How best to enable everyone to help everyone right now? Share information on the web to educate your peers about selfless innovation so we can all compassionately help everyone.

How best to enable everyone to help everyone right now? Share information on the web to educate your peers about selfless innovation so we can all compassionately help everyone.

Do read this whole post and share with any/everyone you know as it is created to help anyone have a happier life:) Do add comments to our Facebook group by searching for so you can help others. Let me help you by creatively innovating your work

A. How best to enable us all to sustainably share knowledge so we all become wise and can therefore help each other more? How best to do this across age and technology/specialization/philosophical divides that traditionally have created competition but now should create collaboration? Families and tribes have proven that this works and collaborated since the beginning of human time.

B. We can learn from the past, enjoy the present (by enjoying simple things in life by always slowing down EG enjoying the smell of each breath…) and make the future as perfect as we want it (and cam imagine it) to be.

C. How to make all knowledge and wisdom more accessible to everyone?
1. Sharing the best knowledge and wisdom we see every day using social media
2. Make books more accessible to everyone? EG give the away free
3. Helping everyone share and remind each other to share and help everyone.

D. As all problems are either caused by or not prevented by ignorant humans we all need to create ways for everyone to continually learn sustainably. Helping everyone learn to be wise is the key problem that needs to be fixed in our society and if we can solve this it will become the key solution as everyone can now access all the knowledge in the world so is able to learn to become wise for free. How to entertain, educate and empower everyone to learn the knowledge to become wise? Sharing the best videos with social media is one way we can all do this

E. By imagining the best possible future (by not restricting our imagination with a negative ‘no’ or ‘cant be done’ mentality) and believing that it is possible we will create a self fulfilling prophecy where our future becomes as good as if not better than we imagine is possible.

F. EVERYONE can & DOES create the life they have (intentionally & unintentionally) by the way they think about it (you can make your life happy right now by training your brain to be happy by appreciating what you have  EG by meditating glass half full)! If you think positively every day you make your live positive and happy and that in turn creates a positive cycle of success. If you think negatively every day you make your life negative and unhappy and that in turn creates a negative cycle of failure and depression.

G. What amazing things can we do in the future using the full power of our brains to make everyone happy by educating everyone and how we all can help everyone most by collaborating selflessly and learning how to fully utilize our brains and enhance what we can do with hardware/software/genetics?

H. Computer and other technology enables us to do almost anything we thought was not possible (computer power doubling every 2-3 years) and even without ‘progress’ we are able to share all the knowledge and wisdom in the world with everyone on the world so we can all easily help each other enable everyone to become happy/er by learning from the wisdom of the past (EG Meditation and selfless charity work making everyone happy right now if we want to).

I. What negative meems and ideologies harm everyone (often without us knowing that they do as they appear to be ‘good’ or have hidden negative effects EG slowing down innovation)?
Vices distract everyone (selfish acts) from concentrating on virtuous activity that helps everyone.

J. Cultural activities effect us all so it is imperative that they continually evolve and encourage us all responsibly to creatively innovate to help everyone. What games/web, music, art, food, products, religions, sports help everyone the most and which prevent helping everyone the most (be it procrastination, waste or negative activities)?;search:culture

K. Organisation and processes effect us all so it is important that they continually evolve and encourage us all to responsibly creatively innovate selflessly to help everyone?  What government, business, charity, tribes, groups help everyone the most and how (and which hurt us all the most and how)?;search:organisation

L. Everyone should be enabled to work in the most constructive and beneficial way for everyones benefit.;search:creative
1. Everyone should be able to work in some form or another as to have a human mind and body not working is a negative drain on all human societal resources. Therefore it is unacceptable for any government not to provide jobs for everyone. This
2. Everyone should be able to work to the best of their abilities. Therefore it is unacceptable for government and employers not to be able to train and empower everyone to help everyone with creative innovation (especially if it appears to be disruptive as that is often where the largest breakthroughs come from).
3. What everyone works on should be the most useful and beneficial products/services for everyone. Any government or company/charity should assess, improve and change products and services so that they provide products/services that benefit everyone the most
4. Institutional innovation should be implemented within every organisation. is one free way anyone can do this.
5. Government and companies should encourage (by educating and empowering) everyone to help them and reward those that help in the most sustainable ways that benefit everyone.

