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Thanks for looking into how to make your own FREE Trust Library. The aim is to help others get free books and then give them away so that we can all easily help each other have a nicer day! The key is to make the Library easy to spot using the most accessibly location while making the library look as stylish as possible using the resources you have. For starters we have created the website with documents to download to make it as easy as possible for you to improve your neighbourhood by creating a trust library. The best part is that you can make it however you want and show others what you made here. So to help you here are some pointers (essentially put books in boxes with posters and list the location on…

Download all the documents on

List yourself on the Volunteers page and then to chat with other volunteers to get the latest advice.

List your name & what you can 1. GIVE 2. WANT 3. Email Contact 4. Your Donation 5. Suggestions

EG I would put this…Ed Whyman

1. I want to volunteer and will promote this site on Facebook/Twitter

2. I want to make exciting collaborative artworks using recycled material.


4. I have subscribed to donate £9 a month and have set up a trust library using my unwanted books.

5. Add other things you want:)

6. I also can provide art to display in the shops. examples at at

Book Stamp Design
(text to use to stamp every book that goes through the Library)

You can create & get free stamps and postcards/T-shirts from

FREE BOOK Read/Review/Draw/Give & Donate rate__/99 write review….


Please list the location of the Trust Library you are looking to make on the website and when it is made please take pictures and video’s and link to it from the relevant Town page. (If no town page exists ask for one by commenting on the page.)

Social Sites (Facebook/twitter…)

As a volunteer you can get feedback on what you are doing on Facebook and Twitter by joining this group and follow or use this #WEBiversity

Build your Library

Find a location and stick up the posters and signs there and around town so that others know where to go to find your library. Use recycled material such as cardboard boxes and modify/improve them by sticking posters on or painting them. Then put as many unwanted books as you can collect (after stamping them with the stamp

Get books

Use the people you already know to get books. Friends/family/collogues are the best contacts. At least one should know someone who is getting rid of books. If that is not successful then either call or walk in to your local charity shops and ask them if you can take any books that they can not sell away in exchange for a donation (You can get a lot of books for under £10 and if you can not afford that contact us and we can help). or similar sites will give you the contact details for your local charity shops.

Book Review Information (post at )

Please list the books below in this order

1. Location found

2. Who you gave the book to (or will give to)

3. Book Name

4. Your Review

5. Link to the book review from

6. Your contact details (hear about when free books are given away in your local area by subscribing to our newsletter and follow us at

For a real example…

Ed Whyman

1. I found a book at the British Library.

2. I gave it to my Grand Mother!

3. Book Name: The Power Of Now.

4. I rate it 9/10 Great explanation of how everyone can make their life great by enjoying living now and combating unnecessary worrying.


6. Contact me at

Frequently Asked Questions

List all questions or suggestions on the Volunteers page

Future Development

We are looking for Train Stations, Tube Stations, Airports, Ports, Libraries, Hostel, Hotel, Charity Shops where we can give free books away with you. We are also looking at the best way to distribute the free books using existing transport infrastructure so that we can add value to your services. Do you have a Bus, Lorry, Train, Plane that has spare space that we can use to install a FREE Trust Library in your area?

List comments/suppliers at

If you find a new location list it at is created by is a FREE business structure that enables you to gain from hard work (performance pay) while adding value to any enterprise by funding innovation and running your enterprise as a Not For Profit or For Profit organisation that invests any surplus funds (or 100% net profit in the case of the for profit organisatioin). enterprise + philanthropy + coop = = institutional innovation for gov org nfp or capitalism

Every organisation, company and government could be run more effectively as a Charity AND benefit the owners shareholders or taxpayers

Every company, organisation, government agency or sole trader can enhance what they do and save lives just by registering as a charity so that all their net profits are then spent on new innovation that benefits everyone and charitable causes. Founders, employees, partners and investors all gain from the large added goodwill that is gained that translates into profits that then are used to fund innovation that saves lives. The founders and shareholders can even more money from the enterprise as they gain by getting large performance pay packages that are greater than their original personal profit as the company is making larger profits from the extra goodwill it gains.

For example. A sole trader changes their status to a charity and donates net profit to new innovative charitable work. They then gain large amounts of goodwill from this and so get more and more work enabling them to get rich on performance pay WHILE saving lives with the extra funds that they raise which are then spent on innovative sustainable charitable work. has more details. has more video’s

Here is a screenshot from talking to Mamading Ceesay and also Bjoern Lasse Hermann from SuperCoolSChool about TRAIDmark and how it can help any existing or startup company and chairty. = YOUR WORK + Institutional Innovation + Philanthropy = Not / For Profit + Institutional Innovation + Philanthropy (generating goodwill which enhances success and make everyone richer with performance pay)

This is a FREE way for any organisation to get instant goodwill and create Institutional Innovation so you gain more success and can help more people.

