How best to #solve #problems & use #resources to #helpall? eg #money #ideas #openlife @WEBiversity #nfp #socent #gov #tedx

How best to help everyone help what you are working on and visa versa?

Is the best way to open up all new developments so everyone can help with simple proven creative innovation and also helping make the most of that latest mobile, social and open source technology?
Do ask and share what your working on and ask for things you need at as we can help you do this with proven and new techniques and technology.

How best to solve any problems eg career, love, innovation, starvation, drought, flooding?

Is there a better way than to just share the best viral videos that educate and inspire everyone to help everyone? Could crowdsourcing and crowdfunding be used to do this for every video/image we share? EG

How can governments, organisation and individuals educate and empower everyone to solve all problems eg in their spare time?

Is the best way to educate and inspire everyone to solve problems to share inspiring videos that help all eg

How best to make the most from ideas/inventions/innovation/creativity?

Is the best way to make all ideas and inventions open source so that anyone can collaborate and share them so every human can contribute in selfless ways?

Everyone and every product and service can be improved significantly using simple proven and new techniques and technology so how best to enable everyone to do this so everything can evolve so it benefits everyone the most?

Is the best way to empower everyone to have fun collaborating in a decentralized open way inspired by open source.

What are the best ways to use resources such as money for good?

What are the best simple and proven ways we can all use our resources to help everyone the most? Eg share everything that we are not using so others can benefit from it (and they could donate to charity for the privilege so by sharing we are helping even more people)?

Is there a better way of using money than to invest it in new creative innovation that benefits everyone eg open source software and science crowdfunding?

What are the best ways to use money right now eg to use it to loan money to poorer people so they can use the funds to set up their own social enterprise?

How many people can one pound or one dollar help at the same time?

If money is donated or lent to creatives who are able to invent new ways to solve human problems that everyone can use then one dollar can be used to solve global problems. Is the best way to do this by funding open source crowdfunded innovation so that anyone in the world can solve global problems and get funded to do this?

What are the best ways to link up everyone so we can meet the right people to enhance our work, leisure and love lives?

Is the best way to automatically link up likeminded people in online open groups eg on Twitter/Facebook/wikipedia…?

What are the best ways to help everyone creatively innovate and make self sustaining startups that benefit everyone?

Is the best way to empower and enable everyone to create their own open source startup hubs where anyone can collaborate anywhere in the world eg just by meeting together?

What are the best ways to help everyone use technology in the most effective ways that benefit everyone?

What are the best ways to run every company eg democratically so they can help the most people?

Social media is the community online so it is CRAZY if social media and comment boxes are run by private companies (And not the communities that make them work). We are the community so we should own and run the communities (it is like living in a country without any control over what happens there:). If we get enough likes then this can happen and so much extra exciting things then can be done.

The link is here
Facebook page is here

Also can we help your great work eg with

Should all work we create start with a question (or three)?

1. What is the best way to compare & help the 50 ‘best’ Crowdfund and Crowdsource organisations?

2. Is the best way to look at objective facts or concentrate on the circumstantial evidence that may show a clearer, realistic or holistic and objective view?

3. What is the best way to compare the positive social impact that crowdfunding and crowdsourcing has given the POTENTIAL to scale and help everyone?

At the base of this post is an objective analytical comparison of 50+ Crowdfunding (and Crowd-donating) website startups in a chart!

A. The chart below shows that there is a boom in Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding organisations as the software becomes more open and easily available everyone is trying to get invovled with this emerging market creating a boom (which could be dangerous as this often leads to a bust!).
B. Taking a hollistic approach to the information you can see that most organisations are doing similar things so could benefit from collaborating on the development of open source software as this would cut the development costs to almost zero (if shared between a number of organisations) not to mention the creative, innovative and collaborative advantages this brings.
C. Almost all of the startups are looking to develop into niches which could cause problems as they could all be creating siloes that divide the customer, cleient, suppliers and partners into many slightly different categories instead of linking them up so they can gain from the network effect.
D. Almost all of the organisations are started independantly which means that they will grow without being linked to organisations, networks or data banks that already exist eg which could benefit them right now and growing into the future.
E. When looking at the best organisation to work with it is easy for customers to become confused with the ‘paradox of choice’ and give up which could be solved by rating each organisation comparatively.
F. How best to protect any new frontier/idea/innovation/process from being captured by a small number of individuals/companies to the detrement of the rest of society (eg patents…)?

Contact for up to the second details about the latest Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing organistions and software as these can be used to help any individual and organisation make the most of what they are doing.

How best to help any organisation make the most of the free tools and techniques that are available to everyone?

What are the best ways to share the free ways that everyone can help everyone using the latest technology for free eg Social Media, Mobile Technology, location based technology…? We can help anyone do this by researching then analysing plus setting up and enhancing existing and new social media techniques/strategies with proven techniques (eg every Crowdfunding and Crowdsouring organisation can always enhance its social media and we have simple proven ways to do this eg by auto video embedding). To find out more contact

Every person and organisation could crowdfund and crowdsource everything they do if the software was ‘easily’ available and managed in the ‘best’ open way by ‘responsible’ organisations right now!

How best to help encourage all organisations to do this right now as it is easy to do? For example how to help to add crowdsourcing and crowdfunding features to its pages (eg adding auto video embedding would add multiple features as this technical prototype shows ). There also are a wide variety of different software packages around but almost all are not usable for laymen so would need to have UI/X and social designs enhanced to enable the majority of people to use them easily and quickly. If you know the right people to talk to at Wikipedia or Mozilla or other organisations do share this blog post with them on social media and give us their contact details as so much can be done with a postivie ‘yes we can’ ‘big society’ approch.

How can ideas & software be designed so that it benefits everyone most?

Should all software be Open Source so that everyone can use, share and collaborate on the same family tree of software so humanity does not continually duplicate the same things over and over again but instead collaborates and shares so that every creative innovation can be shared and replicated almost infinitely? How to prevent people and startups continually making the same mistakes of replicating similar software over and over again? For example there are a number of different open source Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding software packages that anyone can use the set up their own crowdfund or crowdsource website in a few minutes.

How to help everyone innovate and collaborate in the most effective ways?

Is the best way to help many any organisation open so that the people, products, partners, software… are all educated, empowered and managed in an open way so everyone can collaborate with anyone? and are just two examples of how how extremely successful this can be done. Is there a better way of doing this than by sharing the best free videos eg

How best to help everyone the most?

What simple ways are there that we can all do to help everyone the most? EG share the best educational videos that we watch with everyone using social media eg
If you would like help doing this or any other simple, proven and creative solutions to problems then contact

What is the best way to help make sure all good intentions have the maximum positive output?

If everything is developed openly in a selfless decentralised way this enables everyone to contribute and helps everyone learn from each other by collaborating (compared to competing which creates duplication/friction) during any process which prevents the silo effect of multiple identical products/services being produced at the same time when they may not solve the problem at hand at all. Kevin Star explains many proven problems that are simple to solve in this great Poptech talk;search%3Akevin

50+ ‘best’ Crowdfunding & Crowdsourcing startup websites compared analytically

If your organisation is listed in this list please contact for your Crowdfunding Pioneers Prize by commenting here ! Everyone is a winner because if there were only one winner that would mean everyone else would be a loser so do share your favourite inspiring videos at ! (If your organisation is not listed contact us so we can add you).

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