M. One simple way to solve all (the worlds problems) of these problems is to make EVERY job specification require that everyone is creative and innovative in any/every job that they do. Imagine if people who are struggling to solve any problem were more creative?! They would then be able to creatively solve the problem in NEW innovative ways by inventing or reinventing solutions. Imagine if EVERYONE were able to do this?1 We then would all be educated, empowered and inspired to do this for everything.;search:innovation

N. By allowing anyone to do a job without creatively innovating (or by not empowering and enabling everyone to be creative) we are preventing progress which hurts us all and causes the vulnerable to be damaged due to lack of progress (EG medication for old/ill people).

O. Lack of innovation is the largest silent negative force (killer) in the world as everyone can innovate productively to help everyone  but at present we are not all educated, empower or enabled enough to creatively innovate to our full potential. How can you I and organisation help everyone to innovate selflessly to help everyone more? Free empowering education and providing free tools to do this?

P. As everyone/anyone could help everyone what things are preventing us all from doing this?
1. Educating and empowering everyone appears to be a problem as the knowledge has been there for thousands of years but is has got lost in translation as philosophical, scientific and religious texts have been misunderstood and not disseminated effectively so that everyone could/can live happy lives with what they have. Sharing free knowledge via video on the web is one way to solve this
2. Technological and cultural barriers prevent progress and prevent everyone from achieving their potential. How to overcome this (EG making all software/patents open source and enabling everyone to innovate easily with different learning styles)?;search:innovation

Q. Application forms and Assessments are stopping innovation from happening as fast as it could and should happen due to the risk averse nature of applications/funding that actually hurts everyone as the process misses the large innovation wins and only end up funding the small low risk innovation. This means that every part of life from applying for jobs to getting funds for fundamental services are restricted and held back by forms of assessment that are out of date and need to be reinvented urgently. How is it best to change this?

R. As most innovation comes form the fringes how is it best to support the fringes in a sustainable way? Funds should be used to pay for support and services that benefit everyone so that all fringes benefit and are sustainably encouraged so that 100% of people gain the support and are therefore able to help 100% of the people themselves. This can be done is many simple ways where funds are actually created while supporting the fringes but it needs any/every organisation to creatively look at its innovation and funding programmes so they fund open source innovation.

S. Why have Academics not solved the worlds major problems yet? What support or technology do the cleverest minds in the world be they in Academia or the massive wealth of amateurs that are also experts? Do academics need anything more than a salary for a year or 10 years to solve all the major worlds problems? Maybe they could be enabled to say what they need to solve the worlds problems and these funds could come from other existing government departments. Creative innovative thinking must be key to solving the major problems as often problems can be solved for free with simple clever techniques.

T. Do those in paid jobs prevent the real experts that studyinnovate for the love of it from progressing? Amateur’s that are experts create and innovate for the love of it rather than for pay so why should the career minded person get paid for their work instead of the amateur experts sharing those funds? Should any funds be shared so they benefit everyone rather than pay a few people? Open source is a prime example of how funds can be spent once to create something that can be used and benefit everyone.

U. What everyone could/should want in life?
1. Happiness for everyone (achievable simply by sharing the education/knowledge/wisdom EG meditation – understanding and mastering of your own mind/world)
2. The most innovation /progress that benefits everyone (sharing openly open source and creative commons content and funding everyone to innovate does this).

V. What are the best simple techniques anyone can use to enable you to spend your live helping everyone else (which makes you happy & content) by creatively innovating?!