Get RICHER and do good for FREE! Sounds too good to be true but it is true. The hard part is to give away 100% net profit (which sounds counter intuitive but is the genius part when you get over the egoic greed of wanting to own the profit). When you give away 100% net profit your organisation essentially becomes a charity fundraising organisation so the enhanced goodwill you get will create so much success that you will get more back in performance pay from working in your organisation. So you can get richer by giving away your wealth! The cooperative have been doing this for generations but they did not invest all the funds in innovative charitable activity and that is the second stroke of genius. By investing the funds in INNOVATIVE charitable activity your funds can solve problems in the most efficient way once and for all enabling you to go on and work on new exciting solutions to other problems. If you dont know how to find innovative solutions ask us @whymandesign @FREEtraid

All you have to do is pledge to donate 100% net profit into new Innovative ways to solve human problems and you will gain

Enhanced Goodwill – leading to customer/client/supplier/employee/customer loyalty and enhanced productivity which makes you more successfull and is an added USP you can use against your competition which allows everyone in your company to get richer through enhanced performance pay.

Save lives – You can save lives by using your net profit to innovatively create ways to solve human health/education… problems.

Funds are therefore continually iinvested in new charitable projects that benefit everyone creating an infinitely scaling cycle of success.

Your could say… = COOP where funds are donated to INNOVATIVE charitable use rather than given to members =  SHAREHOLDER owned company where dividends are donated to INNOVATIVE charitable use rather than given to shareholders =  CHARITY where funds are donated to INNOVATIVE charitable use rather than given to the same old charitable use =  GOVERNMENT where funds are donated to INNOVATIVE charitable use rather than given to the same old government.

How to enhance ANY organisation or startup so you become more successfull for FREE

How to enhance ANY organisation or startup so you become more successfull for FREE &

A. Help everyone collaborate together on charity work,
B. Save lives by donating NET profit (after R&D costs),
C. Gain lots of new customers & suppliers & volunteers who want to help,
D. Gain more goodwill so you get a cumulative mass enhancing your organisations success
E. get personally richer through performance pay by giving away ownership of the organization/company to the world! FREE Business Structure EVERYONE can use = YOUR WORK + 100% Net Profit Philanthropy (spent on INNOVATIVE NOT FOR PROFIT WORK to help/save lives)

It sounds impossible but has been proven to work by cooperatives for ooo’s of years… explains the full benefits where you agree to pledge to donate surplus funds you generate into NEW INNOVATIVE charitable work which attracts customers so you gain more success and get rich with performance pay WHILE saving lives by donating funds raised to NEW INNOVATIVE charitable work (that you can create if you want to).
The more you give the more you get.

You could say that the business structure is halfway between a Charity and a Company where you get the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS with caring compassion for everyone AND the Innovation that enables you to help everyone efficiently.

Investors can invest in startups and gain by being paid performance pay as a member of the team without owning the startup. This means that they can donate funds into new startups (which can save them funds in tax too!) and get paid performance pay for their work enhancing it. This means that the startup will forever be run in the best interest of the customer AND can fund innovations that benefit everyone.2. ENTREPRENEURS
Anyone can set up their own enterprise at almost now cost using the web as a bootstrapped startup so can use this free business structure to help then succeed while also charitably helping others.
Customers & Employees can demand that this happens to any company organisation or government department as it is in the best interests for everyone. The best way to do this is to contact the owner / Board members directly by contacting them on the phone/twitter.

Any organisation or company that closes down can be saved by doing this. Either the assets can be taken away to pay off debts and the rest of the organisation can be donated to a charity OR the whole organisation can be turned into a Not For Profit Charity (which has positive tax savings). This will instantly SAVE JOBS in the organisation and give it a goodwill boost that will enable it to be saved from bankruptcy (like a phoenix).

Cooperatives have been successfully growing fro many years such as & & they can be enhanced by using the model to spend the funds they generate on Innovative new charitable work.

Here are a few organisations already doing this (many donate 1-50% but that is often just a token gesture where as 100% helps save/improve many more lives:)…

Bodies that can benefit…

Organisations that can benefit…

Philanthropists that can benefit…
Philanthropists that can benefit…

If you know anyone at any of these organisations please do tweet them this article in order to help enhance their work to help the most people.

Tweet @TRAIDmark for more details.

If you would like creative, Innovation & Social Media enhancements for any organisation contact as we would love to help you help others even more.

Here is a second extra screengrab with extra details from talking to Mamading Ceesay and also Bjoern Lasse Hermann from SuperCoolSChool about TRAIDmark and how it can help any existing or startup company and chairty.


About Whymandesign

Creative Social Media Manager. May I creatively help enhance your work with you? I create and enhance innovative products and services using new techniques and technology. I understand the potential of productions that: entertain, educate and empower and are always looking to work with forward thinking partners.

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