Free Fun Elf (health) and safety firsty

Hitchhikers Guide to Universal Life and anything?

Below are a few thoughts on health and safety to help anyone enhance their life. Do take a few seconds to read them and share so others can benefit…

Physical Health (you become how you think/act)

Everyone can enhance their life by taking a few seconds to be mindful every day and one easy way to do this while getting fitter is to go for a walk/jog in a park as you get fresh air and pump blood around your body.

Anyone can enhance their body in the few seconds that it takes for a kettle to boil by doing 10+ press ups, sit ups and using household items to do light weight training.

Food/Nutrition Health (you are what you eat/sleep/poop)

Eating raw (washed) vegetables can help everyone lose weight and carrots/celery/radishes… are crunchier than crisps.

Eggs, beans, fish and chicken (and vegetables) have an almost zero carbon effect compared to other meats and are cheaper so save you pounds.

Liquid health (cheers mate its Tea time)

Drinking herbal tea (without any sugary ingredients) instead of any sugary or fizzy drinks can improve anyones mind body and soul.

Mental Health (do what you love and you wont have to work a day in your life)

As mental health is everything as it dictates how anyone enjoys lifes experiences how best to help everyone to learn mindfullness so we can all master the supercomputer in our heads?

All humans are social animals so crave positive social interaction to invite people you know to events your going to as it will enhance both your lives. Smile and say hi to everyone too.

Life/travel health (travel and your mind/life will be opened)

If life is ever really good or really bad anyone should travel even if for just a weekend as it helps anyone break out of their life bubble and learn about other ways of living.

If anyone is in a dead end job or trapped in a career they should take a year sabattical and travel the world as anyone can get a bar job on a paradise beach or town which will cover all their travel costs. Read about travel scams online before your travel.

Everyone in school and university should do a year study exchange abroad as the cost is almost nothing as students swap and both students will learn way more than anyone can quantify.

Ear Health (stop collaborate and listen)
Listening to music makes everyones lives even better and what types you listen to effects how you think about life as it effects your brain with constant reminders to think different ways.

Climate Health (cli-mate cli-max)
Air pollution and climate change are effecting the 99% of people and can be solved by planting food producing plants everywhere and eathing more of the vegetables grown locally.

Safety first (prevention is better than cure)

Everyone has funny thoughts but then think is it kind, fair or honest and safe? If not laugh at the idea but dont do any harm to others.

Social/search safety (If any service is free then you are the product being sold)

As everyone lives in the filter bubble that social/search/advert/news algorithm create, how best to protect everyone from becoming divided? Is the best way to be open about all the ways social/search/advert/news algorithms effect everyone?

Physical Safety (your body is a temple)

The biggest dangers by probability are probably the ones that are not talked about in the media such as health/pollution or car accidents.

One way to protect everyone is to look ahead and share the dangers and solutions with everyone. Learning a few first aid safety techniques are free to learn and can save several lives.

First rule is to check if you or anyone else will be in danger if you try to help others.

House/office safety (everyones house is their castle)

The best way to protect anyones house is to keep all fire risks safe or turned off, hide valuables and have at least two locks and a safety chain on any location and insure everything.

Mental safety (its the thought that counts)

You are what you think so dont let news and social information/people effect you by protecting yourself by being cynical and avoiding negative or machiavellian people /news and reading about the common confidence trickster techniques.

Web/tech safety (everything has probably been hacked)

You are probably he biggest security hole/threat to your own security by being conned via email/web confidence tricks from spam/fishing/adverts.
Is the best way to protect everyone from this for everyone to change their passwords so they are all different and as complex as possible?

Phone/computer safety (your phone is an open window to your soul)

Every device should be supplied with free antivirus so everyone is protected all the time. Auto backup everything into an encrypted cloud service so if your phone breaks or is lost you dont lose everyting.

Corporate safety (big brother in 1984 did not say how much profits would be made from others data)

How best to protect everyones date in companies as so much as been harvested, lost, sold, stolen, hacked without our known permission? Is the best way to keep sets of data divided and encrypted in ways anyone can easily understand, download and delete when needed?

Government safety (Big brother in 1984 was a warning not/and a prediction)

How best to protect everyones date from global governments as so much as been harvested, lost, sold, stolen, hacked without our known permission? Is the best way to keep sets of data divided and encrypted in ways anyone can easily understand, download and delete when needed?

Insurance safety (in-sure your safety with insurance)

How best to insure everyone is insured safely and responsibly? Is the best way to automatically give everyone a basic level of insurance so everyone is protected a bit like how the NHS protects everyones health?

Legal safety (Ownership is 9/10 of the law?)

How best to legally protect everyone as no one can know all of the laws that effect them? Is the best way to create/use simple legal protections for everyone in different ways a bit like creative commons have used?
Legal disclaimers that apply to everyone have been posted previously and are posted in this site.

Life/existential safety (live your best life by sharing positive things)

How best to turn negative experiences into positive outcomes? Is the best way to learn from everyones -ve experiences then research solutions and then share the solutions so that everyons can learn from them in +ve ways.

Known unknown and unknown Unknown safety? (Exist-ential crisis eg 42)

How best to protect everyone from known unknow and unknown unknown problems? Is the best way to share an existentialist toolkit that helps anyone do first aid as a response to any problem just like , Keep Calm And Carry On… The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy has a few hints!

Every point above could have links to previous articles but it is better if you find the other articles from the homepage.

These are just suggestions and are not to be taken as facts so you should do your own research if you want to use them. They are created to start a positive conversation so we can help everyone help everyone.

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