W. How best to share information that is stored in ‘closed’ environments with everyone so that it can be liberated for all to use sustainably? E.G. share online information with old/young/minorities that are not media savvy? Liberate knowledge from books so that everyone can enjoy them and learn from them in many different learning styles

X. Quotes from the wise to help us enhance the present now and future.
How can we all remind each other and enhance how ethical everyone is (as standards are always rising/improving as humanity progreses)

Help All helpall creatively innovate to solve all problems with the web

As we all know the web is a tool that we can use by the wise to constructively help everyone by sharing openly. The web dangerously can also be used  by the ignorant to destructively command and control everyone to conform to out of dated ignorant mentalities that were formed before the web enabled everyone to be linked together (or even worse by accident be used for ‘bad’ without being aware of it). How best to help everyone use and enhance the web to help all?;search:web

1. We can all help all with the web (how do you want to help everyone most?)
The Web can be used to enable us all to enable each other to work to the best of our abilities using our full creative and innovative skills to help everyone. All anyone has to do is to creatively innovate using new techniques and technology to do this (and everyone should do this so they can enhance what they are doing in order to help everyone more). We would love to help you do this so please do tweet to @whymandesign if your would like to do this more?;search:innovation

2. Government, Charity, Companies and WE CAN always re/invent & created every/new jobs?
How is it possible to talk to and persuade government and charity departments that they can enable everyone to be in employment and help everyone to work to the best of their abilities? This is possible by creatively innovating everything that they do using existing and new technology and techniques (they just have to let us do this and support he public).;search:compete

3. Government, Charity, Companies and everyone CAN always reinvent what they do creatively?
How is it possible to talk to and persuade Government, Charity and Company departments that every part of what they do can be reinvented by creatively innovating using new techniques and technology? For example every product/service can be reinvented using Open Source software that can  then be reused by other organisations around the world.;search:innovation

4. Educate and Empower so we all can become wise?
How is it best to educate and empower everyone to enhance every part of what we do by creatively innovating using new techniques and technology? Can we work with you to help educate and empower anyone? EG with free video at;search:innovation

5. Enabling us all to be creatively selfless makes us all happy & helps everyone?
How is it best to enable that the wisest most creative and innovative selfless people are able to guide and lead societies/cultures and are regulated by balanced and fair peer review so that entrepreneurial and inventive leaders (often groundbreaking so will not go within traditional channels) are able to help everyone best? What simple social techniques are there to enable the selfless creative and innovative pioneers to get their r/evolutionary re/inventions taken up by the majority for everyones benefit? EG helping everyone & always encouraging and saying ‘yes’…;search:self

6. How is it best to sustainable encourage and reward selfless creative innovation?
Giving cash prizes and creating competitions only encourage certain types of people and prevent collaboration so does not work effectively enough. The most effective ways to sustainable encourage and reward selfless creative innovation is through encouragement by educating so everyone becomes wise enough to learn the wisdom of selfless collaboration and empowering everyone to fulfill their potential by motivating themselves to help everyone. Can we work with you to educate and empower everyone to help everyone? EG with;search:challenge

7. Add your own point here by by sharing and commenting on facebook and twitter.

8. Financing innovation and preventing inertia?
Why is it that employees and citizens are able to be detrimental to the well being of all citizens/customers and get paid/rich while selfless creative innovators/artists often do not get rewarded as much (as they often give their skills/knowledge/wealth away as that benefits the maost people)? How best to enable everyone to be selflessly innovative in sustainable ways?

9.  Educating the ignorant selfish from a child to an adult selfless wise mind?
Everyone is born a selfish animal but with good education learns the futility of selfishness (we all die and the human race/life is just a blip in the vastness of space and the ‘nothingness’ beyond) and how regardless of this fact that everyone can be happy by sharing and loving everyone. We can all live in happiness and bliss right now by learning to master our minds so we make ourselves happy no matter where we are in the world.;search:happy

10. Helping Wisdom overcome ignorance?
Behaviour, thoughts, ideas and meems can be positive/constructive/collaboration or negative/destructive/competition and there is a constant battle between the two sides like Ying and yang (or Darth Vader and Yoda). How best to encourage wisdom when all humans are born ignorant? Reward selfless open tolerant creative innovation and education?;search:happy

