and global economies of scale is key to how humanity is structured. What are the best proven and new ways to improve the ways we interact?

Power corrupts and Absolute power corrupts absolutely so how best to prevent any human from becoming absolute in any profession, status or pastime?

Divide and conquer is applied everywhere so how is it best to enable that everyone gets on with everyone by learning to have compassion and educating the ignorant so that they learn to become wise.

Is capitalism and competition an endless self defeating game where everyone becomes consumed in winning and misses the point of life (that may be about enjoying the moment or that life itself is a chance moment)?

How to help everyone learn that every object, organisation, culture, human and animal has a brand image that we all impose on it using our emotions that is cultivated by the way different societies interact? 

How to test if capitalism is managing greed so that it can benefit everyone but only if managed well by humans/society/governments? Is there a better way not hat the internet links up every member of the globe at almost no cost?

5. Educate and empower everyone to create selflessly?

Creativity, innovation and inventions create growth that benefits everyone so lets concentrate on these as we can all be educated to selflessly help everyone simply by creatively innovating. Is video the best way to educate everyone about this?

The web is the greatest tool that humanity has ever made BUT is only as good as the humans that use it (like fire or the axe). How best to help everyone learn so we can all question the ways our culture and mind/ego affects how we interact in society and the web so we can all simply become happy by helping everyone?

How best to help everyone learn about mental difference and disability so that everyone can continually learn to improve our minds? What is the best way to help those with mental problems (eg the selfish ignorant) learn to diagnose and solve their own problems? Sharing videos that educate may be the best way eg

How best to change organisation structures as they all are harming humanity as they prevent individuals from creatively innovating for the benefit of all humans? Are any organisational structures actually effective or even good now that the web can link up every human item and location better and for free? Can we help solve this with simple techniques eg &

As academics have discovered that there are 7+ different learning styles we all need to be taught to discover what our learning style is and what we all are missing by only having one learning style plus how best to enable everyone to collaborate with 7+ other people to make the most of the value we can add with the complementary and different skills.

How best to enable and empower everyone to creatively innovate and invent selflessly for the global good? Teach everyone with engaging video eg

How best to enable any organisations to continually creatively innovates for the good of everyone? Every organisations goes through a lifecycle with creative pioneers setting up the organisation but a key problem is that this creative founding spirit get eroded over time so that every organisations becomes a slumbering giant that continually becomes more and more infective! Breaking up any organisation so that everyone works independantly is a simple way to solve this and business structures like enable any organisation to do this.

How best to empower networking/socialising in sustainable ways that benefit everyone while raising funds for charity? Running charity events may be the best way.


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