1 minute to supercharge anything?!… Yes you/we can do anything with open ideas/minds…

1. Blink and you miss how everyones minds are morphed by social/news/networks…

You are and become what you and your social/networks/news think…
(below are a few quick thoughts on this year so do take a couple of moments to read/share this with a positive open yes mentality mind;)

You can live a happier life right now by training your mind in 5/1 minutes every day just by pausing every morning (as the kettle boils) and observing all the great thing you have from physical/mental health (by going for a walk to do this you also get healthier)… This enables anyone to slow down and to think positively as everyone can live their dream life right now by reminding everyone to appreciate what we have every day.

2. Time, change and progress always happen while you were sleeping…

The year that was… another pivot into the future… (or this years obituary)

Crypto boom/bust, Climate change confirmation/catastrophe and (last but not least) womens rights redevelopment… have catapulted us all into our future where any problems can be solved with simple solutions. The connected global network effect enables anyone to solve any problem for everyone… the question is how this is managed.

3. Master your mind as everyone has already won the game just by existing (existentialist anxiety cure for everything by meditating…?)

Stop, collaborate and listen… as everyone is as unique as snowflakes and just trying to live their best life..

As mindfulness has been a proven way for anyone to create happiness in their mind/life every day for thousands of years how best to help everyone remember to do this every day? Can we all remind everyone to do this by automatically sharing the mindfulness thought every day?

4. Open Happy Birthday, New Year and all non/religious celebrations…

This post is a free (as in freedom) gift to you and everyone for every birthday, name day and every other day… Life, the universe and everything may not be important and either way you might as well enjoy every second by doing what you love and helping everyone as that is a key to success…

5. How best to help negativity turn to positivity?

As everyone subconsciously chooses to feel positive or negative (often through negative advertising/social/media/news conditioning) just by reading and realizing this anyone then can choose to train themselves to think positively.

6. Instantly turn any bad day into a good day by helping others…

When your having a bad day help out someone else that has a worse day and you both feel better. This can cost you nothing for example by buying a bogof (buy one get one free) item and giving the second item to someone.

Shopping at charity shops recycles unwanted items saving landfill and creates sustainable income for charities plus you can give the items to charity shops after use so they double up their income.

7. Love everyones differences and especially love yourself so you can overflow with love to share with anyone… Recap…

– Remember negativity only gets from one to zero where as positivity goes from one up to infinity (and beyond?) in an exponentially growing curve.

🙂 Smile your on camera (the camera in your mind so smile and think happy/funny thoughts and you make yourself and everyone happier;)

+ You are what you think and you become what you read/watch/learn from your social/news/network so carefully connect with open positive people.

😦 reduce/prevent negative interactions/energy/vibes by ignoring negative things and putting your time and energy into positive things (in the same way that you ignore a naughty child and reward a good child with positive attention which has a dramatic effect on everyone:)

😉 No one is perfect and we all make mistakes so laugh at past mistakes as that makes you remember them in a funny way making your future better.

They say you can take a horse to water but you can not make it drink, so save yourself from negativity first and share positive things so others can choose to follow.

8. Many hands make light work for little/big problems…

As the connected global community keep on solving more and more problems the largest problems such as climate change can/will be solved by many people that are probably cleverer than you or me. Reduce, reuse, recycle is always a good start.

If you would like any more details or to get in contact as almost any problem can be solved with simple solutions read more at www.whymandesign.wordpress.com and share on the Facebook page.

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