How to enable all different thinkers to propose r/evolutionary inventions/ideas that ‘improve’ society for all (happiness for everyone…) so they can earn a living doing this? How to manage both positive and negative r/evolutions so they can both benefit everyone (like vice/virtue). How to enable that all vices can benefit everyone while we are all educated to combat vices and develop virtues?;search:vice

12.How can we all train ourselves to make ourselves happy all the time by feeling good from helping others? We all have happiness inside our minds but need to relax and concentrate on enjoying the happiness in every second of life by taking time to focus on simple pleasures we take for granted (breathing, seeing, thinking, observing, being…);search:happy

We would like to work with you on simple solutions to all of the above that can be implemented right now. Tweet to @whymandesign to talk over the solutions. We also would love to work with programmers and tech innovators in order to creatively innovate any product or service and invent new services with large growth potential ideally that will be run as charitable not for profits EG an Open Source version of

How best to enable that we all continue to learn wisdom so that positive/wise/selfless/collaboration can sustainably beat the negative/selfish/competition meems through education?
FREE & OPEN Society can be enabled by us all individually using the web  to openly collaborate with everyone on selfless ways to help everyone have happy lives. You dont need money or skill to have a happy life and can find all the things you need online to learn/share/help all. Help all discover how to be even more happy and help all at
Do what you love and you will enjoy the 8+ hours a day you work on it so your life will be fun AND you will gain more success as you will work harder and longer on it. You also will not need to retire and will be ill less so will have a longer life. You also will not need to earn as much as you will be content to work on what you love.
In the past we were at point X, today we are at point Y and in the future we will get to pint Z. What problems/solutions were we causing at poing X, are causing now at point Y and will be causing in the future at point Z? How can we prevent/cure the x/y/z problems and innovate beyond the limits in x/y/z for everyones benefit (and step back and prioratize/look at what humans ACTUALLY need to have a full life).
How is it best to educate and empower everyone to creatively innovate more so that we can all help each other more? Constantly reminding each other to open our eyes even more to the cumulatively growing present and future possibilities for innovation using new techniques and technology with wisdom and knowledge. Learning from the wisdom of the past may be key?;search:lov

How to teach & learn the @rules to @gameoflife @thegame to helpall

How to teach/educate everyone so that we all become happy by becoming selfless and gain the knowledge and wisdom to creatively innovate in the most beneficial ways for EVERYONE sustainably?;search:educate

The WEB and social media make this possible right now and the only problem is that the chain reaction of positive meems are being slowed from growing by selfish or negative/narrow minded people who think they know everything (and organisations that have out of date competition structures)

How best to share positive meems that benefit everyone? Want to make software that does this with social media?

All the information we need to have happy lives is out there on the web but: I, you, he, she, we, you, they… all need to share the most beneficial information in order to help everyone be happy and work on the most creative and innovative solutions to problems selflessly so we all benefit.

1. Ask selfless questions so that the wisdom of the crowd/tribe can solve them with you.
2. Promote and share selfless (Open Source, Not For Profit) Innovation that benefits everyone.
3. Remind everyone about the most important selfless projects so we all concentrate and stop wasting time on useless activities (all vices are based on one form of drug addiction or another so most people are distracted by an activity/vice that has them addicted to a short term drug ‘hit’ that wastes their time and often harms them in the long term be it lack of progress).
4. Search on twitter and google for open source .org collaborators and people you can help:)
5. Help and persuade everyone you meet to become happy by selflessly helping all effectively (with open source, not for profit creative innovation).
6. Help others share their selfless wisdom so we all can find, learn and discover more.
7. Tweet to any relevant @names you can think of as they probably are interested if you think they are (eg ‘health’ to @health…)
8. Reduce the volume of less useful or beneficial content by ranking content according to wise human needs every time you can.
9. Use and share the best free software that you find selflessly s EG
10. Share the best not for profit and open source applications that you can find EG and

EG want to create and share the best free educational video at
What can we do with you to help everyone?


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